Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Answering questions?

I opened an email to day it was one of those answer questions about your self and send it to everyone you know.
I looked at the questions with additude.
I am kinda in a sassy mood today.
1st question:whats the worst thing you ever done?
Answer: I am not sure. What kind of question is that any way.
2. question: what do you like to do in your spare time.
Answer: Read a good book and drink Carmel apple cider from Starbucks.

3 question: Are you happy in your relationship.
Answer: witch relationship are you asking about?
My one with God? My one with my husband? My one with my children.
Be more specific please.
These questionnaires always make me giggle because they are so silly.
Then I got to the 4th question?
What is the hardest thing you have ever done.
I don't know why but this question really struck me.
I thought do you really want to know?
seriously because it was really hard and not something I like to think about and definitely not the cookie cutter answer.
Answer: Held my 17 day old baby boy as he took his last breath.
It wasn't that it was hard to hold him it was just hard not to beg my Heavenly Father to let him stay.
I wanted to so badly but peace and calmness came over me and grace and mercy of the holy Ghost whisperer it's OK you will be together again.
I rember staring into his wide eyes as looked at me for the last time.
It was like he was memorising my face.
He took one last sweet breath as his spirit left his body.
Then all I was left with was his earthly shell his sweet 3lb body.
I held him for hours until it was time to wake and tell our children that there brother died.
I think that answered # 5 as well
What is the bravest thing you ever did.
Now that I have bared my soul I want to know what is the hardest thing you have ever done..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I see the moon and the moon sees me experiment.

Last night as we were admiring this breathtaking sight of the moon high above the mountains, an idea came to my husband.
He said why don't you post this on your blog and see how many pictures of the moon you can get of the same day from all over the world.
I thought that was a very cool idea.

So I hope you all play along and take a picture of the moon where ever you live tomorrow night Wednesday September 30 and then email me the pix at ( I will then post them on my blog Friday the 2nd of October.
I think it will be a full moon so that should be super cool..
I cant wait to see how many full moons I get. LOL
If you know of any one living in a unique place please email them and have them play along.
I just think it will be neat to see pix of all over the world of the same moon on the same night.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Today I was catching up on some sewing when I getting my sewing machine.
My eye caught a glimpse of an apron that I started last October but never finished.

I had taken it out a few weeks ago with the intentions of finishing.
But never got around too it.

So I grabbed the apron and fished it up.
The silly part is it only took 5mins..

I dont even rember why I never finished it.
I put it on as soon as I was done and started dancing around my kitchen .
I felt like a flirty good witch..
Now i just need to break out my book of spells and concocted some yummy treats.

Smashing new Jacket and living in the dark!!

You know when you see an article of clothing and screams buy me buy me!!
Thats how it was for me and this jacket.
I saw it hanging on the rack and new I was introublimititly.
I was hoping it wouldn't fit so I would not be so tempted.
I looked at the price and thought not bad but higher than I wanted to spend.
I carried it around for a while and the longer it was in my arms the more it grew on me.
I made up my mind and said who cares about the price.
Then Dale came up saw the jacket and I said it's mine and dont you dare try and talk me out of it.
Being the smart man he is he only winced a little when he saw the price tag.
We walked around the store a bit longer when Madie said I am hungry.
I dug into my big Coach purse to look for a granola bar and to my sheer pleasure I saw the guilt free ticket
A 20 percent off coupon on ant item in the store.
When I told Dale what I found he just giggled  chuckle and said it's not like you were going to put the jacket back any ways. I said no but now I can buy some jewelry.

I cant belive we allready in the dark season.
Boo hiss I hate it..

Here is a pic of my front yard at 7:30 am
Dark as night..

Then the sun makes it's appearance at about 8:15
This is just the beginning. pretty soon at 10 am it will be s dark as the first pic.
Then at 3pm it will be just as dark..
Nothing like a dark Alaskan winter.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Naughty Chocolate covered green apple candy corn!

Dale bought me this naughty treat tonight!
I have almost eaten the whole bag..
The combination of flavors are so yummy together.
Remember me saying I dont like candy corn?
Well it's true I really dont like candy corn just Gourmet and candy apple chocolate covered candy corn! LOL


Friday, September 25, 2009

Cheesy , Bacon Ranchey Bake.

I made up this yummy dish the other night.
It really turned out yummy and it was super easy.

All you need is
2 10 once cans of cream of chicken soup.
1 10 ounce of cheese soup
cup of milk
cup of chicken broth
3 baked chicken breast.
5 medium carrots sliced
4 pieces of celery chopped.
1 chopped yellow onion
1cup of cheddar cheese
1cup of Parmesan cheese
1 pkg of bacon cooked
salt  to taste
pepper to taste
1 pkg of  dry ranch dressing
2 cans of refrigerated biscuits cut into 4ths.

1st mix the soups , milk and chicken broth together in a a saucepan on low heat until blended.
while mixture is cooking.
coat the chicken breast with the ranch dressing saving about 2 tablespoons
then put the chicken bacon, onion ,carrots, celery and cheeses into a 9X13 baking pan
then and liquid mixture on top mix a little.
Then place cut up biscuits on top sprinkle reserved ranch dressing and then bake at 350 for 50 minutes.
It was super yummy..

I just have to share this fun pic.

Last night I gave all the kids new socks just for fun!
I made them each close there eyes as I placed the socks on there feet.
It was so cute to see there reaction to the socks.
I tried to pick out socks that reflected there personality.
We then laid around and goofed off .
It was fun just being together bonding over socks.LOL


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun on the potato farm..

Today was Ben's first field trip!
He went to one of the local potato farms.

They learned how and where they store the potatoes.

He then watched as the sorted the potatoes from the vines.

We then went over to the fields

We took a little walk in the fields

Thats when Ben got grumpy because he was cold.

He smiled again when he saw the tractor digging up the potatoes.

He then got to pick some potatoes.

in his mismatched boots.

And hear I am in my cute boots..
( you all thought I wore heels now didn't you)

When it was time to go
I got the best goodbye smooch from Ben


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A big Thank you!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my blog readers.
I randomly get emails from readers telling me that they like a certain post or to ask a question about something.
Let me interrupt this post to say(Earth quake) I hate when that happens.
I am still feeling little tremors. Holly cow!!
Now back to my regularly scheduled post..
As I was saying befor the earth rudely interrupted me.
I get random emails every once in a while from you my sweet readers.
But in the last few days I have had about 20 emails.
some are from readers who have been reading for a while and others are from people like Ahley who just googled birthday cakes and it led her to my blog.
A lot of you comment about my sweet William and thank me for sharing his story.
Those emails touch me the most.
So I just wanted to take the time to say thanks..
Thanks for makeing me want to write even more..
By the way my cold ugly morning turned into a warm fabulous afternoon..

I took this as I was speeding off to Target to hit there dollar spot..
Sometimes I am amazed with the beauty of my little Vally town..


Baby it's cold out side..


It's definitely a hot coco and sock day..
Iam debating if I am even going to leave the house..
Baby M thinks we should she keeps saying bye bye momma aunt Jenn.
I just dont want change out of my work out clothes and take off my socks.
Maybe I will shock everyone at Ben's school and show up like I look now.
I could just imagine there shocked faces and the murmuring whats wrong with fashion mom..

I do have to say it is pretty out side. The contrast of the changing fall leaves and the white snow capped mountains are breathtaking.

You can see in the picture that the snow is still dumping on the mountains.
I am not ready to say that it is winter yet..
Ask me again after the weekend.
We are supose to be getting sticky snow. Boo Hiss on that one.
I hope the weather man is wrong.
By the way we are allready descending in to darkness. Yuck..
Every day the sun is coming up late and later..
Soon I will be living in the dark..
My least favorite part of leaving in Alaska.
So what is your weather like?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The blessings of being a woman.

This may sound crazy. But..
I miss this 9month pregnant belly.
I sometimes get so sad knowing that I will never have life growing inside me again.
I really enjoyed being pregnant.
I loved watching my belly swell with a growing baby inside.
I am so grateful I got to do it 8 times.
Plus it was the only time I had lushes curves. LOL
Being pregnant I think is one of the best parts of being a woman..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pumpkins ,clouds and sewing ..

I was at the fabric store getting fabric the other day and spotted these 2 mum pumpkins.They were the last ones and new I just needed them.
They look fabulous sitting on top of my candle holders.

Yesterday the sky was so blue and the clouds looked so cool.
I love to cloud watch and so does my kids..

Now I am off to get all my sewing done..
I have 3 apron bath towels that need to get done and some pot holders. I hope I can get them all done today..
So what are you all up too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My stunning Daughter..

Isn't she lovely

Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious

At only 17 years old.

Isn't she pretty

Truly the angel's best

Boy, I'm so happy
We have been heaven blessed

Isn't she lovely

I cant belive my Shelly Belly is a senior..
She was so excited when our wonderful friend Tracy handed her the CD with her Senior pix.
She came home and we looked over them together.
We oohed and aahed over how beautiful she looked.
I love the one with her and Missy.
The funny part was Mylissa's expression when she saw the pic.
She said she had no clue Shelly had done that..

Thank you Tracy for the amazeing pix and for the opportunity to have such a special moment with Shelly.
If I had to pic a favorite this might have to be it.
I just love her beautiful face..
She looks like an angel.
These  are just an 8th of what where taken and every shot was amazeing.
Thanks again Tracy..