Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yummy German food!!

I don't know if you all know this but I grew up in Germany.
{I am the little one in the yellow}

I moved there when I was one and lived there until I was ten.
I always laugh now because I was a chubby little girl and all the Germans always said you are such a healthy looking girl and all the Americans would say oh your a chubby little thing with I am sorry tone in there voice.
The reason I was such a chubby little thing is because of all the good German foods.
I still can close my eyes and smell the bakery and rember getting brats and pom frits from the street vinders.
I am a chocolate snob because I grew up on some of the best chocolate in the world.
American Chocolate taste like wax to me.
Dont even get me started on nutella YUM!!
I could go on and on about all the German yummy foods I ate.

My in laws were in town last week and were wanting to go to a German restaurant I had heard about Edelweiss but never went so I took a risk and took them.
We were in love the moment we drove up the building was cute and the smell waffling out of the restraunt was divine.

The in side was fun and took me back to my younger years I loved hearing the German accents and the German chatter going on.
The food was amazing I had so much fun with my in laws and I cant wait to take Dale next time. I love finding great places to eat.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just because we love you!

On a Wednesday we decided to take the kids out for diner and entertainment at ITZ
The kids weren't expecting which was have the fun!
When the asked us why we were doing this we simply replied just because we love you.
We watched Star wars as we ate dinner in the movie room then we let the kids play games.

Madeline and Ben had fun on the motorcycles.

Garrett and Ben had quite the battle at the air hockey table.

Mylissa, Madeline and Dale played the big Wheel.

Robbie and Garrett caught the big one on the fishing game.

Dale was goofing off with his mamma.
Grandpa was off eating and I did not get any pix of him.

Last but not least hear I am at least here's my cute sexy shoes.

I love that we are able to just spoil the kids and have fun like this with no reason and no planning.

I really do have the best family in the world and I love them more than anything!

Getting back on the wagon!

I am at the seven week mark of changing my body.
I completed ripped in 30 and I am on week 4 of 6 weeks till a 6 pack.
I also am doing hot body Yoga and running 3 times at least a week.

I have been doing good with working out every day I feel my body getting stronger and I am looking good.
Last week was bad eating wise I kinda ate what I wanted when ever I wanted.
By Friday I felt yucky and bloated.

This week I am back on the wagon and have a plan to see an even flatter stomach.
I am really hoping to see the beginning of a six pack this next two weeks.
Between diet and exercise I know I can do it.
I also have found some fun recipes I will share later this week they so good and easy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Longing for spring!

For our Valentines Day Dale bought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.
They are so pretty and smell so good.
I have loved having them on my table for the last two weeks and have enjoyed watching them bloom.

The stargazing lilies are just stunning.
They make me happy every time I look at them, they also remind me of spring.
When we lived in California every spring my day lilies would bloom they smelled so good and let know spring was here.
It has been warm here some days it is in the 60's then the next day it will be snowing a freezing18  out.
I just cant wait for spring green grass and blooming flowers.
I guess I have a little bit of the winter blahs.
So what is the weather in your neck of the woods.

Friday, February 24, 2012

House up date.

As of this morning this is what my house looks like the bottom half is all framed and the top floor and some walls have been framed.
Our builder was nice enough to email us these pix.
This is the front view of our house

This is the side view don't you love my pikes peek view.
The cement and basement window wells are our neighbors house.
They are a few weeks behind us in there build so far we are the only 2 in this part of the street for a little time anyways all the other lots have been sold so its just a matter of time.

When I was there this afternoon They had did most of the outside framing in the upstairs.
It was fun watching them work and sharing the excitement with my on laws.

Happy Birthday Madeline!!

11 years ago today Madeline entered this world in dramatic way and is still keeping the the drama going in our lives. Along with her fun loving and sweet happy spirit we could not imagine life with out her. She if the best biggest sister to Ben and a thorn in Garrett's side. Most of all she is my girly girl and I love that about her. She works hard and loves to read the scriptures.  She always cleans her room and dose her chores as soon as I ask her so she can go and play with her friends. I know what ever she choose to do in life she will do with a smile on her face. I am so Glad Dear Maddie that you are in our family.Happy Birthday beautiful girl. We love you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have been a bit boring.

Not that I am the most exciting person in the world but I do think that I am quite fun and silly most of the time.
Yet lately I have been plain Jain boring to the max.
I have been doing the same thing for weeks I wake up get the kids ready for school work out eat then I go running then I clean the house, take a shower eat lunch, play on pintrest do my hair and make up start diner, Help the kids with home work , kiss Dale when he gets home from work , eat dinner Blah Blah blah.
Same thing every day for weeks.
It's getting quite boring and driving me quite mad I must say.
I told my hubby He needs to get his car fix so I can have my car during the day.
I honestly think he likes it this way so I am not spending any money. Haa Haa haa 
Well this week I am trying to break out of my boring mold I have done some sewing and watched some funny movies.
I might even do some shopping tomorrow with my in laws.
I am also working on a fun project that I will share later.
Last night I also looked up 5 K races I debating if I will be truly ready for one by March 31st.
As for today I think I will make an apron.
Aprons always have a way of helping me get my sass back.
I might even go a little crazy and buy a pair of flats.
What did you think I was going to say I was going to go bungie jumping , or skydiving, or maybe Run with the bulls in Spain?
Well I have never been that exciting. 

Ok time to quit jabbering and start making my life more exciting;)

PS what do you all do in your every day life to add more excitement .
PSS. I don't want to know what you are doing in your Bedrooms I don't want to hear about that kind of excitement.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Carroll's Quilt

I cant believe in a little over a month I will be a Grandmother.
Part of the joy of being a Grandmother is making things .
So I decided to make my little Grandson a quilt.

I used earthy colors for this quilt because Shelly my daughter is an earthy girl .
I could not see her sticking to traditional baby blue for a boy.
I was a little worried because she is an artist and I was afraid I was playing it too safe.
I love how it turned out and cant wait to see him snuggled up in this blanket.

I backed it and bonded it with chanelle I love this fabric it is so soft and cuddly.
If you cant tell already I am super excited about being a grandma and cant wait to make more things for him.
I also cant wait to see what my oldest is having I hope to find out in April when go to Alaska.
Now off to make some more baby goodness!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Here is whats been going on!

Colorado springs has weird weather for sure.
It was a winter wonderland on Saturday.
Then warm and sun shinny 2 days later with no trace of snow.
(This is our house )

A little Kissing has been going on.

and some fun pretzel making going on.

There has been some scavenger hunting with good friends to celebrate our shared Valentine day Anniversary's

and notes being left on doors
Guess Ben has had enough of his siblings

notes were also found on airplanes.
I guess Ben's not being very nice either.

Last but not least running lots and lots of running!!
If you want a big laugh involving lace panties and an Old man read my other blog I WILL DO IT!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We have a basement!

The other day we drove by our property and was surprised to find this sings with our address
And a hole in the ground.

I gotta tell you I never thought I would be so excited to see a mound of dirt.
For the first time building this house seems real.

We had some meetings with land scapers and the building super on Monday.
It was fun to see more progress.
They were doing some digging to put some drainage down.

From the street all you can see is this pile of dirt but when you went to the side you can see the basement walls.

How cool is this we now have a basement.
Next week framing will start I cant wait to see more progress.
We also learned the rest of the lots on our street were sold except the one next to us on the right.
I was worried that we were going to be the only ones on the street for a while.
I am excited that we will be having neighbors.

I will share new pix next week.
This house building business is so much fun!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I guess we made it!

22 years ago today words there were whispers of they are so young they will never make it as Dale and I happily said I do to each other.

After 8 kids
5 moves
21 years in the military
2 deployments to a war zone
The death of a child
Planning a wedding for our daughter
Driving from Alaska to Colorado
Being unemployed
And endless amounts of tears and laughter
Looks like we made it!

Happy 22 years of marriage Love ya Babes.
I guess being married on Valentines day was good luck for us!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reaching my goals!

For the last 4 and a half weeks I have been working out and doing what I need to reach my fitness goals despite being sick 2 of the 4 weeks.
I am feeling great and looking great too.

I found this fun encouragement I will call it on pintrest.
I like what it says and feels that the info is true.
I am defiantly seeing a differences in my body but more so in my energy level which was never really lacking.
I just feel like I did when I was younger in the part I need very little sleep to function well on.
Now in the guide line it says your family wont notice 8 weeks but my 17 year old is defiantly noticing.
She is super blunt and the other day I was walking up the stairs in when she yells out nice but mom.
I said what do I have a wedgie?
She said mom no really nice but its round and cute and no longer flat.
Totally made my day!!
I have noticed the big change in my bum too in fact it is one of the biggest changes on my body.
I also have started a blog to track and encourage my fitness goals I f you want to check it out click HERE .
I hope every one else is having the same success as me it's not been easy but I have to tell you so worth it!!

Chiken and stuffing Yum!!

As I was browsing pintrest I saw a familiar recipe that I have been making for over 20 years it was just cooked in an unfamiliar way.
Like I have said I have been making Chicken in stuffing for over 20 years but I have never made it in a crock pot.
Brilliant if you ask me!

So here is how you make it.
1 package of stuffing.
One package of frozen mixed vegetables.

A can of cream of chicken soup. (Or make your favorite Chicken gravy recipe)
I used 6 tenders
1and a half cups of water.

Place the vegetables in the bottom of the crock pot.
Then place the chicken on top
salt and pepper it.
Then put the can of cream of Chicken soup on top or gravy.
Then place the uncooked stuffing on top add a cup and a half of water.
Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.

Then you are done eat and enjoy.
I made mashed potatoes and homemade rolls to go with it.
It was so yummy and an easy Sunday dinner.
On aside note the chicken was so tender and it was much easier than the usual way less clean up too.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I have perfect children that never fight they always obey and they would never say any thing rude to each other.
They are always loving and kind to one another they share and always agree on what to do together, they help each other with there chores and sing songs as they are doing it.
If you haven't figured it out yet this statement is a total lie.
The bickering and rudeness had gotten out of hand in my book.
So what is a mother to do?
Bribe them that's what she dose.
I told them if they could get along with out being rude to one another for 3 weeks I would take them to a movie and out to pizza.
So I paired each child up with a sibling and had them mentor them.
I asked them to teach by example.
Since we have an uneven number of children I mentored Mylissa the oldest.
I started to see a miracle happen everyone was getting along and my first statements began to come true.
My kids really impressed me and I think they also enjoyed the new found peace in our home.
So true to my word Dale and I took the kids out to a movie and pizza.
We went to the dollar theater I cant remember what we saw but I do remember sleeping through the movie.
Then we too them to Fargo's.
It truly is one of the coolest pizza places I ever went to.
If you have been to Disneyland and have been to the old west saloon its a lot like that.
We ordered Pizza and root beer.

We ate and giggled the whole time.

It was one of those great family days we will talk about for years to come.
I am truly proud of my kids for meeting there goal and I cant say everything is perfect now but my home is a much more peaceful place to be.