Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stress and Excited !

We are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks!
Not just Dale and I this time the whole family!
Hence the stress.
My heart keeps pounding when ever I think of all the things I need to do.
I have a list about 20 miles long.
Make shirts for me Ben and Maddy.
Get snacks for the plane ride
Get snacks for Disneyland
Make sure everyone has nice clothes
make sure we have enough carry on bags
Get toilteries
Clean house from to to bottom.
Get trading pins off ebay.
And the list goes on.
Even thoe I am stressed I am excited and I also noticed how really back I am.
I have mentioned before that I feel I am back to old Jennifer from before William died just improved.
But the down fall is I am back to my old craziness that everyone has to look perfect when we go out in public.
I think my kids are cursing this.
I am also back to everything has have themes,and my over planning. I know I am driving Dale nuts but secretly he loves it.

I do have a question for everyone that has gone to Disneyland Do you have any tips?
Or cool information that nobody knows about Disney?
I guess I better get back to my craziness.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yummy Caramel Cashew Chocolate pretzel treat.

When Dale and I were in Disneyland in february we discovered this yummy caramel, cashew, chocolate, pretzel, treat.
What ever they are called they were addicting and yummy.
They were also expensive 6 dollars for one.
They seemed simple enough to make.
  For family home evening in preparation for our Disneyland trip we made them with the kids.

The kids loved makeing them.
Now that they are all gone we want more..

I know you want to try them to so here we go.
1. bag of caramel.
1.bag of chocolate chips.
1. bag of pretzel rods
1 can of cashews
Melt the unwrap the caramel or buy the already unwrapped ones melt them with one tbs of water.
Next coat the pretzel rods then roll in cashews.
Let them sit for about 20 mins.
Melt chocolate chips ( I take tow pans one slightly bigger fill it with water bring to a boil then take it of burner then put smaller pan on top with chocolate chips inside and melt.
Once chocolate is melted coat the nut caramel pretzel rod with chocolate.
Let dry for a few hours until chocolate is harden.
Then eat and be in treat heaven.

I am getting so excited for our trip.
I just need to make some Disney fun outfits for the kids..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Way to high for me!

I looked out the window and was shocked to see a man in a cherry picker high above all the house in our neighborhood.
I have to say this kinda freaked me out.
My kids thought it was cool.
But it just made me want to cringe.
I do have to say I am in Awe that this guy can stomach being so high in the sky.
My question of the day are you scared of heights?
For me it depends on where it is and how high.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Shoot.

Yesterday Dan and Kadie came over for dinner.
They asked me if I would take their fall pictures.
So we had a lot of fun taking dorky picture's.
This one was my favorite pic.
This one just makes me laugh.
Dan wanted to do this Jacob , Edward thing.
I guess this is his Edward look.

I laugh every time I see these pictures of Dans Jacob look.
Mostly because in every on Kadie is laughing in every one.
I love these two they make me feel young..
I can't wait to see what kinda pix we take in Disneyland.
Just 3 more weeks.
I guess I better get going on the fun things I am going to be making for the kids.
I can't wait to get my self in the California sunshine.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My attempt at making fabric pumpkins..

The other day I saw these cute flower pupkins so I went out bought some fabric to make them.
Well what do you know I did not save the titorial.
After searching for hours I gave up and made it up as I went a long.
So here is my first try to square for my liking.

Second try looks like a triangle.

Third try not bad looks the most like a pumpkin.
I try a little more this weekend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How hot are these shoes.

Look at these super hot shoes Dale bought me the other day.
He saw them and new I had to have them.
I love the guy!
I love the hat pin detail on the ruffle.
The bonus is they are super comfy.
Now I just need to go find some new outfits to with them.
I wish I had a Ross, TJ Max and Marshals.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Simple Trick or treat Bag Tutorial!

A reader named Julie asked if I had a trick or treat bag tutorial.
I wrote her back and said No but I would make one.
So here it is Julie.

What you need!
4 15X 18 pieces of fabric (Just buy a half of yard of 2 different fabric)
2 18 inch pieces of ribbon
something to cut with
a cutting mat and ruler
sewing machine
and pins

First cut out 4 15X 18 pieces of fabric
Next you will need to sew a 1/4 inch seam around the printed fabric leaving the top open.
The second fabric do the same but on the bottom half leave a 1/2 in seam for turning.
Next sew on pen ribbon on right side of printed fabric for handles.
Sew them on then place the with right sides together take the black and printed fabric and put them in side each other.
Pin all the way around the top.
Then using a 1/4 in seam sew around the top.
When your done pull the black fabric out and it will look like this.
Now pull it through so the right side out (did I even say that right)

Now when it is right side out you will need to sew the bottom closed.

Just iron shut the 1/2 inch opening then pin and sew a 1/4 seam.
Turn it so the printed fabric shows, iron.
then sew atop stitch around the top.
Then your done and you have a cute trick or treat bag for you littlest ghost and goblins.

Only 8 more weeks to go!

I cant believe its been 4 weeks since I started this new life style change.
Yes it's a life style change not a diet. I will continue doing exactly what I am doing now for the rest of my life.
It will be really easy because I haven't changed much of what I had been eating before.
The only thing I have changed eating wise is when I eat and portions.
I probably eat more than I ate before.
I mentioned in my last post that I have been making sure that I am eating so that my blood sugar is regulated.
What that means is that I keeping my blood sugars from having to major highs and lows.
One way to do this is to eat every 3 to 4 hours.
Oh yes it dose mater what you eat.
You need to make sure you have a slow acting carbs and protein every meal.
It will keep you full and your blood sugar regulated, and you are less likely to store fat this way.
I still eat sweets but only with my meals.
This way My blood sugars are staying even.
I learned all this when i was pregnant with Ben and had gestational diabetes.
Since I have stated eating like this again I feel so much better and I have more energy.
I have been losing weight, not a lot but enough to make a difference.
I also exercise every day.
I put these bad boys on put in my work out video and go to Town.
I hate it less than I did in the beginning but still don't like working out.
I just look i the mirror and see how my body is changing and focus on the goal.
I also have my tiny pants that I have held on to to see if I can get into them again.
I know that working out every day is a must not just during this 12 week journey but for the rest of my life.
I may never learn to love it but I will learn to enjoy parts of it.
I also know once I have hit my goal I wont have to work so hard.
I will just have to maintain the look my new body is taking on.
That make s me smile.
Like I have said I have already seen changes.
With 2 days notice I was able to fit into a size 4JR prom ball dress with out looking like a stuffed sausage.

I felt good in the dress and did not have to worry about my tummy rolls.
I promise you I could not have done this 4 weeks a go.
In fact I will tell you a little secret I could barely zip up my size 4 in women's dress fro Kadies wedding.
So here is to my next 2 weeks I expect even bigger results now that I am upping my exercise time and now that my metabolism is working hard.
I write again the.
But for now wish me luck!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A princes and her prince charming.

Last night was The Air Force Ball.
2 days before the Ball Dale told me we were going.
This panicked me because I had nothing to wear.
I went all over town and found nothing that I loved.
So I came home went on face book and asked if anyone had  a dress i could barrow.
Many of my friends said that I could barrow their daughters prom dresses.
I was delighted to try them on.
In the end i chose this princess style pink ballroom dress.

At first I felt silly in it and new I would probably be overdressed. (not that that is anything new)
After awhile I realized I looked awesome in the dress.
In fact I felt like a princess in it.
After I was all dolled up hair make up and nails done I felt quite glamorous.

When we went out to take pictures the neighbors all came out to see us.
The oohed and awed.
My kids oohed and awed.
I loved all the attention.
We had to walk 2 blocks to get to the place the ball was being held. It just happened to be down town Anchorage.
I felt like Ella Enchanted traipsing around the city.
We had a lot of fun and I am so glad we went.
It was actually our last A.F ball. kinda sad about that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I looked out the window and what did I see?

Ben and Daddy cleaning my truck.
All the kids were at church and Ben and Dale went and got ice cream and washed the car.
I did not hear them come back so when I looked out the front widow and saw them working together to wash my windows My heart swelled with love.

I love moments like these.
I love how much time Dale spends teaching them boy stuff and how much my kids just love spending time with him.
I have such a good husband.
He's not bad to look at either according to Dan's grandma and I just happen to agree..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What was I thinking?

I was looking at some of my apron poses that don't make it on the blog and thought what the heck was I thinking?
This one I I look like I am off in dreamland.
I think I am trying to be sexy or coy or something, instead I look like a goof ball.
What can I say about this one?
I look deformed.
I must have been bored here.
Believe me I can show you a ton more.
So what do you think?
Could I be a professional apron model or what? (HEE HEE)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty Bows give away from The Mommy Brand!

My friend Jenny has sweetly ofered to host a giveaway over at the online store the Mommy brand.

The Mommy Brand is an online store with trendy handmade baby items. All our products are designed and hand-crafted by stay-at-home moms - they are truly Mommy-Approved! They carry over 70 styles of hair bows and flowers, nine styles of crochet baby hats, customizable tutus, car seat tents, pacifier clips, diaper bags, and colic comfort packs with lavender for upset little tummies, and more.

They are giving away a great hair bow set - the Pretty in Pink Bow Collection ($30 value). This collection contains 2 fun hair clips and 5 of our most popular bows - all in pink! The bows are great for any age and can be easily attached to one of our accessory hats and headbands.

On their blog, "A Young Mom's Guide to Motherhood, Money, & Marriage" (, you will find great giveaways, financial advice especially for young families, great baby shower ideas, tutorials, baby product reviews by other moms, and more!

All you need to do to enter is leave a coment telling what you like in their store.

For exstra enterys
1. Visit there blog say hi then coment back here.
2. follow them on facebook

Easy peasy right!

I will keep this giveaway open untill  midnight sunday the 19tt of september and anounce the winner monday the 20th.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn wreath

In my all my holiday decoration I had no fall wreath.
I think in years past I just hung the Autumn sign up.
Well this year I wanted a wreath so in stead of hearing my husbands groans and moans in me buying an autumn wreath I made one with things I had around the house.
So I gathered all the fall foliage pix and what nots I had around the house, my old weathered autumn pumpkin and a grape vine wreath I had laying around.

I then placed the pumpkin in the middle and the foliage and what not's where I wanted them.
I weired down the pumpkin and hot glued every thing place.
It took my about 20 mins.
I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
Now I am off to the next project. Fabric pumpkins for Halloween.
So what fall projects are you working on?

PS. I am haveing a giveaway from the mommy brand HERE go check it out.