Monday, December 31, 2007

Messages from William

Yesterday was 2 years ago that William became an Angel.... I kinda forgot that it was his angel day. Dale and I were coming home from a little weekend get away. On our drive home From the train station I was just sitting in the car enjoying the quite of the night when out of know where memories of William came rushing to me. It was almost an out of body experience. I kept remembering conversations I had in the wee hours of the morning when our house was quite and it was just William and I alone. It was almost as if I had stepped back into time.
I cant believe I did not put tow and two together last night to realize that it was Williams Angel day. He new and I know that he misses us too. I know he does not miss us and feel the earthly human pain that we feel but I know that he misses us and loves and cares deeply about us.
I always know when I have such intense feelings about William it's because he is around Me and that he is thinking of me... I love knowing that his spirit is never far from me and that he is still apart of my life. I love knowing that life does not end with death and that I will be with my loved ones that have passed before me again.

I just want to let my sweet friend Beth to know that I love her and that I am thinking of her and sweet Marie her little sister. It still amazes me that William left this earth 17 years apart from the day that Marie left. You know I know they are together and that we Share an even more special bond because of there relationship..

I hope everyone is has a safe and Happy New year...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas and the Flu

Christmas was wonderful this year despite the fact that Madie and I had a bad case of the flu. Since I am the primary picture taker and I was totally out of it I did not get the greatest pix..
I am going to have to take post Christmas pix of our gifts this year just so I can have some descent scrap book pages. I hope evryone had a merry Christmas...

My Kids being hams. I don't think we ever get a shot with everyone just smiling.

Here is our Christmas eve Jammie pix... I cant believe I even manged a smile I felt so bad...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all.

I just had to post this pic . You got to love Garrett's expression. Such a typical reaction from a board 9 Year old boy!!!

I Hope very one is haveing a merry Christmas this Christmas eve. Love and Kisses to all ...

Friday, December 21, 2007

And do you recall the most sweetest Reindeer of all.

Madeline had her school play yesterday. She was a reindeer and may I say she was so dang cute. It was so fun watching a bunch of 1st graders sing and act..
It brought me back to when I was a little girl.. I used to love to be in the school plays especially the Christmas plays. To me that's part of the magic of Christmas..

I just thought I would trough in this pic of our sunset the other day. I have so many pix of just the sky's here in Alaska. The sky is just so dang pretty here. I have never lived any ware were the sky changes so much .

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Re Parking Ticket..

Ok so I totally did not mean to leave you all hanging. I was in a rush when I wrote the post.
Well after we told them we lived in Alaska they said well are you sure the car is there My DH said Hummm let me go check the garage up yes I am sure my car is still here. Then they asked us to make sure the plates were on the car Yep they were on the car and it's the right plate number. They then wanted us to send a copy of Dales car registration and a letter explaining why we should not be responsible for the ticket. Then they will review the case.
The thing that cracks us up who ever issued the ticket did not make sure it was to the right car. We are pretty positive that it didn't just happen to be another 1962 Ford Galexy. It is a rare car and not many left in running condition. We think that they just checked the plate and saw that it belonged to a Ford car. When the person my DH was talking to was looking up the ticket the first thing she said is your car a Ford? Dale said yes but there is tons of Fords was there any other deception she said yes it was a black 4 door. Dales Car is a white 2 door.

The whole thing is just funny to me... It wont be so funny if we are stuck with the ticket. Plus it makes me just a little nervous that they had our plate # I am Hoping it was a typo . Or is there a standard plate out there with the same # and the person just forgot to enter that it was an antique plate.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Parking Ticket...

Yesterday I opened the mail and there was a letter saying that if we did not pay the $100. Parking fine they would send us to collections. I thought when did we get a parking ticket. I looked at the letter again and noticed that it was a parking ticket from ST. Louis MO. I looked at the date the ticket was issued 4-20-07. I then saw that it was Kansas plates The only car we have with KS plates is the Galaxy witch never leaves are Garage.. So I checked the plate numbers and they matched. So we called today They said is your car a Ford and Dale said Yes then they said is your car a black 4 door Dale said No it's a white 2 door and it's been in are Garage in Alaska since June 2006. LOL

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Elves have moved into our house

Some time during the day yesterday while nobody was home elves moved in . You might ask how we know this. A little door appeared right next to our front door all decorated for Christmas. It could be the Little's but we are pretty sure they are Elves.. Madeline is pretty sure they will leave some treats around the house. So she made sure her room was clean just in case..

Monday, December 17, 2007

A few things to share..

WoW can you believe how fast December is going by.. I have a lot of little things to share..

Last Thursday I went to an ornament exchange This is what I made. They are called crackers I thought they turned out cute...

Then on Saturday I went to my Friend Tracy's craft exchange ... Let me just say it was a blast!!!! Good friends good food good crafts... O k great crafts...

This is the craft I brought ... I altered this great little tin and inside I put 3 of my bracelets that I made...

This is just one of the bracelets . ( I hope you like them Rebbecca.)

You may be wondering what I got at the craft exchange... My good friend Sandy made these wonderful vinyl Letters and phrases to put up on my wall. I was so excited.. Here is the first word I put up on my wall. I love it!!! Thank you Laura..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet William..

I can hardly believe that today 2 years ago I gave birth too a sweetest baby boy. Time goes by too fast.

Today my gift to William is to celebrate his birth. I am not going to be sad I am going to take this day and reflect on all the happiness he brought us..

I love you William and miss you treblely Happy Birthday Sweet Angel Boy...

My Big sister Crystal & William

Kim He has his Wings and his sword...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rocking around the Christmas Tree.

Last night we had the best time just hanging out in the living room Reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas songs. My kids were so funny to watch exspeshaly my boys they were incredibly dramatic.

The best part was the way my heart filled with the Christmas spirit it was just so yummy and Magic.

My question of the day is what is your favorite Christmas story and song?

My favorite Christmas story has to be the little match girl.. I cry every time it is Read . I have loved that story since the first time I heard it in 2nd grade.

There is so many Christmas songs I love one of my faves is O holly night.

Then I just Love Love Love Santa baby.

So lets here yours girls...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love you forever

I will love you forever i will like you for always as long as I am living my baby you will Be.

This is part of my children's favorite bed time story. I have been reading this story for almost 17 years. We just love this book. If you have never read it I highly suggest that you do. It would make a good Christmas gift.

I was reading this book last night and just fell apart when it read about the little boy being 2 and all the little naughty things he did and how it drove his mom crazy. I would give up almost any thing to see William as a 2 year old. Reading this book last night was just the beginning of a night filled with heart ache. I can hardly believe that William will be 2 on Friday. The saddest part is that it means it has almost been 2 years sense I have held him last. My arms had that awful physical ache of longing to hold him again last night. I just miss his weight in my arms so dang much. Here I go crying again.

I am going to end this post by saying love your children dearly hold them close to your hearts always and support them even when they are being imposable. Be grateful for who they are and there sweet spirits and what joy they bring into your lives as well as others. Enjoy the good the Bad and the ulgy of being a Mother.

Hugs to all Jennifer

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Nativity

Garrett was the shining star... Doesn't he shine so brightly.

Madeline was a wise man.... I think she was chosen because nobody would wear purple.

Here in our little town of Palmer the 2ND week end in December is Colony Christmas... It is a huge deal here. There is a parade and many other fun things. Our Church participates by displaying hundred and hundreds of Nativities. Sunday my kids were part of the children's live Nativity.

Here is Robbie the tallest wise man He looks very into his role along with some very cute extras. I love that our church dose this because it truly brings the spirit of the season. I think to often we get caught up in the gifts, the baking , What is Santa going to bring us and kinda forget the whole reason of the season. The live nativities and the 12 hundred nativities and all the many people who preform at set up these displays really understand that Christ is the reason for the season!!

So how dose your town celebrate the Christmas Holiday

Go check out TIP Junkie for more keeping Christ in Christmas Ideas.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The spirit of Christmas

Aunt Crystal Or Hannah Momma let Benny open a gift early this year. I love the delight in his eyes when he opened the book.. He said Aunt Crystal loves me and Mada the Best momma..

Anyone who Knows me knows I love seeking out the spirit of Christmas. I don't care if I get any worldly gifts I just want that wonderful magical feeling you get when you see the joy that others get when they receive service a gift or when you simply smile and say Hi... That is what I love ...

I remember a few years ago Christmas had lost its magic for me I hated that feeling it made me so sad. I promised my self I would never let that happen again. The fallowing year the magic was back I cant even pinpoint what had changed to make it so much better but the magic was back.. It was a high that lasted all year. I remember thinking I hope that Christmas this next year is just as good or better. Then we found out late April that I was expecting a new baby and he would be due on Christmas. I remember thinking Oh Christmas was going to be so amazing this year.. I never would have guessed how true those words were going to be.. Our sweet William was born 11 days before Christmas William was our Christmas miracle. My sweet little boy that the medical world labeled as defective. To our family and friends we new he was perfect so perfect that the Lord would soon want him back... William lived until 5 days after Christmas in those 17 short days on Earth he taught us so much he is still teaching me.. I am so grateful for that Christmas with William and every Christmas I get to spend with my husband and Children..

You would think that having such a loss during the Christmas season might have dampened my Christmas spirit but it hasn't if anything it has enhanced it.. It makes me want to try harder to invite the Christmas spirit in to my life.. I try harder to spread the Christmas Cheer and to serve others during this Christmas season..

It is amazing how you can sit down at have a topic in mind and once you start typing your fingers take over and you come up with a whole different thing. My intent was not to share about our Christmas with William it was just simply to ask the Question
How do you bring the Christmas spirit in to your Christmas Holiday...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hair Dilemmas..

I like it ... But I am not sure... Part of me wants to flip it out and go blond again

So what do you think looks better... The way it is now or Blond and flipped..
I want an honest opinion... So dont worry about hurting my feeling cuz you won't

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Madeline brought a paper home from school the other day asking if we had any Christmas traditions and what they were. I thought do we have any then I remember a few We always open one gift on Christmas eve and they are jammas On Christmas eve we have orderves for dinner we go elfing can't tell you exactly what that means because it is a family secret. We read one Christmas story a night until Christmas morning then we read the true Christmas story from the Bible . I am sure we have more I just can't think of them right now..

So what are you family traditions?? I would love to here all about them..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hurricane Winds..

I would rather have 10 feet of snow than all this wind .. Holly cow I think my house is going to come tumbling down.. The trees in the yard are already trying too. Yesterday I was sitting the living room and I heard this big boom and thought what the heck then one of my children said come look at this branch that fell out of the tree. Our trampoline is wedged in the forest and our swing set is totalled. I just wish the winds would stop and that the snow would start... The snow is much prettier than the winds damage...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rocking the Christmas party...

Last night we went to Dales Group Christmas party. Let me just say we had a Rocking Awesome Fabulous time... There was good food good company and Amazing prizes . We Danced we sang we played games all night long... Dale was in quite a parting mood.. So was I...

When you came into the party they had you place your name in a basket to play the games for prizes... So w e sat around hopeing someone at our table would get called to play finely One of the girls at our table was called to play this dancing game well she need a partner so she chose Dale they had to dance around this news paper and when the music stopped they had to both be standing on the paper then if the both made it on the paper the y would fold the paper and make it smaller. It came down to the final 2 couples Dale and his partner and another couple the music stopped and Dale and his partner were on there paper and the other couple failed to get on there paper so Dale and his partner won !! They won a $1oo. doll er Visa card... we were so happy.. So the night continued and Dales Name was called to play the last game of the night . They played Twas the night before Christmas scavenger hunt.. The object of the game was to get things from the People in the crowd that was said in the story then run back to your seat before everyone else.. Every time some one got up they would take a seat a way and who ever was left standing lost... There was 10 people playing the game .. It came down to 2 people Dale and another person and the last thing they were told to get was a Santa hat.. There was only one hat in the whole room Dale spotted it clear across the room ran as fastas he could gottet from the nice person and won the game.. We were so so excited!!!!! Then they told him he had won the Grand prize An amazing train trip ride to Fairbanks to see the northern lights.. So we ride up on the train they put us up in a hotel room and then fly us back to Anchorage the next day all expenses paid... If that was not enough they gave us $300 hundred dollars spending money.. We were so shocked and great full.

What an amazing way to start the Holiday season off...