Monday, August 31, 2009

How clean is your house..

Have you ever seen the BBC show how clean is your house?
It is a show bout these to English women that clean the most disgusting houses in England.
They where their white  Lab coats and fancy gloves while cleaning the most vial houses.
These are not pix from the show these are taken in my teen aged girls room.
Shelly and Mylissa to be more precise.
While cleaning there nasty room today I kept thinking of the show, quite certain I was on an episode.
Thats when I thought to take some snap shots and blog about my brave adventurer.
These pix make the room almost look clean compared to how it did look.
I really cant belive Dale and I put up with the disgust for this long.
We are haveing the girls sort out whats junk and whats not.
I will have to show you after pix later.
I better go so progress will continue.
And by the way the rest of our house is clean.
Thats what is so funny about the whole thing.
Dale and I imake sure that the house stays clean.
Why in the heck we let the girls get away with such filth boggles our mind.
I guess we just thought a 17 and 15 year old new how to keep a clean room.
Lesson learned.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ben's first week at school!

Last week was Ben first week at school.
(I still cant belive my baby is in kindergarten)
He really did have a lot of fun!
Everyday when he came home I asked " what did you do today Ben".
" Mom you know I ate dinosaur sandwiches and played with my friend Brody"
I then would say "what else did you do Ben"?
" learned numbers played on the play ground."
When I asked what was his class like he answered.
Oh we all always get time outs .
I said "Ben are you being naughty"" Oh no mom we are learning."
That made me laugh.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneaking out!

Yesterday was  long busy day.
I felt like I was in a ping pong match and I Was the ball.
Right befor we had to take the kids to youth night and scouts at he church.
Dale whispered do you want to sneak out after they go to bed.
I smiled and said yes were are we going?
He said The V-ho a local yummy dive.
I said you bet.
So as soon as the kids were tucked in and sound a sleep we told the teens we were leaving.
And off we went.
I new exactly what I wanted !
A yummy bowl of the smashed potatoes with country gravy.
It realy is the best!
Dale I thought would get pie or shake but when he got in his tummy wanted more.
So he said do you want split a chicken fried stake dinner.
I said sure.
It came out dripping in there yummy sausage country gravy and not nearly enough smashed potatoes.
But it was really the best chicken fried steak I have ever had. he batter was just right and it was super crispy
with and tender juicy steak inside.
It really hit the spot.
It was the perfect way to end a crazy day!
I am so glad my hubby snuck me out..
He really is the best!
I am a Lucky girl!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And The Winners of my second Blogiversary are...

Thanks to everyone who played a long and thanks to my loyal readers.
You all make blogging so much fun for me.
Your comments always bring a little sunshine into my day.
Now to the winners
The winner of A is for aprons: is Shania..
She said.
Oh, you've been swapping aprons for a while now. I LOVE that book. I checked it out at the Library and have coveted it since.
happy blogiversary dear friend!!

The winner of the craft apron. is:
Troy and Rachel
She said:
Ok...that is such a cute apron! I have never "entered" one of these things because I don't usually "need" the stuff people are giving away. I do think this is super cute though so here it goes...

I am going with your "Batman Has Moved" post. I don't have children but their imaginations amaze me. It's so cute when they do little things what yours did and it gave me a good laugh!
I also liked your "He's home" post. Even though it was just a picture it made me SO happy for your family and also anxious for my hubby to come home so we can start our own. Happy Blogiversary!!

The 2 winners of the Vinyl art are:
Cheri and she said:
I love her store!!
I love the Chandelier and the round name sign. I have actually been looking at those for awhile!


Lola she said:
I am addicted to vinyl! It is hard to narrow my choices down, but I would say "Flying Monkeys" and the Chandelier.

And a surprise winner of an apron I will design for them is;
Dervi and she said:
oh well, my luck is never with me, so let me just tell the lucky winner, congrats already! should I guess the winner.. umm you will choose....Ande lol if it is right!
Please email me  your address and I will send out goodies soon.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emotional date

4 years ago today I was at the Dr. waiting to find out if I was going to have a girl or a boy.
My good friend Anneke was with and we were both so happy to find out who had bee growing in my womb for the last 23 weeks.
I rember laughing an goofing around with the Tech as he started to put the wand of the sonogram machine on my tiny little belly.
I dont think he thought I was very funny he seemed a little stiff to me.
That did not damper my mood.
I rember oohing an awing every time saw a part of his anatomy I recognized.
Anneke commented on how strong his heartbeat was.
I commented on how beautiful his feet where.
All the while the Tech was busy taking measurements not saying a word.
I realy thought he was just a cranky person maybe a little pissed off that he was doing something beneath his rank.
( It was at a military hospital ad for his rank he really should not have been doing pregnancy sonograms. They normally leave that up to the lower ranking airmen)
Little did I know that his noncomunacation stemed from what hewas seeing.
After 45mins he finally said his first words I need to check in and see what other pics the dr.wants go pee but dont leave the room.
I then asked then will we see what I am having?
He looked at me with a blank face and said oh sure.
That was the first time I had feeling something was wrong.
I looked at Annek and said somethings up.
The Tech came back in the room and I said why do you need more pix.
He said the DR. wanted more pix of the heart and feet.
When he said the DR. name I just thought he was being cautious.
Until he said I got all the pix and started to leave in a hurry.
I said aren't you going to tell me the sex.
He looked at me confused and said oh yeah sure hold on.
He placed the wand back on my belly and said stay right here in case the DR wants more pix.
I just looked at my friend and said something is really wrong.
I will never forget her words.
She said Jenn don't get up set all we know right now is that he is that hes a boy and he is special.
I calmed right down and said you are right.
The Tech came back in rushed me into another room and said the DR will be in to talk to you in a minute.
I broke down in tears sobbing. I told Anneke something is realy wrong
If something wasent really wrong they would wait until my next appointment to talk to me.
A million things went thru my head.
I settled on Downs syndrome I was sure that thats what he had.
When The DR. walked in I was relived to see it was a friend from church.
I then just blurted out whats wrong dose he have Downs?
When I looked the face of my friend I new it was something bad.
He then said Jennifer I am going to be very honest with you.
It doesnt look good his heart is in pretty bad shape.
He then explained about the different heart defects he had.
I said so he can have surgery .
He agreed with an if a big If.
If he dose not have the Chromosomal defect we think he might have.
My heart sunk because in that moment I new he had what ever the DR. was going to tell me.
He said we think he has Trisomy 18 I had never heard of it.
He then explained wat it was ad that it was fatal.
I was shocked.
Did he really just say my baby was gong to die.
I must have asked a million questions.
The DR. then asked me if he could call and tell his wife.
I could tell this was no easy task for him.
He just had to tell a friend her baby was very sick and that he probably would die.
I said of course tell your wife.
When the DRs. left I just cried and cried I looked at Anneke and said how the heck am going to tell Dale.
Dale was in Iraq serving in war zone.
I Still rember the disbelief in his voice when I told him about our boy.
He thought for sure I misunderstood.
I told him to call the DR.
When he did he told him the same stuff told him.
He then told the DRs he worked with and they said the would get back to him in a few hours and decide what to do.
15 minutes after Dale told Th DR. they told him he was going home.
He had a bigger battle to fight at home than he did in Iraq.
I think that's when it really settled in that it was real.
Dale was on the next flight home.
All this happened in one day.
August 25th 2005
A day that will forever be burned in my memory.
I rember talking with my best friend a few months prior on the anniversary of the day we found out her daughter had cancer.
She had made the comment of how the anniversary of the day she found out about the cancer was harder than the day she had surgery.
She then told me she had talked to another parent of a cancer survivor and he had said the same thing. Every year on the date they found out there daughter had cancer was hard.
The same is for me every year around this time I get weepy an agitated.
Even tho the big events of Williams life and death is 4 months away.
I think it is because it was the day the journey of knowing how to best love and care for William began.
I am so glad I took this journey and even tho the result was
letting  William go on to a new journey with out me it was all worth it.
I am so grateful William chose me to be his mother and that I was able to know him and love him thru his stay on earth.
I am also grateful for eternal families and the knowledge that I will be with my sweet William again.
Thanks to everyone walked with me thru Williams journey and continues to help me thru my journey of living on earth with out him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vinyl wall art giveaway!

Hello Bloggy friends!
I hope you are haveing fun at my blogiversary party!
Today I have a special treat in store for you!
My good friend Laura from Text Style on ETSY is
giving away 2 $25.00 gift certificate to her store.
She has lots of fun Vinyl wall art to choose from.
Here are a few of my favorites.
IF you have never used these vinyl wall art you are missing out.
They are so simple to put on and really add to your home decor.
So are just dying to know how to win  these 2 gift certificates?
It is as easy as going to Laura's store TextStyle on ETSY
pick out your 2 favorite items and share them in the comment box.
For an added entry become a follower of mine.
And for one more entry Share the this giveaway on your blog.
I will be announcing winners on Wednesday the 26th.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crafty apron 2nd blogiversary giveaway..

This blogiversary is not going the way I planed.
Such as life.
Latley I have been hit with a lot of emotinal
heart ache that has been consuming my mind and energy.
Plus taking care of my not so small family has taken time away from blogging.
If there is anything to know about me it is my family comes first.
So with out further procrastination let the fun begin.
I am giving away this lovely revisable craft apron.
It is great for crafting, sewing scrap booking even cleaning the house.
It has lots of fun pockets and a place for scissors.
I am really going to have a hard time parting with this one.
So are you dying to know how to win it?
Well just comment and tell me what you favorite post is and come back tomorrow.
Why do I say come back tomorrow?
Because i have another fabulous give away you wont want to miss.
Remember every time you comment you get an entry to win!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 2nd blogavesery to me...

Today is my 2nd year blogavesey and I have a wonderful gifts package to giveaway.
I would show it to you but Uggg I am haveing picture loading issues.
So I cant share them just yet.
To keep you all interested.
I think we should play a fun game.
I am going t ask a few questions and see if you can find the answers on my blog.
1. How long have I been makeing aprons?
2. what dose the first apron I made look like
3. Did I keep the first apron I made or did I swap it?
I did get on picture of one of the items in the gift package loaded befor bloger started acting up!
My favorite apron book.
A is for aprons!!
This is a fun book full of patterns and apron eye candy.
To be entered to win leave a comment every coment is an entery to win
 and stay tuned for more blogiversary fun..
I will hopefully be able to post the other surprises soon.
Thanks for reading and thanks for makeing blogging fun for me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Fun dishes and a surprise oh my!

The time has come at the Wilderness home to no longer eat off paper plates or plastic kiddy dishes.
We were tiered of the kids breaking our good dishes so for the past 2 years we have either used paper plates or the kids dishes.
So we went on a quest to find sturdy glass dishes for every day.
These are what we ended up with!
I was suprised Dale agreed to the girly flower.
I just love them.
They are fun stylish and a little funky.
Hmm kinda like me. LOL
Moda makes a fabric that looks similar.
I have been dying to make an apron out of.
Now I have the perfect excuse.

On a different note..Tomorrow is my 2nd Blogaversary.
So of course I have to celebrate.
I will be have a little fun remenicing tomorrow.
Plus I have been working on a fun surprise so stay tuned.
I promise you wont want to miss it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Batman has moved.

                     He no longer lives in Gotham city , His new address is High heal city USA....

No longer does he live in the Bat cave, his new house is a Nine West leopard print pump.
I think I like this Batman..
When I walked in my bathroom I could not help but giggle when I found Ben playing batman with my shoes.
I immediately got my camera and started snapping pix.

Ben said enough Mom you are disrupting my imagination now go please.
I had to be a good mom and leave.
But that did not stop me from watching from the crack in the door.
I love Kids imaginations.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some good old family fun!

It all started off with a fun volleyball game.
Then Garret said something to Shelly that She must have not liked.
Shelly suprised tackled Garret and Robbie had to jump in on the fun!
So did Dale!
and the rest of the gang..
as punishment I made them take a picture together (see how trilled they are)
To punish them more Dale and I kissed in front of them  (Yuck)
we heard ewwe  mom and dad you are gross 6 plus times.
I think the punishment worked.
We redeemed our selves a little by being goofy and then said the magic words.
Who wants cake.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to school!!

Today is the big day my kids are back in school.
Mother nature was not so kind it is poring out side.
So I was unable to get any realy good pix..

Shelly, Mylissa, Robbie
The high schools and middle schoolers went first.
Then they Elementary kiddos went, except Ben he starts next week.(YaY one more week with Ben)
(why do kids have to be so goofy)
It's hard to belive I have a senior and a kindergartener in the same year.
One just starting school and one ending.
It's kinda crazy but fun at the same time.
I have a feeling that this is going to be a fun
happy  school year for the Wilderness family.
Tonight we are going to have a back to school celebration.
I guess I better go make a cake.
I hope every one is haveing a great day !!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little Q&A fun!!

The other day I asked if anybody had any questions they wanted me to answer.
A few of you had some pretty interesting Questions.
The first one is from Cheri at Bakow babble
Cheri asked me" Have you always lived in Alaska?

 The Answer is NO!! I was moved her pretty much unwillingly.
Alaska is one of the last places on earth I would have ever chosen to live.
I cried a lot when we were told we had orders to Alaska.
Once i got here I felt like I was trance planted to another world.
Then I started meeting the Alaskan people and fell in love with Alaska.
The beautiful mountains didn't hurt either.
I live in the most amazing Vally town.
It's a town I always imagined would live in.
You know the type where everyone is friendly and willing to help a each other out.
Question number 2 was asked by Teri
"My question for you is have you opened your etsy shop yet and if not , are you still planning to?

Well Teri my friend No I haven't opened my ETSY store yet.
Yes I do still plan on opening it.
I am just not sure when..

Question # 3 is from Heather or Momma duck

How did you get to be so awesomely fantastic? I want the secret!

Oh I am blushing..
Heather you are way too sweet.
I am not sure I deserve such a great compliment.
So I guess I am unable to give you the secret.

fourth question is from an anonymous reader.
This question made me giggle.
Don't you feel bad for having a trizillion handbags??? :)

Umm let me think about that one.
Absolutely not!!
The 5th and final question comes from Natalie

Growing up, how did you picture your married life?
Good question Natalie.

I imagined that I would be a wonderful fabulous wife of one super hot Man . We together would try and populate the world single handedly We would live in a beautiful home on a hill that over looks our kingdom. I would dress fabulous in my diamond and fur while doing laundry.
I would be the life of every party and everyone that knew me would love me.
Oh my goodness it all came true.

Ok really I pretty much imagined that we would be a super couple that would aways be in love.
I thought I would have 2 kids be the PTA president.
I thought I would always be busy doing charity work and hosting fabulous parties.
I imagined I would go on romantic trips to Paris and have a summer home in the Hampton's.
I basically thought I would be a NY city social lite with a big tycoon husband.
thank goodness thats not my life.

I could have never imagined that my life would be so much more like it is.
I really do have an amazeing fabulous life. A husband that spoils me and cherishes me and is still madly in love with me.
I have 8 amazeing children who I love so much.
I have a great spiritual faith in my Heavenly father and a wonderful relationship with him.
My married life has not been with out heart ache and loss.
The best part is when heartache and loss come I have and eternal companion that is always there by my side who loves me true the tough journeys.
I really do live a charmed life.

Thanks for the questions if you have any more feel free to ask them..
Just don't be shocked by the answers.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to school shopping!!

What were we thinking. We took all 6 school aged kids school clothes shopping yesterday.
We went to the BX  first and grabbed a few things then went over to our favorite pizza joint The Moose's Tooth for lunch..
After lunch is when the torturer began the fun began.
I dont ever rember school shopping being this dramatic.
We had goofing around, tears, rolling of the eyes and tons of "when are we going home"..
There were some really cute points like when Ben our 5 year old said "mom
where did all the models faces go".
He also loved running his hands up and down the mannequins legs.
I tried to get a pic but when the camera came out he ran behind my legs and said "what do you think you are doing mom? I dont want anymore pictures of me on your blog"
I got to give him credit the kid is smart.
This is exactly where the picture would have ended up.
I did get this pic of Garrett and Madie haveing a conversation on how bored they were shopping for clothes for the older girls, a very rare moment in when the two actually got a long.
Need i mention that he bopped her on the head 2 seconds later just to prove there love hate relationship.
After 12 hours and to much money spent we went home only to have to do it again next year..
~Big Sigh~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I don't want Monday to come.

I am haveing a really hard time sending my kids back to school.
I think this summer went by way to fast.
Another month would be really nice.
The other reason I am sad about sending them back is because Ben will be in Kindergarten.
I cry when I think about sending him on his first day.
I am not ready to let my baby go into the school world..
I am not ready to have all my kids at school.
Monday really will be a sad day for me..