Monday, March 31, 2008

Thanks everyone..

Thanks everyone for prayers and good thoughts I believe it worked. Things are looking good. We still have somethings we have to do to make things final it may take a little longer than we were hopping but we learned a lot today . Dale was Amazing while he presented our Business plan He was so knowledgeable he looked like he did this type of thing on a daily biases. I was very proud. All I did was smile nod my head in the right places and just sat there and looked pretty.

Dale is having surgery in the morning so if you all could say a little prayer that would be great. I will update when we get home.
Hugs to everyone.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wish us luck!!!

Well it s almost tomorrow and in most places it is tomorrow so I a going to say wish us luck today and if you pray say a little prayer for us.
We will be meeting with the Big wig at the Bank tomorrow to present our business Plan For The Inn. If all goes well We will have the capitol to buy the building and start Renovations by this summer. Yikes I cant believe everything is happening so quickly.
Many of you may be confused at what I am writing so Read Dales Blog it exsplanes every thing.
I will update later today and let you all know how it went....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I was very naughty today.

When I walked into not one but 2 scrapbook stores I couldn't help my self. all the yummy new stuff was calling my name "Jennifer buy me Buy me You know you want to buy me" SO how could I not listen. I bought some of the new 2Scoops by BG and Of course I had to by the Jenny Bowlen Goodies I didn't already have I then found these great stickers by American crafts, Oh and the fancy pants journaling rub on's and we cant forget The Daisy D's rub on tapes.
I had so much fun!! I can hardly wait to play.

Now on to other went to Joann's last night in search for fiskars Treading water punch witch I did not find. So if any one finds one feel free to get for my birthday. Or just get it for me and I will pay you back. I really want one. While I was there I decided to get my fabric for my Apron swap that is due on the 15th Of April. I found the the cutest fabric for my partners Apron. I cant wait to cut it out and sew it up. I just know she is going to love love love it!!! So here is a look see at the fabric.

I hope evryone haveing a grand weekend...

Friday, March 28, 2008


Last night I created a LO for a challenge over at OLW It is a great Challenge site. This is the first Challenge I have done of theres I have just been a lurker up until this point. I Really have been trying to challenge my self to find my inner scraper to explore new styles and dig deeper. I am really enjoying pushing my self and getting out of my comfort zone the end result is that I am becoming a better Scrapper and one day maybe I will be come a great scrap artist LOL. who knows it could happen. OK I got off track again so over at OLW's the challenge was to scrap the word Blessed. I of course thought of my children and decided to scrap there Easter pix I played and I played and I played with the page and something was just off so I went digging threw my stuff and came across my Tim Holt's grunge board and saw the little angel wings . I was then inspired to add William with wings. As I did so I felt peace and I was so happy with how the end result looked.

Journaling Reads:

Every day I thank My heavenly father for blessing me with 8 Beautiful. I have 7 on earth that bring me daily joy and happiness and one little boy in Heaven who watches over us until we are with him again. I am blessed to know that death is not the end and that its jut another step to were we are going.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Sweet Husband...

My DH is so good!!!! For no reason at all Dale brought me home a bunch of tulips.

They made me feel so happy and loved.. I love When he is thoughtful like this..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where do you go to find your center?

Over at Creative Therapy they encourage you to express yourself true art Therapy ( very cool site) They give you a topic each week to inspire you to create with. This weeks topic was Where do you go to find your center. I chose to create a LO of the Temple. For me there is really nowhere on earth that I can go and leave the outside world behind. I like the children's song sings I love to see the Temple. Even Pictures of the Temple brings peace to my soul.
So where do you find Your center? I would Love to know... Please take a moment to leave a comment. ( Even if I don't Know you)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scrapping like crazy.

I have been so busy scrapping to day . I have made several LO and I am in the processes of making a surprise altered Item. That I will reveal in a couple of weeks along with 2 other Lo that I made today. OK I know I am speaking Greek . So I guess I better speak in plane English. I am trying out for a design team possession at A Million Memories were the corporation is fierce. They have the best DT right now and they have to try out along with all the other gals who are trying out. So to say the least it will be a fierce. So wish me luck!!
Here is a LO that I can show that I made of my Beautiful Mylissa. I can't believe how big she is getting.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Beauty to envy....

Some times I am just Blown away at the beauty that Madeline is. I love looking at her sweet little face, especially her smile. She always brings out so many emotions in me. I just love her to pieces. I love the way this pic turned out She wanted me to take one yesterday of her bunny slippers. I almost let her ware them to church because the looked s good with her fancy Easter dress. (I know how much Karen ,Kim and Valarie loved her fancy dress especially when they were taking her to the bath room)LOL

I also wanted to share aLO I did for the The Design Experiment You all should go check them out, they have great challenges.

The theam of the Challenge was Superhuman You. So I chose to do a Lo about Williams Funeral not an easy thing for me too do. Yet I am very Glad I did. I totally had to have super human strength to see him laying so still in his tiny little coffin sill unmoving, Knowing it would not be until the resurrection that I would be able to hold him again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

I hope every one had a great Easter. It was wonderful here at the Wilderness House.
We had a lot of fun taking pix in our Easter finery. As usual The children were Hams.. I Love my kids they always crack me up. I can almost see the future Me in my Rocking chair looking back at all the pix saying oh I remember that day.
I am so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and that he made the Atonement possible that each of us will one day be resurrected and reunited with our loved ones who have passed before us. It gives me great comfort on days like yesterday when I am sad that William is not here with us. I was shopping for chocolate Easter bunnies and I had 4 in my hand and I told Dale we needed 4 more he looked at me and said you have 4 I have 3 that's all we need I said No We need 4 more we have 8 kids Dale then said Jen William cant eat his. Oh how crushing those words were.
Then sitting in church today I had comfort listing to the talks on the reassertion. I heard William whisper in my ear Mom we will be together again How amazing and comforting that was. How grateful I am for the thinness of the Vail. I am so grateful to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ and to know that Families can be together forever.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I just saved money by switching My car insurance to Geico...

Got Ya!!

The real news is (Drum roll Please)

I am the newest Design Team Member for the Mad Scraper my LSS I am so Excited.

Can you believe little ole me.... I was trilled when Layla the owner asked me.. I cant wait for my first assignment.. I just hope she will be able to handle me...

So to be in the spirit of scrapping. Here is a fun little Flower arrangement I made for tomorrow RS birthday party..( Thanks Tracy for the wheatgrass idea)

I have some exciting News!!!

Can you guess can you guess? Do you have a clue what it might be? I am telling you it is very exciting!! Should I share should I wait until later or should I keep it to my self? Do you all really want to know?
OK I guess I could tell you or maybe I should wait... What should I do what should I do?
Well let me think about it and I will get back to you in a minute.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need more time in the day.

I feel like lately I wake up I run around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. I cant believe that with all the running , cleaning , helping with homework, church callings and more that I have time to breath. yesterday jut flew by I could not believe it was bed time . I kept thinking the clocks must be wrong there is no way it's 8:30 already. Yikes... We are gaining so much sunlight that it's not getting dark until later so that plays with my mind thinking I have more time to get things done.

So is anyone elce haveing this problem?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It is all about the boy's...

It is since fair time this year Robbie and Garrett have the pleasure of experimenting.
Robbies project is the bouncing egg. You put an egg in vinegar and one and water and you see the difference between the 2 eggs. The Egg in vinegar should bounce after being in the vinegar for 7 days . We found out today it did not work in our case when we tried to make the egg bounce it burst open. I thought Robbie was going to cry at first thinking his project was ruined. His little mind started to work and he just grinned and said I guess I proved this theory wrong. I was so glad he was OK .
Garrett's since fair project is Print those fingers. He wanted to know if our fingerprints are the same on both hands. He thought our finger prints would be different. After printing his fingers and looking at them thru a magnifying glass he found out that they are the same on both hand. He also found out that our finger prints are formed at 5 months gestation and never change.

Now it's Ben's turn Our sweet Ben was nowhere to be found Saturday afternoon. I started to panic after we had looked all over the house and all over the neighborhood. I was at the point that I was going to freak out. I don't know why I decided to look in the laundry room but I did and this is how he was found.

Last but not least My biggest boy has started a Blog Inn The Wilderness. Go check it out. It might be fun.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lucky 8

Allright the results are in coment 8 is the winner of the bracelet.
I havent peeked yet to see who that may be. Email me your name and address and I will send out your prize..
Thanks for all the coments!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I climbed a mountain

But I forgot my camera ... No joke I climbed Lazy mountain may I say kudos to Myself and my friend Katy it was out of season and in the ice and snow. Lets just say us 2 girls Rock!!!

This is a fall view of the Bad boy we climbed.. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about Katy and My self... I was proud that I did not quit half way up and that I am not stiff and sore today. I guess I am in better shape than I thought. The proudest part I do have to say is that Katy said she would actually hike with me again. That just made me fill so good because Katy is a avid hiker that's all she does all summer long . SHE TRULLY AMAZES ME!!! So here is a link that you can go to that tells you a little bit about the Lazy mountain..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Diva apron ever!!!!

Let me first start off by saying thank you thank you Thank you Mrs. Linda!!!!
I am so in love with the Apron she made me from the swap I was in on a feathered nest
I just love it so much!! I think it is the best one from the swap;)
So here are some pix of my beautiful new Diva Apron..

Is it not the best!!! Linda you did The best job ever figuring out my style... I love love love this"Diva Apron" Thanks again.

Does this not make everyone want to join my swap Now it's not too late.. I have 13 girls singed up already...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

***Give away****

I think it is time for another give away I haven't done one in a while.

So here is the prize.

All you have to do is tell me how Fabulous I am!!! Easy enough right.(Just kidding

Just leave me a post telling me what you like about my blog and maybe how I might improve my blog?

I will pick a winner on Monday..

Someone Can some one help me ? It will be worth you time..

I need some one to explain to me as if you were talking to a child how to put links in to my post.

Like if i wanted to put a link shop at Target and then all you would have to do is click on the word Target.

First one to give me instructions that I can understand will get this wonderful prize for there time.

Remember and I am not kidding you have to explain it to me like I am a child also I don't know if this makes a difference or not but I am not sure if I have a classic template or not .

Easter bonnets....

I was thinking this year for Easter I should make me and my girls Easter bonnets. I remember when I was a little girl I always had to have an Easter bonnet and gloves. I remember felling so special and proud wearing my Easter dress with my easter bonnet.
I think wearing Easter bonnets are a lost art.
I googled Easter bonnets and here are some of the bonnets I found.

Do you think I could get one of my girls to wear this one ? It looks heavy but I could see Shelly in this one.

I love this one I could totally see me wearing this with all the feathers and bling...

I guess I will have to see what I can come up with. I still have to make some skirts for the older girls and me.. I already bought Madie 2 new Easter dress. I also need to get the boys new ties. I just love Easter...

So do you all get all dressed up for Easter? tell me some of your Easter traditions.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday My big hunk of a Man!!

(This pick was a few years ago before we left Travis I was able to pull off a surprise party for him It was so much fun..)
Today is my sweethearts birthday. I just want to let him know that I love him so so much and that he just gets more and more handsome with age.

We will have a birthday party for him tonight. The kids are working on a few surprises for him (can't wait to see what they make) I just love Birthdays..

**** Apron Swap girls***

Please send me emails and adress for those of you that have not already done so.
For those of you who want to join you still have time I will close the swap on the 13th and have swap info to you by the 15th ... My email is ( jenny8kids(at)hotmail(dot)com

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am being sneaky mom..

Just thought I would post a few pix of yesterday's joy of getting ready for church.. When we were getting ready for church I found Ben Like this hiding behind the ottoman. I said what are you doing he then said Mom I am being sneaky. When I asked Madeline if she was ready Church she said yep I sure am . When I went in to the living room this is her lovely church getup she was wearing. I think she has a flair for fashion like her mother. What do you think?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sopping spree...

Yesterday I went in to town and had a little bit of a shopping spree.
I walked in to Jc Penny's and every thing was on sale. I bought Mylissa 6 of the cutest hoodies and 8 shirts .. Total price $ 40 dollars. Total saving $310. Yes that is what me receipt said. I thought how can that be? I then looked at the original price of the hoodies and was shocked 48-58 dollars. Who the heck could buy them at that price. Not me that's foe sure...
( All the cute jeans I got I 'llhave to take pix of every thing elce later.........)

I then went to the Bx hoping to find some deals ( I was really in need of some new jeans only have 4 pairs Ya I know poor baby) So I went in and every thing was on sale . So I dug in and found some great deals. I bought 4 pairs of jeans 1 pair of slacks , 2 really cute shirts 1 sweater and a nice blazer. Now don't fall off your seats my Total cost $60. dollars. Heck some times you cant get one pair of jeans for that much.. I was a happy girl.. Now i just need to find some more cute shirts and a few new pairs of shoes and I will be set until Fall.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sweet little baby hands..

I have had the joy of having a baby this week. A little girl named Tressa. She is has brought pure joy all week long. I think my kids and even my husband miss having a baby around. Everyone has just been gooing all over her all week long. I was worried Ben would be jealous but he hasn't been at all He keeps saying can we keep her momma I love her.. When I told him No we don't get to keep her, he then said something that almost broke my heart in two "Oh we don't get to keep babies at our house They always go away". He then said Is Baby William real or just a dream.. i said He is real he just is not on earth anymore We just get to fell his spirit around us. He then just pouted and said that's not fair I want a real baby we can keep not a spirit baby. How do you respond to that one. I looked at Ben and said your right it's not fair we did not get keep William for long..

Liefs learning experiences some times they are tough. I always use to say if you learn from them then they were well worth the experience. Now I disagree . I don't know what to think other than if you survive losing a Child it's your responsibility to help others do the same.. I know the Lord loves me and that he doesn't give us more than we can Handel .. But Man life would sometimes be easier with out the grief of losing William..

Once again my post took a different turn than I meant it too. All I wanted to write about was the joy of having a sweet baby in our home this week. I have had so much fun making her some bling and just playing with her. (You all Know I had to make her bling after all cant have a baby girl with out Bling..)

So Who is going to join us ?

It looks like it is a go I have 4 gals plus me who want to swap Aprons.. Do I have any more takers?? Come on I know you all want to join us.. You will be missing out on the fun if you don't.. I will leave this swapp open untill March 13th then I will close the swapp and give everyone there partners name and Adress. So thoese of you who have singhed up Please E-mail me your adress @ jenny8kid at hotmail-dot-com. If you have any qustions email me..

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Apron swap

I am in this fun apron swap On the feathered nest( I really need to take the time to figure out how to put the links in to my post) The swap started in february and is in the process of ending right now. I am not sure how many of us there is maybe about 20 or so. We each randomly were even a name to who we were to make an apron. I was given a sweet Gal named Jill and here is the apron I made her.

Well I thought it would be cool if I started my own apron swap. Anybody could join even if you don't sew. So if you or anybody else that you know are interested let me knowVia my blog if you have my email email me. If I get enough responds I will go ahead and set the whole thing up.
If you have always wanted to do something like this but are to shy brake the cycle now and jump and join the fun..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Red shoes

I think every girl needs a pair of red shoes.. Believe it or not I don't have a pair. Well I kinda have a pair but there very summery and the are red and white gingham. So I have been online trying to find the perfect red pair. I think I might have found them. I also fell in love with these bad boys. I love the black edging and bow with the silver. The shoe would look Fabulous with a dress or jeans.

I really hate that I am not going to the real world this spring to go shopping. I miss going to Ross and all the outlet stores.. Shopping on line is not nearly as fun as shopping in a real store. I better go brake out my scrap supplies and create so I don't get depressed. Scrapping always makes me happy.

So since I am not going shopping in the real world can everyone help me out and tell me what your favorite on line store to shop at is?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring cleaning..

It's that time of year again when we get all our cleaning supplies for the big clean.
I know this sounds strange but I actually like to spring clean it make me feel good to clean out all the closets and to organise the kids room. I love getting rid of all the old stuff we have grown out of or just don't need anymore.. It just makes life better after it's done. Some of my favorite cleaning supplies to use are scrubbing bubbles and Lysol products they just make the house smell clean and fresh.
So I have a question for all my blogging friends? What cleaning products do you like to use and Do you have any good cleaning tips.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I cant even began to tell you how fast my heart started beating when I saw the Target Sign up in our neighboring town. I have known for a year that we are getting one . I have seen the building go up I saw the banner that said Target coming soon. Yet to see the Sign the actual Target Singh I almost wanted to cry. I felt Getty I felt like there was a light at the end of my not being able to shop in a good store tunnel. In one word it felt Fabolous!!!

Now I just have to wait for it to open I think I might have a heart attack out of sheer happiness.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Fashion class .....

Well what can I say.... Was it a success. Maybe maybe not .. All I can tell you is that it sure felt like I was at comedy night. I was laughing so much that I had to cross my legs so I would not wet my pants.

I learned that another word for accessories or Jewelry Is CRAP. I was explaining how to wear jewelry and our reliefsociety president said " How do you wear all that crap" I am sure I had quite the look on my face . I looked at her as she was turning a Million shades of red as she realised what she had said. I then said Well let me tell you how to wear this Crap.

I am not sure anyone learned a Dang thing other than jewelry is called Crap. And I am perfectly OK with that because everyone had so much time and that was the best part to me.
This will make you laugh a lot of women came up to me today at church to show me that they were wearing some of there loveliest Crap.

Some days living here in Alaska I fell like I am Eva Gabor. Playing her famous role on green Acres.. She always wore a lot of Gorgeous Crap..

Arrow of light...

I just want to Bragg about my son Dale or Robbie (He goes by both).
Last October he made all the requirements to get his arrow of light. On wednesday he finally received it. It was kinda a surprise we thought it had been cancelled until the end of March. So when we went to Scouts for Garrett we did not make Robbie wear his scout shirt and so when the announced Robbie was getting this huge big award he was in civilian clothes.

We Are so proud of Robbie all of you who are in the scouting world Know what a big deal the arrow of light is.

We love you Robbie boy!!!!