Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids you gotta love them..

I was painting and standing on a latter and when
I looked up over at the light fixture over the stairs
This is what I saw..
If you cant tell it's a sock..
My question is how the heck did they get it up there and why?
So where is the strangest place you have found your kids socks?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The mystery of the missing swing set..

As I was backing out the driveway to go to church this morning I saw something very peculiar in my yard..
Or I should say the lack of something..
The corner of our yard where the swing set belongs was empty.
As i stared at the empty spot I became confused.
I looked at the kids and said "does any one know where the swing set is"?
They all started laughing I said did you all move it.
Shelly with her duh don't be dumb attitude said" yep mom we moved the swing set".
I said look for your self it's missing.
She took a look and stated the obvious" the swing set is missing".
The rest of the kids looked baffled and said who would steal a swing set.
Time was ticking away and we were going to be late for church .
So I left the solving of the missing swing set until we got home.
While at church I told a few friends they all laughed and were as baffled as I was.
One even said maybe when you get home there will be a new swing set.
When we got home the swing set was still missing, so I called my neighbors to see if they heard any thing.
When I told Val she just laughed and thought I was joking.
She said "your kidding right", I said "No the swing set is missing".
She went outside to see for her self and stated the obvious
"Jenn your swing set is missing."
I said I know didn't I just say that.
I then joined her out side.
She said "who the heck would take your swing set"
I said "I have no clue".
I told her about the noise I heard around midnight in the my side yard.
I said it sounded like somebody dragging there trash to the curb.
I told her that
Shelly and I went and checked it out to make sure no animal had gotten in the Rabbits cage.
We did not notice that any thing was wrong but took the Rabbits in anyways.
We then decided to look on that side of the house for drag marks but did not see any.
We even had the little kids look in the forest.
We still did not find it so at that point we thought maybe we should report the missing swing set to the authorities.
I was giggling and said "what should I say".
How the heck do you report a missing swing set taken in in broad night light ?LOL
(rember the sun stays up most of the night)
Just then Mylissa said I found it." I think".
She was on our back deck and thought she saw it poking out of the forest.
We then hiked into the forest and sure enough it was laying there.
We all looked at each other confused as to how it got there.
There where no drag marks, the forest did not look like it was disturbed at all.
It was quite puzzling to think how it ended up in the forest.
We then started looking around on the ground and saw
all these tuffs of hair on the ground starting from where the swing set was,
ending at the edge of the forest.
We then put 2 and 2 together and relised what had happened.
A Moose had dragged the swing set into the forest.
Mystery solved.
As I have said  befor only in Alaska.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Nevil and Norma

Yesterday Shelly bought her BFF rabbits for his birthday.
Norma, is very loveing.
She loves to eat and play with the kids
She especially loves Garrett.
Where ever he goes she follows.
Nevil on the other hand likes to be left alone..
My kids are begging me to let them keep one or get them
one of there own.
I keep telling them that if we kept them there Daddy would butcher them .
I know that sounds harsh, but thats what he did growing up on there ranch he was in charge of butchering the rabbits.
I don't think he likes rabbits much because of his butchering duties.
I think it would be hard to be attached to something you were going to kill.
So anyways while he is gone and Shelly's friend his getting things ready for Nevil and Norma to go home with him.
We will keep them and love them for now.
I do think if Dale was here he would fall in love with them too.
He just pretends to be hard and tough but you should have seen him with our chihuahua Ricky that we had 10 years ago.
He treated him like a baby..
It was so cute and sweet to watch..
Maybe I should get a new chihuahua befor he gets home.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Very sad:(

My heart sunk when I heard the news That Michael Jackson passed away to day..
I loved him in the Jason five and I loved watching him in the Wiz when I was 8
I lived in Germany and it was on the TV with German subtitles.
I loved the music and I feel in love with Micheal right then he was the bomb..
I rember being 10 years old and going to the BX in Hawaii with my sister Crystal to buy the thriller sound track.
I rember how cool we thought we were dancing around the house singing Thriller and Billi jean..
We loved that album..
I rember seeing the Thriller video for the first time with my friend Vicki and being scared to death and trilled
at the same time.
He will be missed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My teeth hurt...

I had the first of many dental procedures today..
My left side is totally numb.
When I try and smile only my right side lifts.
I hate going to the dentist..
Just kidding DR.. Coyne..
You are the best..
I guess I will go and sew a cute purse and make my self feel better.
I went shopping and that helped a little I got 4 really cute shirts for under 20.
I also got a fabulous skirt..
Then I bummed into a good friend from Calli it was so much fun to catch up and see her again.
See you just never know what you are going to find at Target..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Easy yummy cookie brownies..

These are to die for yummy!!
It's so easy peasy to make..
Want to know how?
First get chocolate chip cookie mix and brownie mix.
Mix up the brownie mix according to package instructions.
Then poor it in a 9X13 pan.
Then make the cookie mix according to the package.
Then drop in little globs on top of the unbaked brownie mix.
Then bake at 350 for 45 mins.
Then let cool for about an hour.
After cookie brownies are cooled make a ganache.
by scalding 3/4 of a cup of cream and 6tbs of butter
then add the scalded cream a butter to a bowl of 12 ounce's of milk chocolate chips.
Let cool then poor over the brownie cookies.
After you pour the ganache over the cookie brownies.
Then place in the fridge for a few hours until the ganache sets.
Then cut and enjoy
Robbie thinks they are just divine..
I also tried it with peanut butter cookies and the where just as good I did not like it as well
with the ganache so next time I will just frost the peanut butter ones with chocolate frosting..
If you try it let me know..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers in my life!!

I want to let my hubby Know just how much I love him!
He is such a good father to our children and I am so greatfull for all the sacrifices he makes for us..
I love you with all my heart and cant wait untill you are home again..

The kids miss you a ton too. Her is a little vidio of Ben.
I caught him singing this this morning.
I thought it was so super cute.
The best father in the world
my hubby.
To My Daddy
Who I love and adore, and who taught me to that it's OK to be myself..
he also thought me to love unconditionally..
(I think his mommy thought him that)
you were my first hero
( I love you daddy)
To My wondefull father in-law who raised any amazeing son..
I want to thank him so much for that..
To My grandpa Pete
I love you Grandpa
(He reads my blog)
And of course To myneighbor Al..
He loves my family so much and is always makeing sure we are fed and that my yard is taken care of..
I love you Al
You are truly like a father to me
Happy fathers day..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Grumpy Ben, apron makeing and Brownie cookie experimenting.

As you can tell from this pic Ben is in a grumpy mood..
Every time I ask him to do something he says no!
If he's not saying no he is just Winny.
When I asked him to model an apron for me he stuck his tongue out at me and ran away.
So I said fine if you are going to be grumpy you can just stay in your room.
He then smiled and said ok..
He stayed in there for an hour and said I am happy now can I come out..
Let's see how long his happiness is going to last.
I have been busy apron makeing aprons for the last couple days. I am an apron angel for a gal and her 2 kiddos they where in a swap and nobody sent them any thing when I heard about that my heart just sunk so I decided to make them for those sweet kiddos..
I will send them off Monday to there happy home..
So today I am going to make experiment and add cookie dough to my brownie mix..
I will tell you in my next post exactly how I am doing it and post the recipe and the results but I am pretty sure it will be yummy.
I guess I better go pack the boys for there camping adventure this weekend.
So it will be just me the girls and Ben..
I think we will pig out and watch chick flicks tonight..
So what are you all up to this weekend??


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The littlest dragon is sleeping


Monday, June 15, 2009

I am the most beautiful girl ever..

Yesterday Madeline was playing princess Jasmine and her friendly elephant.
she was riding on her magic carpet and talking to her captive audience, when she announced.
I am the most beautiful girl ever.
I even got it on video but it would not load..
It was just so funny because Ben just sat there the whole time nodding his head.
They then danced and pranced around our forest..
It was super cute!!
They then started screaming where is Aladdin..
Hoping one of the boys would play along..
But as Garret said We are way to cool for that..
I just love the innocence of youth..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colony day parade

This weekend we celebrated colony days in our little town, colony days is when we celebrate the colonist coming to Palmer and settling here..
Garret, Robbie Ben and Madie marched in the parade along with there friends and teachers from church.
Here our our missionary's marching together almost in perfect time with each other.I was standing at the end of the parade route and when Ben saw me he squealed mom mom why did you leave me.. I said I wanted to watch all the other floats.. He said well that was mean to make march with all the other people.. I just wanted to be with you!!
I think he had a good time anyways..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The girl can fish..

As some of you know my oldest daughter Kadie spends the summer working at a fishing resort in Ketchikan.
Well naturally or not She spends her free time fishing. After all she is at one of the best fishing resorts in the world..Why not take advantage of the situation.
The other day she went out with some of the guys she works with, they hadn't had much luck getting anything worth keeping, then Kadie got a bite and she started hauling in her catch. The boys were calling her a sissy because she was struggling with the fish but once she got that sucker on the boat they changed there toon. when the relised she had out fished them all by pulling in the biggest Halibut.

It was just a mere 44lbs  and nearly as big as her..
She also caught a ling cod weighing 38 lbs...
I am not a fisher women but I do have to say I am pretty impressed with my daughters catch..
I know my Grandpa Cole is smiling down on her from heaven saying with pride thats my great grand daughter! Then in his next breath he would be telling someone the story of when I was 12 and went fishing with him and I almost stepped on a rattle snake, I had never seen my skinny old grandpa move so fast. he must have throne down his pole aimed the pistol as to not shoot me and shot it right befor it could strike my leg and bite me.
He loved telling that story..
Yet he would never share just how scared he was when he heard that snake and realised I was about to step on it..
I think he was a little scared to tell my Mom and Dad what had happened when we got home..
I rember him saying Bonnie(my mom) would never forgive me if I let something happened to you.
I am so glad he was watching over his silly prissy city  girl granddaughter.
So i know he cant help but be proud of his great granddaughter who loves to hunt and fish..