Sunday, August 31, 2008

Have you ever seen an Elephant fly?

Me neither.. But Last night I spotted an Elephant driveing a tractor. Good thing I got a pic or nobody would have ever belived me......

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Date but I ended up being poisoned.

Last night Dale and I had a great date. We drove in to anchorage and went to the Temple for a few hours and then ended up at Joannes super store. Dale is so sweet to bring me there on our date nights. We then Drove over to Red Robins and ate there famous yummy hamburgers. We came back into town and went to Fred Meyers to look at there yummy desserts. That when it happened. I started to fill a little sick. My tummy was getting a little rumble and my head started hurting. I thought nothing of it on our drive back to our house I started to feel a little worse. We came home and laid down . I told Dale that I was not feeling to well so disappointingly he turned on the TV as we laid there I started to feel worse. I guess I fell asleep for a while and then my tummy started rumbling and Dale asked me if I wanted Tums Pepito or any thing I said no I will be fine. Then boom I new I was going to be sick. I ran to the bath room and lost my dinner. Dale was so sweet he was stroking my hair and brought me water to rinse my mouth out. I then went back to bed were I fell into a fitful sleep. I was lucky that I did not get any sicker. I just woke up week and with a very bad Headache and very Dehydrated. YUck.

We are pretty sure it was the hamburger I ate we are just grateful I only ate half of it..

I had so many things planed today that have to be put on hold until Monday and that sucks cuz I really wanted to re-paint my hallway today so I can start putting up my fall decorations. Maybe later on i will fill better.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lets talk Politics, Aprons and Ben's new word..

Wow what a loaded Title. First lets talk politics. I was a little blown away when I turned on the computer this morning and Saw who John Mccain's running mate for VP was. Non other than our Governor Sarah Pailin. I was a little surprised. I guess I have not been paying much attention to politics lately OK that would be a lie because I am called daily by both the republican and democrat representatives for our area . I have had some very good conversations and have been invited to many picnics. To support both the Republican and democratic candidates for Senator. I am not sure how either party got my Phone #. Yet I am glad they did It has made me more aware of who I want in the senate and I have been paying more attention to the measures and propositions that are on the table this year. I guess I really did not watch the news last night. Or maybe it was not announced until this morning that Sarah was running. Never the less this election year is sure to be historical.

On to more fun things Aprons Oh I love aprons and yesterday got a fun one in the mail from miss Susan We were in the Sassy apron swap together. I just love all the fun fall colors she used and the sunflower she appliqued. She also made a fun pot holder but I forgot to take a pic. I love the pattern she used as well It's the same one i used to make a few aprons earlier this week. (I will show them next week when I am sure they are at there home) I am also making the most lovely Halloween (not Helloween told you all I cant spell) apron for a swap that I am in. I love it so much I am going to have to make one for my self.

Now ON to Ben!! Last night I could not stop laughing . Garret told a joke I don't even know what it was but it had to do with the planet Uranus Well upon hearing the joke Ben fell in love with the word Uranus and he just kept saying it singing it screaming it. Garret would fall on the floor laughing every time Ben would say Uranus so of course Ben would say it more. Me I kept trying to explain to Madeline that Uranus was a planet and she kept saying well whats so funny about that . I just smiled and said I don't know. Of course Garrett had to chime in and say well it sounds like another word. I just looked at him and said thats enough. After hearing Ben say Uranus for the 1 millionth time I said thats enough Ben lets stop saying Uranus. Shelly said to Ben do you want to know a new fun word he said Ya so she taught him Superstitious. Not sure why but he liked it and started sing a about superstitious. It was much better than hearing him sing about Uranus.

Kids you got to love them!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jennifer Needs......

I took this from my friends Shania's Blog All you do is go to Google and Type in the word {Jennifer Needs} It is Hilarious what comes up here are my 5 favorites..

1. Jennifer needs: to be in a metal facility ( How did they know?)

2. Jennifer needs: A smack daddy ( still not sure what that means but is was # 2 and 3 LOL)

3. Jennifer needs: Mortician (Akke am I dead and nobody told me or do I look like the walking dead)

4. Jennifer needs: to give birth next week. ( Wow wasent even aware I was pregnant)

5. Jennifer Needs :to shave ( done I did it last night)

You all should give it a try if you do let me know I would love to see your responses.

So I will leave you all today with a fun little LO I did. I just love this pic of my oldest and my youngest. It is so sweet to see them like this. They love each other so much.There will be more to come I have been buying so much fun papers and embellishments lately I have some fun projects in the works.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am a Lucky girl!!!

I have been such a Lucky girl the last few days. I was in a apron swap over at blooming aprons it was Halloween themed. My partner Glenna made me this spooktacular apron. I love it so much it's just flirty and fun!! I am in another Halloween Swap at the blooming apron and I can Hardly wait to see what Missy is creating for me it is sure to be amazing, she makes the most beautiful smocked dresses. She has quite the sewing talent.

I then received this great little number from Jody I was in a summer swap that Kayla hosted over at the princess in disguise. Jody said she made it from an old apron her neighbor had. I was trilled to get it because my grandmother had an apron made out of this same pattern and I have fond memories of her wearing it. I should have taken a pic of the back it slips on and buttons on the sides. It is super cool and I think I will try to make an apron like it.

Yesterday I got this great package from Miss Val It was all beach teamed .(Don't you all think she knows me well You gotta love the cute animal print bag) She was very thoughtful and sent me some sand from the beaches of Florida that I can put my toes in . She also sent this Fabulous apronwith bathing beauties it will be wonderful to wear in the long winter months to come. I fell so blessed to get so many wonderful aprons for all these wonderful women around the country.

I have been a busy bee making my own aprons to send out on swaps. I will be shoeing pix of the beauty's I have been creating in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can you guess what we did at the state fair?

We ate and we ate andwe ate tons of yummy junk food.. Thats one of our favorite things to do...

Of course Madeline had to get her face painted. We tried to get Ben to do the same but he would not.

We went and saw the big heavy construction equipment Ben tought that was the coolest.

You cant go to the state fair without seeing the Animals... and riding a few rides.Last but not least the National guard had some cool exhibits .This fine Choper made by the Orange county Choppers. It was super cool The Guardsmen taking the pic said just look at your husband and boys drooling over it. Yep they were even Ben..

So that concludes our day at the state fair.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Winners and a super cute pic

The Winners are......Miss Laura for the tote bag and Miss Beth for the apron and we have a surprise third Winner Miss J'ana just because she is practictly family and I forgot to put her name in the bucket.. LOL So Email me with your addys @ and I will send you off your goodies.

Dale last night was in a goofy mood and was taking pix with the suckers we got at the State fair from Target You should check out his Blog and see his post about The suckers it's so funny .. This is one of the pix we took last night I thought it was super cute !! I think it's going to be one of my favorites.

Before I end this post I want to thank all my blog readers again I love reading your comments and they really make me happy so keep them coming. I hope you all have a Fabulous day !!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Target is coming to Town

Since I have moved here 2 years ago I have heard Targets coming Targets coming. Then Last Fall they started construction on the 2 new Targets that we are getting one being 15 mins away. When ever Dale and I go into our neighboring town we stop by the now finished Target and just stare at it's beauty just waiting for it to open . It's painted the shelves are in the lights are on all it needs now is all it's lovely merchandise.

Yesterday we went to the State fair and it just happened to be Target day.Target Reps were there handing out amazing stuff and the Target Dog Bulls eye was there to take pictures with. Target also sponsored the fireworks show last night that was super cool they handed out these 3-D glasses and when you watched the firer works threw them there were little bulls eyes around the Fire works it was so cool.

I will post more pix tomorrow about the Fair and I will announce the winner of my Blogaversary.. So if you have not commented yet you better do so.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here it is my friends my 1 year anniversary!!

As I have been saying for the last couple of days Today is my Official 1 year Blogiversary and to celebrate I am giving away 2 fun prizes . 1st is of course an apron made by me an original designs. It's reversible so it will be like having 2 aprons. For all my fabric sewing readers you will recognize the print by Henry Alexander I just love this print.

The 2nd give away is a super cute reversible Tote bag perfect for quick shopping trips. or atrip to the library or you can put any thing you want inside.
All you have to do to get entered into this giveaway is leave me a wonderful fabulous comment.
I will draw a winner on Monday.
I also want to thank all my readers you are the ones who has made this blogging year so fun for me. I really enjoy your comments each day it really cheers me up and makes me happy.
Thanks Girls!!
Edited:: OK yes I am the biggest dork alive!! I can't believe people can even understand my gibberish.. You should have read my title earlier. (Here my Friends my 1 year anniversary)I should give a prize to the person who can count all my spelling and Grammar errors over the last year! LOL But I don't think any of us can count that high.. So thanks again fir reading this Dyslexics Blog...
BTW I really have dyslexia and I am not poking fun at those who have it. For those of you Who know people with Dyslexia you all ready know what a big achievement this bl0g is .

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trying to get back in the groove..

So now that the kids are back in school and I now just have Ben and Now that I am watching Baby M again I am trying to get back in to a routine. Getting all the kids to the 4 different schools homework and all that fun stuff and still try to fit in a work out and crafting is beginning to get a little challenging. Yet I will make it work and find away to sneak some other things in to my daily schedule. I can see when October comes around that I will have to find away to fit a weekly trip to target into my schedule. I can hardly wait for that!!

I have another peek at something that I will be giving away for my Blogiversary. It's very lovely and I really want to keep it but instead I will give it to one of my lucky bloggy friends!!

Stay tuned tomorrow is my 1st every Blogiversary hope everyone is planing on coming Dress code is optional. You can be in you undies if you like. Wont bother me one bit. See ya tomarrow!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 sneaks!!

Sneak #1 Is my son Robbie he has dishes duty and hates it, every time it's his turn it's a battle he only ever dose a half job and so on and so forth. Needless to say it drives me nuts. Well yesterday he out done him self I could not find my medium sauce pan any were I was very puzzled as to where it could be. After looking in almost every cupboard I could think of a thought accrued to me and I thought noway he wouldn't oh yes he would I opened up the cupboard under the sink where I store all the cleaning supplies and there was the saucepan dirty and under the sink. It did make me laugh and realize we still have a long ways too go i getting him to appreciate doing his chores.
Sneak #2 I wanted to show you all a sneak peek at an apron I am making for a swap I am in. I love the fabric I bought I think it is super cool and can hardly wait to get the apron made. I just love the sparkly cat eye fabric with the lime green.
Last but not least Sneak # 3 A little peek atone of the things I will be giving away on my 1 year Blogiversary on thursday. It super cute and I know you all will love it!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day...

Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school!!!

The day has come and I am a little sad.. It was one crazy morning trying to get everyone out the door. Lots of did you rember this don't forget that Garret quit pestering everyone, Ben you get to go to school next year and on and on and on. Now it's just Ben Baby M and Me. I have a ton of sewing to do.. Lot's of fun things in the works ... Mark your calenders for Thursday its my one year Blogaversary and I will be haveing some Sweet Awesome prizes( as Garret would say) That will totally knock your socks off.
So did anyone else's kids start school today?

Friday, August 15, 2008

A New me!!

I Think I got the best of both worlds It's short but with some length in the front. Best of all it's fun and funky and super sexy. I cant wait to see what Dale thinks.

So question to you is how do you all like it??

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not a care in the world

I am in urgent need a pedicure

All my polish is coming off my toe nails and now they look yucky. They no longer pretty and fresh . I guess its time to pick out a pretty polish and treat my self to a little piece of heaven. I Love getting pedicures weather I do them my self or go to the spa and get them done. When my toes are shiny with a new layer of top coat life jut seems right. I always tend to choose reds or browns for my paint choice but I am thinking I should go out of my comfort zone this time.

What color do you think I should choose? Do you all have a favorite color you use? Share share share I am dying to know.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All done!!

I am done with my craft space. It took me almost all day I found tons of missing things, My favorite work out video, missing earrings, a missing necklace, A package I thought I had sent out to Karen 4 months ago, All this scrapbook stuff I had bought and just shoved somewhere and the list goes on!! IT was almost like Christmas all over again.

Now that the room is all clean I am hesitant to start crafting because I don't want to mess it all up!! I don't think thats going to last very long I already hear my fabric calling my name. LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crafting gone wrong!!!

I have been avoiding cleaning this area for a while yet The time has come that I cant stand it anymore. I cant find anything every thing is in the wrong places. My creativity is getting blocked from all this clutter. I guess I better get to work so I can finish up and start some projects I need to get done. may be later this week I will be able to show you an apron or 2 and maybe even some other stuff I have been wanting to make.

My question to you all is are you a neat craftier or a messy craftier?

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Monday!!

I can already tell it's going to be a fabulous Monday. I got my 7:30 wake up call courtesy of Garrett and Maddie fighting about crayons. This is my favorite way to wake up. Thats ok I am glad they did not let me sleep in . Now I can tackle my day bright and early.

I have a tons of sewing I need to get done I hope to get most of it done by Friday. We will see. I get Baby M back on Wednesday. She's one of my children's Teachers baby that I started watching last Year. We love baby M and have missed her over the summer. She is one now and walking so it should be a lot of fun!!.

I have been enjoying the olympics this weekend I love watching them. I am always amazed at the strength and dedication These athleats give to there sport. I am a big fan of Gymnastics and swimming.

So who else is watching the Olympic games? What sport is a must see for you.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carmel apple cider

Starbucks' Caramel Apple Cider is truly the nectar of the gods. I asked a Starbucks' employee the other day how he makes it and this is what he told me for a large size:

Cinnamon syrup- a couple of squirts (sold in the store

Treetop premium apple juice

Whipped cream

Carmel syrup drizzled on top

Blend cinnamon syrup with apple juice.

Top with whipped cream and Carmel syrup.
I actually will mix it in my hot coco maker. If you all don't have one you should get one.
I love this stuff and I am so glad that I now know the correct recipe. I have tried to make it before but something was always missing. (The Cinnamon syrup)
If you all make it let me know how you like it!
So what is your favorite hot drink on a cold day? Share the recipe please..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting back to school

Yesterday and today has been filled with back to school registering. Which is no big deal unless you have to do it times 5. My fingers hurt from singing all the papers. It just seems like its happening too soon. I can't believe that they will be back to school in a week and a half. I am happy and sad. I am not really one of those moms that cant wait for school to start. I actually don't mind having them home with me. I love it in fact there's never a dull moment. Yet I love all the back to school shopping. The school supplies the school clothes and I love that all the stores are putting out there Fall decoration. I love fall colors and the smells of fall I just want to make all these fall crafts and Halloween decorations. I have joined several swaps so I cant wait to get my partners so I can start on there aprons and trick or treat bags and Halloween banners.

So how are all you getting ready for back to school and the fall season.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I learned something new at the grocery store.

Yesterday Dale and I made a trip to our local grocery store and when we were in the produce section we saw a sing saying 4 ears of corn for a 1.00. We love fresh corn on the cob so we proceeded to buy some. We then noticed that there were 3 signs over 3 sections of corn they were all boasting 4 for a $1.00. The first Singh said Yellow corn 4 for a dollar. The second Singh said white corn 4 for a $1.00 and the third sings said Bi colored corn 4 for a Dollar. Me and Dale just looked at each other and smiled who what of thunk Bicolor corn. Seriously I had never heard of it . Curiosity got the best of me so I had to peel the corn husk down to see what bi-colored corn looked like. I did not know what i expected to see . I do have to say I was a little disappointed when I realised all that bi-colored corn is white and yellow corn mixed, wich makes since . I just thout it would be something else. Yes I m a big dork but thats why you all love me..
So seriously am I the only on that never heard of bi-colored corn. I new that white and yellow corn existed together on the same cob I just have never heard it called bi-colored corn before.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hair hair Hair

Why should I care. I keep going back and forth short or long Short or long. This my hair long its cute but to me it looks like mom hair and I hate that. I don't like looking like everyone else. But what do you do while your hair is growing out..

Here it is short . I love that it is fun and sassy and sexy. Akkke I hate making decisions.

So what do you all think short OR long?

Help me out girls..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Vintage yummies.

Saturday I received a great package in the mail from Miss Maudina . We were in the we the people tote bag swap together. She went all out on her package. She made this lovely tote bag fro 1950 bark cloth fabric. It is so fun I love it very much. She also mad this adorable pincushion out of clay and the matching fabric she is uber talented. She also needle pointed me a pocket for an apron and sent some lovely fabric and vintage lace and buttons. I am so impressed by all her yummy goodies she sent and her super talents. Swapping is so much fun.
Thanks again Maudina for such a lovely package.