Monday, November 30, 2009

sew I need a break..

I have been sewing all morning trying to get a resnasaunts dress done by tomorrow.
So I thought I would take a break and down load the pictuers off my camara.
I was looking at all the pic when I came across this pictuer that one of my children took while I was coloring my hair.
As silly as this pictuer is it's kinda sweet.

It just proves how that my hubby will do anything for me..


Sunday, November 29, 2009

A giant snow ball and a thirsty moose.

Tons of snow tons of kids = one giant snow ball and a big snow ball fight.

A car covered in tons of snow=one thirsty moose to lick it off.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A sweet moment.

Right now I am doing Thanksgiving prep.
Ben stayed home from school with a made up tummy ache and I let him knowing full well that he is fine.
I just new he needed mommy time today.
So while in the Kitchen he asked mom why do we have thanksgiving.
I told him the story of the first thanksgiving he said oh.
So why do we still have thanksgiving.
I explained that it was a day we could be grateful and reflect on the blessings we had during the year.
He said oh like being grateful dad has a job and that we have food and a house.
I said bingo Ben you are right on.
He then asked me to bend down  he grabbed my face with his chubby hands and said mom I am so very thankful for you!
He then kissed me sweetly on the cheek.
At that moment my heart just melted and the tears started flowing as I whispered and I am so very grateful for you.
I have so many things to be grateful for this year I could take hours naming them all but the thing that I am most grateful for is my Family.
I really am a Lucky girl with The best husband in the world who loves me and our children who has pride in our country and has served it in war and peace for the last 20 years.
I have 8 of the most wonderful children who make me laugh , cry and show burst of flustered emotions from time to time. I am grateful for it all.
I am so blessed to have 7 of them here on earth Healthy and happy for the most part.
I am also Blessed to of had William for the short time he was on earth he made such a deffrance in our lives we are still learning from him almost 4 years after he left the earth.
I am grateful that I am back to the old Jennifer just slightly improved.
And I am great full for all my bloggy friends who give me such strength you all are a big part of me getting the old Jennifer back.
I am so grateful that you all except me for who I am . I know at times I am a lot to take. Just ask my hubby.
I hope everyone has a Happy fun Thanks Giving with all your loved ones..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Garrett!!

Here is Garrett last year on his 10th birthday He was so excited to get a snowboard he could hardly hide his excitement!
Garret is our 5th child and 2nd boy he is very tall for his age super bright and an all American when it comes to sports.
He is very popular with his peers , favorite brother with his siblings and a beloved son to me and his Dad.
Lets face it Garrett ROCKS!!

He has always had the gift of making us laugh and worry.
He is not afraid of any thing but the dark!
Garret was my only child that I went full term with in fact he was late he took his own sweet time in fact I never thought I was going to go in labor with this kid.
Yet when he made up his mind to come it was fast a furious.
 My labor was 15 minuets with the boy. He came screaming here I am world!
I had never heard a baby with such a loud cry in my life.
 I new we were headed for trouble with this one.
Only good trouble.

He really is a great kid and we love him to pieces.
Happy birthday Gare Bear..
I love you !

BTW keep praying for baby Kimble.
He  and his parents had a hard night it was touch and go for many hours last night and he is still critical.
Watching and know if your child is not going to make it through the night or the next day is one of the hardest thing a parent can endure.
I know I have been there twice.
Once with the birthday boy and here he is strong and healthy.
 And of course with William!
Having experienced both out comes I know the power that prayer has both to comfort and to heal. So please keep Baby Kimble and his family in your prayers.


Monday, November 23, 2009

It's about time I get back to some sewing

It's too cold to leave the house so I think I will get some sewing done today.
I have tons of projects I need to get done Like a renaissance dress Wish me luck on that one.
I also have a ton of Bath towel apron orders I need to get in the next few weeks.
Then aprons of course and some other fun Christmas projects.

Here is some of the Christmas fabric I am using, I have so many ideas floating in my head that my head is feeling over whelmed.
It's been too long since I have been creative..
I guess I should be a good girl and get off the computer and create so I can show you all the things that floating in my head. LOL

Before I get off I am asking for more prayer request for baby Kimble.
He is having surgery today to put a stint in his tiny little heart to help with blood flow.
So please take a minute and pray for him and his family.

I miss him and wish I was there today to be with His momma and daddy during this hard step to getting Kimble better.


Friday, November 20, 2009

New moon and new color

New moon rocks!!
Here I am on my way to the theaters.
In my twilight black and red

Here's Kadie and I in the theater waiting for New moon to start.
The movie was awesome!! a Hundred times better than Twilight.
The werewolves were weird looking when they were wolves but lets face it Jacob was a hottie!
I really thin I am going to drag Dale along with me to see it again.
I think he would like it this time around.

Now for new color!

I died my hair a little darker this time around and went with light strawberry blonde highlights instead of light blond ones I think I like it.

Who knows maybe I will go dark brown next time.
I think I am getting bored of blond.
So what do you think?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

New moon!

I am so super excited to see this movie!
I cant believe that tonight is the night,  my tickets are for the 12:10 showing.
I still haven't picked out an outfit but you can bet it will be black and red.
Good thing it is my favorite color combo.
I am just not sure if I am going to wear my red heals or not cuz baby it's cold  outside.

So is any one else going to night?
Dose any one have any fun new moon party that they are going too.
Tell me tell me I am dying to know that I am not the only old lady going on opening night.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lets talk Hot chocolate

There is nothing I like better than a good hot cup of cocoa when it's cold out side.
I love wiped cream and marshmallows in mine and if it's made with milk or cream all the better.
I also like to make mine with good Chocolate..
I think Good Chocolate make all the differents.

So how do you like your hot chocolate?
 Do you have ant trickis to make it super yumm?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The perverted surgeon..

Yesterday I promised to tell you all about my last experience with a Vascular surgeon.
It was about 8 years ago Madeline had just turned one and I decided since we weren't having any more babies I would get my varicose veins fixed.
I was a little nervous because I thought I would have to have surgery.
My OB that I had a check up with told me about sclerotherapy were they inject the veins with saline and sclero which would shrink the vein.
It sounded great to me so I asked her to set up an appointment with the Vascular surgeon.
The Meeting.
I will never forget my first meeting with the surgeon.
He came in all flirty and said my aren't we a pretty little thing what can I do for you?
 I explained That I wanted my varicose veins taken care of.
He then took a little history and when I had said I had 6 kids he about flipped out whistled and said wow you have an amazing body for someone who's had kids period but 6 holly cow you look amazing.
I just giggled because I heard it all the time.
Then it was time to show off my ugly veins.
The nurse came in and the first thing that came out of the DR. mouth was can you believe she has 6 kids look at her hot sexy body.
Alarm bells went off and I gave this look at the nurse like what the heck did he just say.
At that point I was a little reluctant to show him my legs.
I just stood there for a moment collecting my thoughts.
He then said lets see these ugly little veins.
He started to touch the veins and I relaxed because it felt very clinical to me.
Until he just started caressing them as he talked to me about the what rout we were going to take.
Let me explain exactly where some of my veins are.
They are on my calf and the back of my thighs.
So he was rubbing his hand up and down my thighs I had a skirt on so it a little to weird for me.
The nurse was just staring at me like are you ok with this and I was pleading with my eyes for her to stop him some how.
She then handed him a pen and the chart which he took with one hand while he continued to caress my legs.
I then just kinda wiggled a way and asked so what are we going to do to fix my legs.
He wanted to do surgery but I talked him into sclaro.
We made the date to have the procedure done.
he walked me out of the exam room and on the way out told everyone he saw can you believe she has 6 kids
doesn't she look amazing.
I went home and called Dale and told him what happened.
He was a little shocked and then thought I must have been exadurating.
I told him that he would be at my next appointment.
So the day came for me to have the sclerotherapy.
Dale kept joking with me about the Dr and his flirting.
Then the Dr came in a little surprised to see Dale he tried to convince Dale to leave by telling him that he it might make him feel sick to watch.
Dale held his ground and said I will be fine I am a surgery tech.
The DR. said Oh I guess you have seen worse.
Dale just looked at me with his eyes he said what is up with this Doc.
I was laying on the table while the Dr was injecting my veins and he turned to Dale and said you are one lucky man. Where in the heck did you find your wife I cant believe how good she looks after having 6 kids.
He just kept going on and on about my looks and my body.
I was really surprised Dale did not punch him, but I really just think he was a little shocked.
On the drive home Dale said was that man for real.
I do have to say my leggs looked pretty dang sexy when the therpy was compleated.
That is untill I got pregnat again 3 years later.
So this is why I was a little skittish about going to the Vascular surgeon this time around.
I am happy to report that this DR hardly touched my legs and never once commented on my body. I was much relived.
At another date I will tell you about the Gym stalker. It's a funny storie.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Momma it's Freezing out side


That's what Benny told me all bundled up looking like the kid from the Christmas story.
The kid is so right in fact it's 8 blow zero out.
Way too cold.

So I went back inside and had some raspberry hot coco in my Santa mug with Ghost shaped march mellows.
Now that I am warm and toasty I have some catching up to do.
I have been so busy with everything that my blogging has been neglected.
We had new carpet installed in the family room, stairs and 3 bed rooms.
Boy let me tell you it was so much work getting those room back together in fact that's what I should be doing right now finishing up.
Had I known it would be so much work I would have said no stinkin way.
Yet I am loving the new look and the clean bedrooms.

I am going to tell you a secret OK not really a secret but I am going to tell you any ways.
Having babies weren't easy on my legs. Yes my legs.
I have nasty ugly painful varicose veins.
But not for long I had a doctor appointment last week with the nicest vascular surgeon.
He mad me feel so at ease I even showed him the nasty varicose veins on my Bum.
I was so glad he was a normal DR. I will tell you tomorrow about my last experience with a Vascular surgeon it deserves it's own post.
So anyhow I am exited to have sexy legs again I cant wait!

So When I was coming home from my appointment I manged to get this shot!

I just love the frozen river beds They are so pretty cold but pretty.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy last couple of days.!

I will tell you all about it tomorrow!
Now I am just to tired to tell you about it.
But I will leave you with some funny pix of me bored sitting in the car waiting for Dale.

Gee I am bored!

who cut the cheese.

Buy on get one shoe sale at Macy's

Oh really?

I think I will get one in pink, blue and red..


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chocolate yumminess.

I just got a fun swap package from Val The hostess of the Hot momma apron swap Val is also a good friend I met about a year ago in the apron swapping world.
I have gotten to know her well and feel very close to her even though we have never met in the flesh.

Val sent this beautiful apron that is right up my ally with fun ruffley goodness.
She also sent these fun Marti gra beads.
The Jacket I got while on my trip to Colorado.
It soft and cozy I just love it.

I also got all this yummy good Chocolateness. I love love Merci Chocolate they are so super yummy.
Then of course she sent my favorite cream Beryle candy corn.
A fun apron pattern and yummy hot coco Oh and lets not forget the cook books.
Thanks so much Val for all the fun treats.

If you did not notice in the first picture winter has finally arrived in Alaska.
I do have to say it was a treat to wake up to all this white beautiful snow.
The snow just makes the world seem clean a pure.
I love it!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A wickedly good time

Saturday night was a blast Crysta, J'ana and Nicky came and got me from the children's Hospital where I said goodbye to Shaina, Kimble and the rest of the family it was so bitter sweet.
We then went and ate at the cheese cake factory.

After our tummies were full we went back to the hotel where these Wickedly cute bags were wait waiting for us that J'ana put together for us.

Here is J'ana and I before we got ready.

Here we all are ready to hit the town.
I was really missing my wardrobe at home and made do with what I had.
It was probably good because had I known before I left that I was going to Wicked I would have probably dressed over the top Jennifer style. LOL

I took this picture of the set before the play before the usher told us that pictures were not allowed.
We then sat and watched the musical.
It was fantastic, I could have watched it over and over again.
If it ever comes to Alaska I am taking my girls they would have loved it!

Here we are after the show posing in front of the Wicked poster.

We were staving after the play because appetizers at Bauer's were awful.
We had the nastiest flaming cheese.
Anyhow we started to walk around to find a restaurant when a pedicab guy showed up and offered to take us to the cheese cake factory , we agreed even though we had it for lunch.
So the 4 of us got into the cab and off we went.
We were amazed at how strong he was we kinda guessed that we were about 500lbs of women.We drove us around lie we were feather weights.

We then went in and ate yummy goodness.
It was such a super fun night I got home just in time to get 2 hours of sleep before I had to catch my plane home.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last day in Colorado..

Today is my last day with baby Kimble and Shaina..
I am sad to leave them but happy to get back to my family.
Kimble is doing as well as he can be with all is little heart issues.

Heavenly Father works in amazing ways never in my wildest dreams did I think this trip would have so many advantages.
I think the biggest one is seeing My sister for the first time in 4 years.

She is the one in purple and the other pretty lady is my sisters BFF and my honorary sister J'ana.
J'ana is such a sweet heart she flew my sister in for a girls weekend to see wicked for her Birthday.
The best part is that I get to go along with them tonight.
I can hardly wait to get dressed up for the play.
I show pix tomorrow.
So what are you all weekend plans?


Friday, November 6, 2009


I have been attempting to read this book while here with my friend Shaina.
I really hope to get a big chunk of it read today.
I bought the sound track too but have yet been able to listen to it.
Maybe I will get to listen to it today while reading the book.
The thing I am most excited about is that I might be going to the Musical tomorrow here in Denver.
I also get to see my Sister today or tomorrow.
I haven't seen her in 4 years I am so exited..