Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am Getting a new Coach Bag.

Tanslation : DALE GPT A JOB!!!!
Dale and I made a deal in April that when he got a job I would get a new Coach purse.
Now that he has a job I don't even care about the purse I am so happy!!

I just want to say thanks to very one who prayed sent good thoughts they all meant so much.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeling Sassy.

After Church yesterday I put on my cute apron and was feeling a little sassy, like I was June Cleaver or something.
Aprons always make me feel sexy and sassy for some reason, that's why I think I own so many.
I think aprons look even more sexy with the right leg wear.
What do you think?
Well I think it is time to make another apron it's been a while.

Check in

I have been working out and eating right for 3 solid weeks.
Today I am starting week 4 I can feel and see what a differences 3 weeks of eating right and exercising right has done to my body.
They aren't huge different to the average eye but to my naked eye I can tell and so can my husband.

Here I am a few days before I started my make over plan.
You can see my belly is bigger than my little hips .

Here I am after week one looking cute.

Here I am at the beginning of week 2

End of week in my pink sausage casing.
I cant wait to look like I am not a stuffed sausage in this out fit.

I forgot to take a picture of the beginning of week 3 probably because I was so bloated from my time of the month.
But here I am yesterday at the end of week 3.

The pictures really aren't showing big changes because I don't have a lot of weight to loose but a lot of shaping up to do.
What I really should have taken a picture of is my butt.
If may say so my self it is looking mighty nice and lifted.
My hips and thighs are slimmer so are my shoulders and chest.
Lets just say I don't want to but I have to buy a new smaller bra.
My belly is shrinking too and so is my love handles.
I can also tell by the fit of my clothes that I am shrinking.
My yoga pants fall off my hips so I can no longer wear them.
My jeans have a nice gap in the waist and my shirts are falling off my shoulders.
I see my old super skinny body starting to come back and I am loving it.
I can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks bring.
I am thinking they will be bringing new outfits. LOL
Well wish me luck on another 3 weeks.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I use to be amazeing and super skinny.

Once upon a time I use to be a really good seamstress.
I would sew all girls outfits and made dresses for my self.
{Me my Baby sister the bride and our older sister Crystal 11 years a go}
My sister asked me to make her wedding dress and brides made dresses as well as my 3 girls dresses.
Looking back at this picture I am amazed I could do it plus have 5 kids under the age 9 the youngest being 10 months.
So were did this super woman go and why did she take her skinny self with her.
Oh ya she grew up had 3 more kids dealt with a death of a child moved to Alaska gained weight so she wouldn't freeze ,married off her oldest child then left her and her sister in Alaska and moved to Colorado.
Now that I only have 5 kids at home again and no longer need the extra weight for the winter I might find this super woman once again.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The plane the plane!!

Everyone who knows me knows I am known for the best baby girl baby gifts.
I love making every thing pink and frilly, lets face it they have better girl fabric and patterns.
I have a friend having a little boy and I wanted to create something fun and boyish for her little guy.
I thought and I thought nothing but the basics like burp rags , blankets, bath time apron were coming to me.
The other day I was watching Ben make paper airplanes and the idea formed in my head why cant I make a paper air plane out of fabric.

So I did and this is what my creative mind came up with.
When I was done with the plane I beamed with delight because my crazy silly idea I had in my head worked.

It didn't just work it worked brilliantly, the plane can fly too.
I did not take that into account when I first thought it up.

My little Benny boy loved it too and asked me to make him a few.
So today I will be sewing more up.
I will also be taking pictures of how I make them anyone interested in a tutorial?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New to me but very old.

My in-laws have a large closed in back porch, they decided to put new windows in and update the wood paneling to drywall.
On our way to Cheyenne Dale was telling me about the old windows being out of the stables at FT. Warren during  the civil war. I got very excited and wanted one. I did not remember what the back porch windows looked like because they were always covered with curtains and had no clue of the rich history behind them.
I immediately called my Father in - law and said "you still have the old windows right?"
He said yes why my dear and I said I want one.
He said we'll see.
When I got there Friday night after giving him a hug I said were are the windows?
He showed me and I was in total love.
I batted my eye lashes and said can I have one please!
He said it will cost you.
I said how much?
 He said 2 kisses.
I said sold!

one of the best deals I ever made.
Now I just have to make it into a lovely work of art to hang over my new couch.

My father in-law also gave us his Grandmothers lamps they are 80 years gold and simply beautiful.

They are elegant and fun at the same time.
I just need to spruce up the shade I have a fun idea for them already Maybe I will get to them this week.
I am having fun collecting old new to me stuff.
I use to have tons of antiques when I lived in Kansas and California, when I moved to Alaska I got rid of it all and decided to go all modern.
Now I am decorating with Modern and antiques.
I love the old with the new feel.
Plus it molds my personality perfectly.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Laborday!

I hope every one is having a safe happy weekend. We drove down to Wyoming to hang with the in- laws.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Play on words.

You will often hear Ben say Mom can I have liquer, or Mom I really could use a liquer, or mom I need more liquor. If you know what he's talking about you would think he's asking for alchol. What is asking for it is licorice.  What he is saying is licker not liquor but to anyone who dose not know what he is talkig about gives me or Ben the strangest look.
I love how an inocent nickname for a tteat can sound like I am raising a drunk.
Ps My other kids think it's so funny and now call liocorice licker.
You just gotta love them!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now thats a Deal!

The other day while at the Goodwill Dale found this couch and fell in love with . He found me looking for tresuers in the clothing department.
I did not care for the couch at first bit then it grew on me. When I saw the price I have to say I was shocked and thought for $27.00 we really could not go wrong. After determining that it was clean and probly was never really used we bought it. Now I just need to make some colorful pillows in so fun colors to make it Jenniferized.