Sunday, September 30, 2007


I love fall and so dose my kids.

Yesterday Garret called me out side to see his leaf pile.

I told him he did a great job raking the yard.

I then asked him where Robbie was.

I heard a voice from the leaf pile say here I am .

Then out jumped Robbie from the leafs.

What a fun surprise...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ugly Feet ,Pretty Toes...

I have such ugly white feet with hammer toes. So I always paint my toe nails a shade of red and some times pink to make them look pretty. I never ever have naked toes. That would be a sin... So the other day when I had my toe nails done for the Ball I decided to get a French pedicure instead of getting color put on my toes. Even tho they have polish on them I still feel out of my comfort zone. They are pretty but I just don't know. It's been a week and I keep wanting to put polish on them...

Oh well life goes on. I guess things could be worse in my life. LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drama at the scrap store..

So I went to the to the craft garden one of my favorite places to go .

I new the minute I drove up I should have stayed in the car and drove home,

Right as I got into the parking lot Ben started screaming I NO LIKE THIS PLACE. I NO LIKE IT TAKE ME HOME !

Well did I listen NO shame on me.

I dragged Ben in anyway and he was OK at first and then he started climbing the displays and when I stopped Him he screamed I no like you momma . I HATE this store. OF course I was totally mortified.

The shop owner a young mom just stated laughing she totally understood Ben.

So she gave him some candy and some paper to draw on while I shopped . Bless her heart !

I was so grateful she didn't kick us out of the store

When we left the store Ben said I like this store. Can we come back.

I said I don't know we will just have to see . He then said please I like this store.

Oh the irony. 3 year old they are so dang fun!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sassy sweet!!!

I decided to do some scrap booking to day .

I am trying to get all Kadies senior pix done .

So between going to Maddie's school and picking kids up from school , taking on the phone and Ben being Ben .

I got this one page done. Whew

I do have to tell a funny Ben story.

We were down in the Family room where I scrap and do my beading .

Ben found a small round blue bead.

He said momma look what I found a tiny baby ball .

I said a tinny baby ball he said Yeah take a pic momma.

I did not have the heart to tell him it was a bead.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cinderella At The Ball....

Last night was the big Ball and I looked and felt like a princesses. I had so much fun there was good food good music and best of all good company. I forgot how much I like going to these kind of advents They are just so much fun..

So my Fairy Godmother came in the form of Bishop's attic our local thrift store.

I walked in there praying I would find a jacket or a wrap. I found a wrap but was not sure if it would work. Then I saw a silver skirt for 2 bucks and thought I would grab it for plan B . Well Plan B- was it. I put the skirt on with a silk blouse I had gotten in ca for 5 dollars and put the wrap around my waist made a necklace and poof I had the perfect outfit for the Ball.

The pictures don't even do Dale and I Justice We both looked smashing .

It was so fun to see the reaction of our neighbor Al we just had so much fun taking pix of us I felt like I was on a photo shoot. I can't Waite to see the pix he took.

So here are some of the pix from last night...

This is kinda funny Dale is no longer in the military ? When they do place cards for military advents you the place card should have someones rank on it you will know who is military and who is civilian. Why we don't know they put MR. Wilderness so everyone at the table kept wondering who the Wilderness people were .

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where is my fairy godmother???

Tomorrow is the ball and last night I decided to try the jacket on with the dress.

I love the dress I love the jacket I just don't love them together. Plus I still have no shoes.

So I am in a little bit of a panic.

Kadie told me to ware her prom dress ... No I don't think so sweet offer tho. I think I may have some shoes lined up from one of Kadies friend. I hate living where there is no shopping.

As someone once said it's the girl that makes the dress not the dress that makes the girl. right? So with my wonderful great looks I will be able to pull it off. (OK so wishful thinking.)

So after i stop twiddling my thumbs and i get off the computer I will try to make a new jacket first I need to go to Jo~Ann's..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prima's make me smile....

so does Basic Grey, 7 Gypsies, Chatterbox, Making memories, Brazzill, and we cant forget my good friend QUEEN&CO. Ohh the little things in life that make me happy . So after I had my little pity party I went scrapbook store shopping. The rush I get seeing all the pretty papers and blossoms is almost as good as walking into Ross. Nothing is quite as good as waling in to Ross . (Except good sex)LOL

So when I walked into the scrapbook store I felt instantly better. My mind just started racing with all the things I could create. Ben only aloud me 45 mins in the first store. Then he would have stayed all day in the next store because the store owner has a little boy and he was watching Ninja turtles.

I then went in to the gas station were the two clerks kept flirting with me . It's nice to hear how great you look When you know you look like crap From a middle aged gas attend.. He then precede to tell me that at 2 a clock that we will Find out how much the dividends are . I said thanks for rubbing it in I don't get them until next year. Then at 2pm it was braking News Each Alaska resident gets a whopping 1654.00 You know how much that is for a family of 9 its 14,000.00 plus tax free bucks... WOW just for living here, I can't weight until next year...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WARNING!!!! (real feeling exposed)

OK so I am in a little bit of a pissy mood(oops i said a naughty word)

The last 8 months have been great I have had no depression and very little grief and then BOOM like a bomb they come exploding into my life ONCE AGAIN...


I have am amazingly full life I have 7 great kids and a wonderful husband they love me they make me laugh we truly have fun as a family. There is just one important person missing in our family. (William)

I miss him so much and it has gotten worse lately, I don't know if it's this time of year or what.

It just seems like every thing is setting me off and then I start crying. I HATE IT!!! Some days i just wish I had my normal Innocent life back but then reality kicks in and I know that if I did that would mean I would have never known William. That would be a true tragedy..

I just want to hold him again I want to smell his sweet smell and gaze into his eyes once more.

I know I will see him again I just wish it could be now.

I just don't think people understand that when a women looses a child, She doesn't just loose a child she looses much more. She loose part of who she was . Life is no longer the same something inside of you just changes. You can no longer look at the way it was before little things that you use to enjoy are like eating bugs (not enjoyable). The things I use to love hurt . The sound and some times the sight of a newborn no longer brings the joy it once did . I feel like I have to put up a wall so I don't feel feelings of loss and jealousy when I go and visit a friend with a new baby.. So instead of the joy of seeing that sweet spirit I feel like I am walking on egg shells. I Hate It!!!

The worse part is the jealousy of others having what you want. Who wants to be jealous of someone else having a baby. Do you know how that makes some one feel . Well I will tell you it sucks it makes you feel lower than scum....

I don't feel like this all the time... It's just times like this when I am feeling down suck...

So lets all just pray that tomorrow will bring a brighter day!!!

I post pix of all my liveing children so why not post one of William I love this pic of William (Thanks Andie)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's raining it's pouring soon it will be snowing....

I am not ready for winter yet but it will be hear soon We allready have snow on the mountains . It's nice to look out at Ben's beautiful mountains and see them snow capped. Iam just not ready for it to be on the ground. In this pix you can see the clouds over the mountain pouring snow on them.

The other reason Iam not ready for the snow is because it gets so cold I would rather be hot than cold. This morning when I took the girls to simanary at 6.ooam it was 33*( Yuck ) and at 2pm it was so warm at a lovley 51* .

So I will just dream tonight of being on the beach....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ben and Marty best of friends.....

These two boys crack me up!!! First thing in the morning Marty rings the Bell can my best buddy Ben come out and play. (It's so sweet) They love to jump in puddles and play with sticks. They are always trying to hide from me and I will call Ben's name and then hear giggling from under the wood pile. Just like any good relation ship they fight every once in a while. When they get into fights the words really fly between two 3 year old's you never know what they are going to say but in the end after they have both cooled off Marty comes over with 2 cookies and says Ben I am so sorry will you still be my best buddy. If olny the rest of the world could solve there troubles with snickerdoodels....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sneak peveiw..

So I have a week until the Big Ball..... I can hardly wait to get to dress up and be a princes for a night. So I have my gown and my Jacket is almost done I even have my nails and eyelashes bought. So now to fined a pair of perfect 4 inch heals ... I just cant wait....I just love dressing up.

So as I said my jacket is almost done I just have to finish the sleeves and the lining then I will add sequence to it. I forgot just how much I love making clothes. It is so much fun to see what can be made out of fabric and a little bit of sewing. It's the little things that make me happy.

OK so before I end this post if I get any strange comments I will know who they are from and you Two will not be able to fool me posting as John Erickson..LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Makeing shoes....

So I was trying to make a shoe pattern for a card swap I am a part of so I decided to brake out my paper and see if it would work . well I came up with this shoe design. I think it is cute. My cards that I will make will be out of a different paper. Can any one guess what kinda print I will use? I 'll give you a hint I have a few pairs of shoes out of this same pattern. That's what gave me the inspiration. I will have to make what I did today into a scrap book page . I think I have a few Ideas. I just need to take the pix. OK so I am just rambling today . What can I say it's something I do well.

So I do have to tell you something funny that happened the other day . I was not sure if I should take it as a complement or an insult. I was sitting around talking with some good friend and one of them said Geese Jen you'r thighs are the size of a little kids. I said thanks that makes me fill good. She said no I mean that in a good way You just aren't very curvy like the rest of us . I said just keep rubbing it in that I am flat like a pan cake. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Bargain of the week!!!!

So I have been looking for a new purse and I have had no luck other than the $260.oo purse that I want. I just cant pay that much for a purse so I set my limit to $80 dollars tops. I have found purses that I have almost bought but they just weren't right. I wanted a purse that when you saw it you would know it was Jennifer's purse.

The other day I took Kadie to the thrift store to buy a 80's dress for the up coming Church dance. I went in the back room were the luggage and back packs are and boom there is this purse that looked kinda fun . I put it on my shoulder and started to walk around the store 5 people stooped me to tell me how cute my purse was. Then I ran into my friend and she said Jennifer I love your purse! It certainly looks like a purse you would have is it new? I then told her I haven't bought it yet. She said you just found it here I said yep I was trying it out to see if I liked it. Well I bought it and here is the kicker it was only $2.00 it was brand new with all the packing still in it and it has a place to put my sunglasses, keys and cellphone. So who needs a $.260 purse when you can get a smashing one for $2.00.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So were were you 6 years ago today?

I will never forget this day 6 years ago . I was living on Travis AFB in Ca. when I got a phone call from my friend Lisa she told me to turn on the TV that we were under attack. I thought for sure she was going crazy if we were under some kinda attack we would have gotten a phone call by now that Dale need to be at work. So I woke Dale up and turned on the news I could hardly be live my eyes and ears . I thought no way is this happening. Yet it was I will never forget watching the Towers fall . I will never forget seeing the second plane hit the towers. I will never forget the profit of our church Gorden B Heankley giving comfort to all those who were watching Larry King. I will never forget having to explain to my children what was happening and trying to reassure them that we would not go to war. I will never forget speaking in Church that Sunday fallowing the attracts to more people than I have ever scene at Church even during stake conference. I will never for get the strangers who came up to me after my talk and hugged me and told me my words gave them some comfort.

I am so proud to be an American and to have the freedoms that we have .

I am so grateful for the men and women who give up there lives for our freedom and for the husbands , wives , children , mothers and fathers who are left behind when they are gone.

Monday, September 10, 2007

So who are my secret Blog readers????

So I don't think much when I post on my blog who may be reading. I just assume that my friends and family are reading it. I have had comments from strangers once in a while so I kinda new others were reading my blog too. Well the other day I was reading a friends blog and she told us to read this funny story on her friends Blog so I clicked and read the story and then I decided to check out her blog. I looked to the left of the screen and saw a list of blogs she liked to read. One in particular caught my eye it was called fur and laundry. I thought that is smiler to my title so I clicked on it and hmmm it was my blog. It made me laugh so hard that this person I did not know was reading blog on a regular basis. Then I thought Who else is reading my Blog is my Bishop reading my blog ? is John Erickson reading my blog? LOL (No if he was reading my blog he would comment.) Our my girls from young women reading my blog if they are then thank goodness I haven't mentioned sex yet... Is Beth reading my Blog? Is Lisa reading my Blog? Hmm is Steve reading my Blog I know if Berni Jo is reading my Blog she would never know how to comment. Is Kim reading my Blog? So really who's all reading My blog??? OK so there is my Rant today..

So on the 22ND I am going to a military Ball. I can't wait it will be so much fun . I have not been to one in a while. So I was in need of a dress and I was at my card swap on Saturday a friend of mine asked when I was going to come over and use her serger and put the hem on the skirts I made. I then said oh yea I have to make a dress for this ball can I come over and make it on your serger then my cute friend Dawn popped in to the conversation and asked if I was good at mortifying dresses. I asked her if she need my help with something she said no I have dress that you can have for the ball. I said you do? she said its beautiful its cream and all beaded. I said well I'll come over and look at it. she said oh I'll bring it to church tomorrow. She brought it to Church yesterday and it is beautiful. She was so cute she said who would have thought that some one with no fashion sense would have a dress good enough for the fashion Queen.

So here is the dress what do you think? I am going to make a jacket to go over it. It is very sparkly and bling blingey... But I think I can pull it off.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Card Swap!!!!!

If you look in my blog arcives you will see I wote about some cards I made for a card Swap 8-29-07. Last night I went to the swap and resived my card . Let me just say there are some darn good talented card makers out there . I was so impressed, the theam was flowers . It was just so nice to be with a group of fun women we talked about any thing and everything. I also got a free Ball gown out of the whole coversation. I will write more about that tomarrow so thoes who read my Blog stay tuned.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I cant believe it is Friday!!

Can you believe it is already the week end. Time just keeps flying by.

So I have been having a fashion crises it seems like I have nothing to wear. ( Yeah right)

I know that's what every ones thinking. Hey I still fill that way . I keep having to look at the depths of my closet and fined more and more ways to put outfits together. I am finding things I have never worn or forgot that I had . I guess that could be good . I just miss going to Ross and finding great deals on the latest trendiest fashions , and not paying alot .

Well my sweet friend Kristy the other day was warring a cute jacket I asked her if it was new because I had been looking for one just like it . She said she had gotten it Costco a week or so a go. She said she wished she had gotten it smaller because she loved it so much and she is loosing weight. so kept thinking all day yesterday that I should go to Costco to and get one before they are gone . The problem is that Costco is a hour a way and its not like I can just hop in the car and go. Later in the day she stops by with the jacket and said she picked me one up when she was in town because she new I wanted it and they were on clearance and only had a few left .

I was so happy . I am so grateful for good friends . So I included a pic of me in my new Jacket . So what do you think?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

MoM take a picture of my Bum!!!

So little Ben yelled at me from the living room . This is how the conversation went.

Ben: Mom Mom come quick there is something on my Bum.

Mom: there is something on your Bum.

Ben: ya come quick and take a picture.

Mom: I don't see any thing on your bum

Ben: mom you are silly cant you see spider mans on my Bum

Mom: Oh you are wearing underwear like a big boy so are you going to potty train today?

Ben: No you silly momma I no like to poppy and pee on the toilet.

mom: I then said why do you have your underwear on .

Ben: so you can take a picture of my Bum!!

You have to love 3 year olds .

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beautiful Kadie

I did this lay out of Kadie.

These are some of her pictures from her senior picture shoot.

There were so many good shots I think she had 25 + taken.

I need too get them all printed and put into frames.

I am sure I will be making more L/O of her soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Look what was left on my door step...

When I came home this afternoon there was a bag with ribbon buttons and beads .

I found a note also that said Ribbon's buttons and bead lets she what Jen can make from me.

There was no name so curios about who left them.

I think I will make a necklace, bracelet and earrings out of the beads .

I am not sure what to do with the rest.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hike to Hidden Lake...

Dale had the day off today so we decided to go on a hike...

We went to a place called Hatches pass it is about 15 mins a way.

It is so beautiful up there The leafs are starting to change all ready.

There is this mountain after you hike it and get to the top there is this beautiful lake.

You would never know it was there unless you take the hike..

The kids had such a good time splashing around and goofing off.

It was the perfect day the sun was shining and it was just clear and beautiful.

Just so you know I look chubby because it's that time of the month .( and I have been told the camera adds 10 lb's) Ok so I am just a little vane...
To Dale's Right is the Mountain we climbed. I can't believe how well Ben did he is such a trooper.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sisterly Love....

My two oldest girls could not be any different .

Kadie is tall Blond she dresses shabby sheik.

Shelly is a cute red head with the curse of the curves as she calls it.

Kadie is very neat her side of the room is always clean.

Well lets just say Rochelle's side looks like a bomb exploded.

They have different ideas on the way that thing should be and fight about them often.

But when it all comes down and nobody is looking they are the best of friends.

My Friend took this pic of them the other day when she was taking Kadie's senior pix .

I thought it captured there true relationship and there love for one another.

I just love the way it turned out ..

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fun at the State Fair !!!!!

We went to the state Fair today ...

We brought Kadie , Robbie , Garrett and Madeline. (Mylissa Shelly and Ben went a different day.)

It was so much fun we ate we Shopped, we ate we looked we ate we watched shows we ate we road rides we ate and we ate and we ate...
Fair food is so yummy.

So I took a few pix of our day. So I guess I will share them and call it a day .
My feet hurt so bad and I stink like an animal and fried food.

I am going to soak in my grate big jetted tub so I can smell good again.