Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fabric airplane tutorial

I got an email the other day asking me if I was ever going to make a tutorial for the fabric airplane that I made last September.

I kinda remembered taking pictures with the intentions of making a tutorial so I looked on my computer and sure enough I had.

So Elizabeth Here you go.
two types colors of  scrap fabric 
stiff interfacing
a sewing machine
rick rack if you want
a noisy wrapper of some sorts I used a baby wipe wrapper

Cut the fabric and interfacing into 8.5 x 8.5

iron the interference to the wrong side of one of the squares

My hand is in the way but if you want rick rack smoke baste the at the bottom of the other fabric
if you chose to make use a noisy wrapper place it at the top of the same square and sew across the top or have a wrapper big enough for the whole square and baste around the whole thing.
Then place right sides together  and sew around the whole square leaving a small opening for turning.

then turn the fabric

now you need to pen the opening and sew a 1/4 in stitch around the whole square

Next iron into an airplane shape

after you are done ironing the airplane shape sew across the top of the airplane placing rick rack across the top if you want.

Next iron the crease down the middle and sew across the long way of the airplane  then a little stitch across the nose then iron the flaps and your done.
Hopefully I did not confuse you too much.

My sweet Benny loves them and so do the many little boys I have made them for.

Hopefully your little boys will like them too.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Landscaping is in!!

I am so happy to have our landscaping in .
I was so tired of the dirt yard we had since we moved in .
My son Been misses the dirt but is glad that we have a big dirt hill in the lot behind us.
Here is my front yard because it is so dry here we went with a zero landscaping in the front meaning we have no grass.
I love the path ways Valentin made he did an amazing job!

Here is a little closer look.

I love the little flower bed he made under my window.

Here is our little grass that we have in the back yard.
On the right we are going to put a fire pit in later this summer.
See our lovely dirt hill (Not)

Another view

We love all the little paths we have 

Now I need to get furniture for my yard so we can have party's out there.
I love how every thing turned out and I am so happy it is done.
Valentine was an amazing landscaper to work with.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pray For Colorado Springs

My heart is breaking as I watch our city burn.
I am in shock and my heart is breaking for all those that have lost home.
Dale has been on the phone non stop with co worker who have been evacuated.
As of now one of his coworkers have lost their home.
Please pray for the safety of the fire fighters and for all those who have lost homes and whose homes are in danger.
Last but not least pray for rain.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where there is smoke there is fire

Yesterday as we headed out to the pool we noticed that there was a smoke coming from the mountains.
While at the pool we learned it was Waldo Canyon a popular hiking spot here in the springs. its about 20 mins from where I live.

As the day turned into night the fire kept going there were many middle of the night evacuations.
The fire fighters have been diligently fighting this fire but still have no containment.
Over 3,000 archers have been burned and over 1,100 people have been evacuated out of there home.
I can only image how hard this is for these family's.
One of the town that have been evacuated is Mantou springs where I hiked the incline.
I was planning on hiking with two of my friends on Tuesday and one of my friends joked that only a natural disaster would keep her away.
This morning as she was fire proofing her yard as ashes rained down  in her yard we cried at her words.
Never when she made that comment would she have ever thought this would happen.

I took this picture this afternoon of the suns rays peeking through the clouds it reminded me of the heavens being open.
Benny even asked if the fire was happening because the 2nd coming was happening and when he saw the sun rays coming out of the clouds he asked again.

I told him I did not think so he then said maybe we should pray that fire would end and pray that nobody's house gets on fire.
So we did we prayed for all  in harms way.
I ask that everyone who reads this post to please do the same.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice!

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and one of the coolest ones we have had in a week.
It was the perfect night for a listing to music in the park.
One of the great things about our neighborhood is the weekly concert series in the park.
The Concerts started last week we did not get to go because we were busying a car so this week we decided to stop by for a while .

We had fun setting on the lawn listing to the music and chatting with our friends,
Garrett did not want his picture taken.

Ben would only take goofy shots.

And Madeline wanted a pictuer with her mommy.

And the mommy wanted a Picture with her Hot sexy man.

We had a lot of fun and plan to go back next week with a nice picnic dinner.

So far this has been a really fun summer that is going by way to fast.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I made it to the top!

The Mount Manitou Scenic Incline Railway was first built in 1907 to assist in the construction of a hydroelectric plant and its infrastructure near the top of Rocky Mountain. Not originally intended to be a tourist attraction, it nevertheless had potential for scenic views from atop its peak, and thus was renamed to Mount Manitou Scenic Incline Railway. It continued operating as a scenic railway, taking visitors to the top of Rocky Mountain (the actual name of the mountain on which the line ran, Mount Manitou, is over a mile away), at a height of 8,600 feet, until a rock slide shut down the operation in 1990.
Today, its former right-of-way is still clearly visible. In order to stabilize the mountain and prevent significant erosion, the original wooden ties were left in the ground, and they still remain to this day. At the top, the concrete platform on which the passenger station was built also remains. Also visible is the steep 68% grade in the middle section of the line. Others report that a boiler from one of the original steam engines used to power trains on the line (via tow cable) still lies at the top of the mountain. The route is a popular destination for joggers and climbers; however, the land on which the route lies is private property and those doing so are considered trespassing. The route is short and steep gaining nearly 2000 feet in elevation in 3/4 of a mile.  I am telling you this is a hard yet amazing work out according to a work out app it I burned 1300 calories. 

Now that I have given you a small history lesson on what the incline is let me share my story of hiking it for the first time.
(Yes I was one of the many that was trespassing)

So this was my dorky face as I started my hike up the incline.
I was thinking at this moment do I really want to do this? 
It cant be as bad as hiking a mountain in high hills in Alaska can it?

I started up the stairs or rail road ties rather I kept staring at the top thinking 
Ok its not that far to the top.
Little did I know what I thought was the the top of the incline was just the half way point.
In the first ten minutes I could tell that the elevation was starting to change and I started breathing heaver.
I was feeling pretty wimpy until I could hear labored breathing coming from behind me and stepped to the side to allow a 20 something young man to pass me he looked in awesome shape and I felt a little better.
I kept trekking along and as I did I kept saying to my self its not that bad its not that bad.
Then I started to get to the part where the stairs were further apart and broken and there were rusted thing on the trail.

At this point I was muttering what the crap a lot .
I started feeling really sick and a bit dizzy.
The what the craps got closer and closer together as I was having to use my hands to help me carl up the track in some areas.
I then heard some seriously loud heavy breathing I looked back to see this insane guy running up the incline. I hurried over to the side to get out of his was and slammed my ankle into the side of the railroad tie this time my what the crap was not a mutter it was a loud WHAT THE CRAP!
I closed my eyes tight not wanting to cry and just stood there until the pain dulled a bit.

I looked down the incline and saw how far I had come and said OK MRS Jenn you have come this far you cant quit now.
I climbed another 15 mins then saw black and almost fell backwards.
I sat down a moments I started dry heaving and felt achy like I had the flu.
I recognized animatedly that what was going on from my many bouts of this last year it was not the flu it was elevation sickness.

I thought please let this pass quickly.
I hiked a few more minutes and the most cheerful young man said you are almost there ok maybe not almost but you are getting there.

At this point I really wanted to cry I had just passed the bail out point and wished I took it.
I then said to my self Jenn you have given birth 8 times you held your son in your arms as he died Climbing the incline is nothing.
So I continued on.
All the sudden I heard my name being called and  I looked up and realized I am almost there.
I can do this.

4 of  6 girls I went with were already at the top their cheers meant more than they could ever imagine.
I was so relived to have made it to the top all the pain and sickness was worth it I felt happy and proud of myself.

Here is me and the girls minus one Sandy was smart and took the bail out.

I wont say it was a lot of fun this time around don't be shocked when you read what I am going to write next.
I am going again next Tuesday.
The reason I am going again is because I feel like I cheated my self out of a good experiences .
I started the hike at 615 am and it was already 76 an hour and twenty minutes later it was 86 I was just to hot.
I had not eaten prior to the hike and did not bring enough water and I was wearing to much clothing.
When I go next Tuesday I will be well prepared.

I will let you know how it goes next week :)

A little apron fun!!

I cant believe its really been over a year since I made an apron last.

I woke up this morning ran 5 miles ate then started right a way on this apron.
It only took 30 mins and I was done.
I had the same trill of excitement I always get when I was done.
I thought to my self why don't I sew more often any more.
Really could not come up with a good answer.
I do think I have the bug again maybe you will see some more of my creation.

I think its a bit too long 

But I love the color combo.

I think the next project I will be making is some curtains .
Then baby things for my new grand baby when he or she is born in a few weeks.
Hopefully I will be making pink things;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Loaded Mashed Potatoes Yum!!

For Fathers day I decided to make something special for Dale along with the yummy meat loaf I made so I made some loaded mashed potatoes.
I have seen lots of recipes on pinrest for this but decided to make up my own.
I already make the best mashed potatoes around I am not just saying this to brag I am saying this because its true;)

So I  used my regular mashed potato recipe  used less sour cream and butter than I normally do added to it.

So what you need is:

3 pounds of potatoes peeled and cubed ( I like to use red potatoes)
3/3 cup of sour cream
1/2 a cup of milk
half a stick of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
A half a pound to a pound of bacon  cooked and crumbled depending on how much bacon you want.
3 sliced green onions.
3 ups of shredded cheddar cheese Colby jack is yummy too.

Now that you have every thing you need to boil the potatoes until soft then drain the water and place in a big mixing bowl and sour cream, milk, butter, salt, and pepper.
Beat on med until light and fluffy.
Next stir in 2 cups of the cheese, bacon and green onion.
Transfer into a baking dish top with reaming cheese then bake at 350 for 30 mins. until cheese is melted.

**Warning it is super yummy and you just cant seem to get enough.**

The best Father and Grandpa!

This morning as I read a letter that my husband wrote our oldest son who will be going to church camp on Monday I was reminded how blessed I am that he is the father of our children.
He is kind, patent, loving, funny, full of surprises and very romantic.
He is tender and loving full of divine inspiration and an amazing teacher.

One of my fondest memories of my husband is the first time he saw our first child I will never forget to awee and wonder in his eyes as he held his tiny little girl for the first time.
I new he would always love and protect her, I saw that same awee and wonderment and pride on the day his tiny little girl became a wife.
My proudest moment and fondest memory of my husband is the day our youngest child was born, the way held and loved William was so tender to watch.
In all honesty I was afraid he would choose not to bond with him because fear of how painful it would be knowing he would loose him shortly.
Instead I watched as our little son stole his heart and saw him fall in love with him it was very tangible and such a tender moment to witness.

Last but not least I loved watching my husband hold our sweet little grandson and
our little grandson loved having his Grandpa hold him too.

I love you my sweet heart thank you again for being the man that you are Happy Fathers day!!