Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bees in there hive..

So I made this bag the other day !
I think it turned out ok but I am lot sure I love it.
The pattern's cute the fabric is darling(click on the the pic to make it bigger and you can see the little bees in the hive)
But I am not sure if I like them together..
Something is off for me not sure what maybe one of you ca tell me that.
My next attempt at this bag will definitely be a bolder print and I just happen to have the perfect one in mind.
I guess I will just have to try and sneak it in befor I leave on my trip.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Much better...

Yesterday and today have been super busy days..
I have bee,n shopping cleaning, hanging out with friends, teaching them how to blog, face book, make aprons, giving fashion advice  and eating good yummy food.
Not a bad life if you ask me..
Yesterday while shopping I found 4 new pairs of shoes, 2 flats and 2 sexy pair of heels.
I think I can live with these flats much better than the other pair I bought.

Now how fun are these leopard print flats with cute patten leather bows..
I think these may be my new favorite running to Fred Myers shoes..

These ballet flats aren't half bad either they even have a slight raised heel.
There not stilletos but they will be at least stylish for walking around Disneyland..

Tomarrow I will be showing off the new purse I made the other day it is sew super cute..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The hubby did it again!

Look what he brought me home last night..
It was so super yummy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aqua and Red!

I Really really love these to colors together.
I don't know why but I do!!

So today I made this cute apron with these to colors.
I love how it turned out.

I especially love how the waist band turned out.
Too bad I have to give it away:(
But good thing I bought enough fabric to make one of my own.
I think I will make mine a full flirty one though.
I used to love half aprons but lately I am loving full ones.
So whats your preference ?
Are you a full apron girl?
Or a half apron girl?
Or are A no apron girl?
Or are you even a girl. LOL
you never know a bog could be reading this post and I just dont want to leave anyone out

Because I love you!

This is the sweet sight I woke up too.

My sweet Ben got up ate breakfast got dressed and decided to wash the windows

When I asked him why he was washing the windows he replied because I love you.
What a way to melt a mothers heart..
I just love this little boy he always knows just the right thing to do or say..
BTW he washed every window and glass surface in the house it took him about an hour..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing sewing sewing

Yep I have been sewing!
Yesterday I cranked out 2 hooter hiders and 2 bath time aprons.

This set was my favorite.
I was asked to make this for a friend.
She wanted blue and yellow.

It was hard for me to find the right fabric with out it looking to silly.
When I found this plaid and paisley prints I new they would be perfect!

Now I think I need to make my self a n apron out of this fabric.
I really love the look of it.
I guess i will have to get more the next time I hit the fabric store.
Well i better get back to sewing the rest of the projects that are calling my name.

Monday, January 25, 2010

sensible shoes..

Really mean ugly shoes..
I know I am going to get a lot of flack for this one but come on cant they make a cute shoe that has decent support for walking.
I looked for hours on Saturday for a sensible cute walking shoe I tried many on and no luck.
I just could not buy them they were all just way to ugly.
I finally just got these flats

They don't have much support but they are better than me heels for walking around Disneyland.
I also found a cute pair of  flat sandals hopefully these will work.
I don't even remember what shoes I wore the last time I think I just had on flip flops, but I did not do a ton of walking and I was 7 and a half month pregnant.
I still think I will bring my heels and wear them part of the time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

20 years here we come!!

It's hard for me to believe in just 3 weeks Dale and I will have been married for 20 years!
So what you may ask are we doing to celebrate?
Well we are going to Disneyland!!
The most romantic place on earth. LOL
Yep and it was all my idea..
I could not think of any better place to spend my time with my best friend.
I just hope the weather clears before we get there..
I am so looking forward to the California sun!!
Not the Caliofornia rain.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My sexy sassy new do..




You Think?
Should I now go darker and make it even more dramatic?

Valentine apron tutorial

Last year after Valentines day I bought a ton of Valentine dish towels on clearance.
I found them when I was putting Christmas away and decided to make some aprons with them.

I made this sweet apron in about 10 minuets it is so stinkin easy to make.

Supply list!

2 kitchen towels or tea towels
ribbon about (2 and a half yards)
sewing machine
And any trims you want( I used rick rack and ball fringe)

Now you need to decide which towel you want on top

Then cut in half down the middle of the towel.
Once you have it cut in half you will need to fold under the raw edge about a half of inch

Now you will need to iron

Next find the long side of the the 2nd towel and then place the cut towel evenly on top of the towel and pin in place.

Then sew a strait stitch along the top.
Once this is done cut the ribbon in half and attach to ether side of the apron on the top.
You could keep the apron like that or add trim where ever you want.
 Then Wala your done.

Now put on and bake some yummy valentine cookies.
As always if you have any questions or find any mistakes let me know.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new apron and a new fabric!

Look at this cute apron custom made for me from my sweet apron friend Becca
We were in a surprise swap together.
When she posted a picture of the fabric she was using I about died.
It was like it was made just for me.. with all the cute flapper girls in there amazing high heels.
I was crossing my fingers it was for me..
When I got it in the mail yesterday I jumped for joy out of both happiness and relief that it was for me..
Thanks Becca.

Now look at this amazing fabric I found yesterday!!
The top fabric is so stinkin awesome, with the bees in the honeycombs.
I can hardly wait to make what I am making with it..
Hopefully I will have it done by the end of the week..
My sewing list is about a mile plus long this week.
Here is hoping I get it all done..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am not ready for this....

I was cleaning the Kids bath room last night I had just got done scrubbing the toilets and decided the toilet seat cover needed to be washed.
So i pulled off the toilet seat cover and underneath was a Victoria secret catalog.

I said out loud "what the heck is this doing under hear".
My husband was the only one up stairs.
I brought it out and showed him and he just busted up laughing.
I was a little lost because I did not see the humor in finding a Victoria secret catalog under the toilet seat cover.
I was just puzzled to how it got there and why it would be there.
Then it clicked..
Why it was hidden under the toilet seat cover ..
I just looked at my husband and said you better talk to your boys and walked away with him chuckling in the back ground.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I am so blessed with good friends!!

I tell you every time I start to have a pity party or reach a low point my friends with out even knowing lift me up!
I was doing some much needed cleaning I finally took down the last Christmas tree and the rest of the decorations.
When I went to put back my everyday decorations I realized all the stuff for one of my end tables were missing.
I started looking every where and even ended up looking in Williams special drawer since one of the things that is missing is a framed picture of him.
As I shuffled through the drawer I just started missing him.
I miss him all the time but this was intense grief that I felt.
I had not felt grief this intense since the beginning of my journey of living with out William.
Big sobs took over my whole body and I just sat there unable to move.
I finally pulled my self together and continued to clean.
I was still so sad when I noticed a missed call on my cell.
I clicked over to voice mail and listened to my messages. The first being from my good friend Valerie telling me she had news for me I could here her newborn in the back ground just hours old. It was an old message but one I needed to here at that moment.
Then The next message was new from my friend Shaina she just called to let me know something and to say she loved me..
Again something I needed to hear.
I then got on face book and there was a message from my good friend Donna.
I love this girl.
She had just read the post some one had written about my spelling mistakes and was ticked as all get out for what she said.
Her words were just precious.
It showed me how much she loved me..
That she would fight for the death for me if it meant defending my honor.
I am so super blessed wit so many wonderful amazing people in my life.
So many that I know in real life and so many that I have met from my blogging, apron swapping, grief group life.
Thank you everyone for touching me and making me a better person.
Love you all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My kids are such goofs!!

I was looking through my pictures and cleaning out the duds when I really started too look at the pix.
Some of the looks on my kids faces make laugh so hard!!

I love this one of my daughter Kadie I think this is the one all her dates need to see.

I told the kids the could act silly in this shot!
I guess Shelly the one in the middle gave us her silliest look she could muster.

Now what 5 year old doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap?
My Benny he was acting like I said Santa was going to give him a shot.
I could show you a million more..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lounging around in my snuggie..

My house is freezing and I am freezing.
So whats a girl to do?
She breaks out the bright blue snuggie her neighbor bought her for Christmas.

Yes I have a sunggie!!
I giggled when I opened it because I swore I would never own one.
But Ruth and Al in there wisdom new I would need one on a day such as this.

So I am sitting her in my family room on my lovely couches , watching shows I have never heard of..( I guess it's been too long since I've watched TV during the day) enjoying the warmth of my snuggie.
I think I need more days like this.

So spill who owns a snuggie?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another scarf tutorial

Here is my version of the scrunch scarf that Jennifer made at Hope studio

Here is what you need!

3 yards Jersey knit  :You could  buy 1 and a half yards and sew pieces together to make it 3 yards ..


Elastic Thread (found in the elastic aisle)


Sewing Machine

Cut your 3 yards of fabric into  2 10 inch wide or wider if you would like and 3 yards long
 Now if you want you can cut the ends like this

Or keep them straight

Now hand wind the elastic thread onto your bobbin, loosely or it will pull too tight and break but not too loose ether (use ordinary thread on top), turn off automatic tension control, and sew with a basting stitch from the center of one tail all the way to the end.

 Then again from the center of the other tail all the way to the other end. So, you have two long seams about 3 inches apart, down the center. Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and the end, basting stitches will pull out easily if you don't and then you will just have a flat scarf and boo that would be no fun. It really is cool once you start stitching to see the fabric bunch and get all ruffly. After you are done sewing the fist scarf piece repeat and do it on the 2nd piece of fabric.

Now you need to take and pin the two ruffled scarf pieces  right sides together.
After you are done pinning them together ( make your you switch out your bobbin to regular thread) Sew all around the scarf leaving a 2 inch opening so you can turn it.

After you are done turning it  make your you sew the opening shut, you can do this by machine or whip sew it shut.
Then walla you are done.

I also mad the scarf a different way.

I cut it the same and I sewd it same I just only used one pice of fabric

I then folded it in half sewed it closed all the way around leaving and opening to turn it
once turned I sewed it shut .
It turned out to be just as cute.

I made yet another version.
I did every thing the same as the above scarf except I to the elastic and pulled it tight and the tied the upper thread to the elastic so it would not pull through.
It just made it more scrunchy and funky!

I really like how it looks.
So here you have it ..
Oh you should go on over to my friend Shaina's blog and see the one I originally fell in love with.
She had the same issue as me with the elastic showing and did the same thing I did by putting 2 together.
I just think it's sweet that we thought of the same thing with out even knowing it.
Had I pestered her into giving me the pattern I would have never found out this likeness we had , she would have just told me what to do. LOL
Thanks Shaina for inspiring me..
And Thanks Jennifer at hope studio for the idea.


The wind is crazy here!!!

I cant believe how bad the winds have been for the last 3 days 80 miles plus..
Many times during the night I thought I would wake up in munchkin land with our house landing on the wicked witch of the east.
Yesterday my 8 year old was walking home from her friends house and was knocked down by the wind a dragged down the road, here pants here torn and she had road rash on her hip.. I felt so bad for here.
I thought for sure I would get a phone call this morning saying school was canceled. Nope no such luck just a call saying some buses are running late because of wind damage..
I drove the little kids to school today because I was too worried about them getting hurt trying to get too the bus stop just 2 houses over.
I dropped Ben off at his school right at the front doors that have a covering he got in no problem.
I drove next door to Garrett's and Maddie's school There was 6 adult men in full snow /wind gear barley able to stand because the wind was wiping them so badly, they where there  to escort the kids in the building I was so grateful they did because a big gust of wind blew right as Madie got out of the car and blew her right over. The teacher just scooped her up gave me thumbs up singh that she was ok and carried her to the front door.
I tell you it just plain crazy in any other part of the world this would be a tropical storm or tornado like winds .
As I am reminded often remember you live in Alaska.

Do to lack to bad pictures and lack of sunlight yesterday I will be posting my scarf tutorial later on to day when there is good light or I should say daylight at all.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A scarf and it's story!!

Don't you love a good crafting story..
2 weeks a go my friend shared a scarf she made for her sister on her blog.
I fell in love with it and hinted that I would like the pattern or she could just make me one.
Well she is a busy momma with a new baby and I doubt she would have time to make me one.
So I looked one line for a similar tutorial and found this one at Oh so happy
So I bought some elastic thread and went on the hunt for the perfect I am still looking by the way.
In the mean time Monday I shared my fringed scarf tutorial.
I had a few blog readers send me tutorials of scarfs that they had made and thought I might like them too.
One of the tutorials was a Scrunchy scarf found at Hope studio .
After looking up her tutorial I fell in love with it and went and bought the knit fabric that I would need.
I then went back and read how she had gotten the idea from Oh so Happy's tutorial while I was making my scarf.
I read the instructions finished the scarf and loved it except for the fact that the white elastic was showing on the back.
I came up with a way to fix the back from showing but I ran out of elastic thread half way into the idea.
So I came up with plan B.

Once I finished it I totally fell in love..
I put the scarf on and realized it looked very familiar..
It was very similar to the one my friend had made..
Tomorrow I will make the tutorial on how I made this and tuesday I will share it..

I just wand to end this post by thanking all the talented women how share such wonderful ideas and tutorials on there blogs..
They really make life fun for me!!