Monday, March 30, 2009

I am not sure I like the button..

I am not sure I like the fabric button.
I am thinking that maybe I should go with a black texture button or a red textured button Or maybe a flower..

What do you think?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

your gonna miss this

AS Dale was makeing dinner tonight i just watched how he and the kids were interacting. He was teaching Kadie to cut onions and tomatoes and I just thought ,"He gonna miss this.". We have so little precious time left with Kadie before she gets married and has her own kids.
Then another of life's sweet moments happened. Ben kept spanking Dale until Dale lifted him up and tickled and kissed him. Exactly what Ben wanted. He then smuggled into Dales neck and said I love you daddy. My heart swealt as I had tears in my eyes as I thought "There gonna miss this".
Then the word to Trace Adkins Song Your gonna miss this started playing in my head and the tears just started rolling down my face. I hate that Dales leaving and that he is gonna miss the little things that go on each day in our house. I am sure going to miss him.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

What do you Think ?

Do you like my new do?

Here is a peek at my counters..

You cant really tell the true color of the counters because I used a flash. I just think they are beautiful and shinny. Now I just have to paint and put new floors in and my kitchen will be complete.

Here is a better pic of the color.
Now onto other news.. Dale was to leave tomorrow but because of a mix up with shots he will have to stay in country for maybe 2 more weeks. Thats kinda good news and bad news all at the same time. The good news is he gets to be here for Shelly's Birthday and the bad new is that he wont get back until the kids are back in school. That means he misses their whole summer break. What a bummer for the kids and Dale. It also means I might move my EYSY opening until April 15Th now. I just don't want to be distracted with business while he is still here.
Tootles and I hope everyone is having a grand day in their neck of the woods.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What was I thinking?

I loved this apron until I put the ugly pocket on it..
I will be askeing it off tonight and putting a different one on the bottom, Other than that I like it.

On to other news!!
My counters are being put in as I type. Yipe
They look amazeing!! I cant wait to show you pix..

One more thing I promise..
I did not get my hair cut yesterday because my hairstylist was backed up(it was all Kadies fault) She took to long getting her hair stripped back to blond.
So tonight I will b getting my hair all purity.
I will show you pix in the morning.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cooking in a construction zone.

My Kitchen is a construction zone until tomorrow, then I will have shinny new quartz counter tops. I am so stricken excited. I can hardly wait to glide my hands on my new counters shiny surface.
Who would have ever thought that counter tops would have me all giddy with joy inside. Lets not even talk about paint and how that makes me feel. There is nothing better than freshly painted wall.. Now I am sounding like a crazy old desperate house wife. Someone slap me back into reality.

I will show you pix of my new counters as soon as they are in.
I guess I should get some sewing done and clean my house so I can go to the salon and let Mod my hairdresser do her magic it's been way to long since my hair has been in her hands..
I will show you pix of my new doo and the fun apron I am makeing who knows I might get the purse sewed up that I cut out the other day.

So what are you all up to today?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Er-re She blows

Remember a month ago I told you about Mt. Redoubt the volcano near us.
Well she erupted last night.

There has only been light ash fall so far and none near us.

My kids are so excited!

They have been studying all about volcanoes in preparation for the eruption.
Here is a fun website you can check out that tells you all about
The volcano Just click HERE.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back away from the eggs and nobody will get hurt!!

Every spring i get very excited for the easter candy to hit the stores.
Why you might ask well it's these little colorful eggs.. I get so excited when I see them in the store. I quickly by a few packages and then in the car before I even start it up I open the package and pop a few of these bad boys in my mouth and just savior the taste. Money can buy happiness because these little eggs bring me tons of joy.
I also enjoy the cadburry cream eggs. I rember when I saw them for the first time in 1983 I went to the BX in Hawaii with my BFF Vicky when we saw these yummy eggs we bought 2 each and gobbled them up as quick as we could. I rember licking the cream out of the Chocolate shell. I rember thinking that these were the best Chocolate eggs I had ever eaten. All these years later I still enjoy eating them at Easter time.
My question to you all my bloggy friends, What are your favorite Easter candies?


Friday, March 20, 2009

To my bloggy Friends!!

I was reading all my post when my heart swelled with joy from all the nice comments.
I realised what a lucky Bloggy Diva I am. I have the best readers that cry with me when I am sad laugh with me when I am happy and that are supportive with me when I am creative.
I truly am a lucky girl!

With so many negative things out in the world I feel so lucky that I am able to share my life with such wonderful women. Women who have never met me in the flesh but support me and love me as if they have known me their whole life. What an amazeing world of technolgey we live in.
I just wanted to say Thank you to all my readers who say the nicest things about me, my family and my creations and thank you all for supporting me in my desire to open my ETSY store. I truly would not have the courage to do this with out your support.

I hope every one has a happy Friday in bloggy land.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The massive sunshine bag..

Remember the fabric I showed you yesterday?
Well here it is as a purse!!!
It's not just big it is huge!! Or maybe I am just small. It was a bit of a pain to make the directions stunk big time so I had to tweak it alot and ended up liking my way better.
I love the pleats and the fun foe flap, I think it gives the bag alot of character. The button, I think ads just the right finishing touch.
Not a great pic of the inside but I love how much room it has. The pattern did not call for pockets. I was like I totally have to have pockets. Who wants a purse witch no pockets? So I made a good size pocket .After I played with it for a while I think it's a keeper. Once I remake the pattern and add little bit of Jennifer flare it will be a fun bag to go shopping with.
You think it will sell in my ETSY shop?

My Feet need some help!

I hate wearing socks, they make my feet way to hot so I never wear them plus some how they just don't look good in Stilettos.
Well my feet are paying the price for going sock less. They are callused and cracked and just plane ugly looking.
Today when I could hardly walk let alone put a shoe on because of the 2 cracks I have on my right foot. I scrummed to the socks. I put some medicine on the cracks and a thick body butter on the rest off my feet.
They are now happy and sighing with relief. I guess I should wear socks more often. I think my pedicurist would thank me too. She is a sweet oriental lady and just shakes her head when she sees my feet.
I have also thought about buying this silly looking egg.I wonder if it will work? It looks kinda scary, but I am almost willing to give it a try, if it will really take care of my thick calluses. Maybe the Easter bunny will give bring it to me.
So has any one used the pedi egg? I am dying to know what you think!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The best Caramels in the world along with the best friend in the world!

Today over at The R family Diaries Tiffany is heaving friends in the bloggy world share post on optimism.
What a truly wonderful thing to do there is so much negativity in the world it is time to spread a little sunshine.
I chose to share this post from a few days ago. I hope it shows that even when we are having hard times we can find the bright sides in life.

Ps if you go over to Tiffany's blog you can read other wonderful optimistic stories, please vote for the post you like best. If it just happens to be mine I would be very happy.

Yesterday I was having a little bit of a pity party. I woke up and took Shelly to school at 6:15 and it was only 4 degrees. I came back home crawled back in bed and just cried. I have been having a hard time with Dale leaving, I feel like he is going to miss so much and selfishly I am going to miss out on some things I had planned to do over the summer. I Was really looking forward to a girls weekend with many of my good friends from Travis Air Force Base, but because of Dales deployment I miss it by 2 weeks. So the cold just pushed me over the edge. I had a good cry and was determined to have a good day.

Mid afternoon I get a box from my BFF from Utah one of my Travis girls with a cute new shirt and a box of the best caramels in the world.I was so excited when I saw the box from V chocolates my mouth started watering and my heart started beating faster , I could hardly wait to pop one of these yummies into my mouth.
As I was savoring my yummy caramels. I felt an overwhelming since of love, My BFF Berni Jo always know just when to call and just when to send a special something in the mail. I love her so much and cant wait to see her later this fall. I have always said we should have been sisters.
I have a few other friends I feel the same way about, I truly am a blessed person.

Here is my goal for today! With this fun yellow spring print I am going to make myself a purse to brighten up this long winter. I am sure it Will bring a smile to my face when it is done.
So I guess I better get off and start sewing.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

I miss my bloggy friends!!

I have been so busy this week with spring break, remodeling and getting Dale ready to leave that I have not been a very good blogger. I have not written much and I have barely commented on anyone's blog.
Hopefully this week things will slow down a bit and I will have time for my bloggy friends and Sewing.
I haven't touched my sewing Machine in over a week.
I have bought lots of yummy fabrics.
I would show you some but they are trapped in a closet.
My sewing room slash theater is in the middle of being painted so I cant take a pic or drool over there yumminess.
Thats ok once I send Dale off in 2 weeks I will have more than enough time on my hands to sew sew sew.
I might even be able to sneak some scrapping in.
I better say goodbye for now. I will talk to you all soon!!
Please don't forget about me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let bowl lets bowl lets rock and Roll

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has kept Garrett in their prayers.
He is doing well and has had no other seizures. He is a little scared to go to bed at night and to tell the truth so am I. As I tell him we just have to have faith that every thing will work out.

Its almost hard to believe that this is Garrett just 18 hours later.
Monday night we went bowling The kids had a ton of fun! We went with Garrett's cub scout troop they were trying to earn there bowling belt loop.
Ben had a blast!! He kept telling us that he had super awesome bowling skills!Shelly was intensely watching the game but I think Mylissa was a little board.Here Iam trying not to get in in the gutter for the third time, it worked because I got my one and only strike.Robbie and Garret like to go to the Arcade in between turns.I think this picture explains it self. LOL
I have sanding to do and prepping for painting so I better go.
I hope everyone is having a great day!!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winner of the spring fling apron Is>>>

Send me you info and I will send you your apron ..
Thank you every one who entered.
I will have another giveaway April 1st fro a purse and apron to celebrate the opening of my ETSY store.

Happy Birthday My Lover My Hero My Best Friend

Today i my sweet husbands Birthday!

I just want to wish him a happy birthday and let him know how much I love Him!
He was spoiled this year but in spoiling him he has a lot of work to do.
I bought him a laptop to take with him on his deployment and he bought himself a home theater.
Now the small family room make over that would take a day to finish is taking longer. I feel sorry that he will be laboring on his birthday ,yet in actually I think he is enjoying every minute of it.
Happy birthday Dale and here is to many more.
I love you!!