Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aprons , aprons ,aprons and more aprons..

Last week I got 4 fun fabulous aprons from swaps that I have been in. This first apron is from Miss Teri the theme of the swap was Christmas in the kitchen.. Teri sent the best package there were so many fun goodies inside I could hardly believe my eyes.

The apron is so beautiful it is reversible with 2 really cute Santa prints.

Don't you all just love the expressions on my face? I did not realise Kadie was taking pix of my face I thought that she was just getting the apron. I guess I could of photoshopped my head off but i thought they were funny plus it is kinda cute how Ben kept trying to hop in the pix..This next apron is from Michelle in Australia.. This was also a Christmas swap. I love how creative she was. This will be perfect for Christmas treat makeing..I totally love love love this one.. These pix don't do this lovely number justice. Miss Kelsey She did an amazeing job with the school girl pattern witch is one of my favorite patterns. I also love the vintage print she used you may not be able to see but there is little pink aprons on the fabric.

Now pick your jaws off the floor this beauty is from the talented Paige. This was from the Flirty hostess apron swap that I was whining about.. Yes I am completely happy with my fancy Schmancy apron!! I can hardly wait to show this off during the holidays..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cheers to Family!!!

We had sparkling blueberry juice with Thanksgiving dinner and Ben kept wanting to make toast. He was so cute. Our favorite toast he made was Cheers to our family because I love everyone the best.. He such a cutie..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crayon & note book cozy tutorial

This is a tutorial to make a Crayon cozy with a note book pocket. I have seen many cute crayon roll tutorials and have made a few, they are easy and fun to make. I also like the fact that you could just trow the crayon roll into your purse,well the only problem is I would never have paper for Ben to color on so I decided to make a pocket for a note book to go next to the crayons. So I will never be with out paper.
I apologize in advance for some of the pix I had to use my flash because we don't have much sunlight in the winter.

Helpful tools
quilters pen

rotary cutter or scissors

cutting mat


I used two pieces of fabric 5 X 16 1/2 inches (for the outside and inside), one 6 X 16 1/2 inch piece of fabric folded in half lengthwise and pressed (for the pocket), one piece of lightweight fusible interfacing 5 X 16 1/2 inches

iron the interfacing on the wrong side to one of the 5 by 16 1/12

iron the coordinating piece of fabric in half

Then place it on the piece of fabric that you ironed the interfacing on make sure the folded side is up.

Line up the bottom edges of the folded piece and the piece with interfacing, pin together. Starting over from the edge 1 1/4 inches sew lines parallel with the edge starting from the top of the crayon pocket, back-stitching at the top to reinforce. Sew the lines one and a 1/4Th inches apart across the pocket. You will make 8 of these crayon pockets You will then have a pocket that will be 5 inches wide. to put the not book in.
I like to mark where I am going to sew first with a quilting pen. The marks will rub off when your done.

If you want to use rick rack, pin it around the edge as shown. Fold the ribbon in half and pin it on the edge. Pin remaining piece of 5 X 16 1/2 inch fabric right sides together with the pocket piece. Sew around edges with 1/4 inch seam. Leave about 3 inches across bottom for turningTrim corners, turn, press and top stitch being careful to catch all layers of the opening to close.
It's very cute and makes a fun easy homemade with love gift for the little ones in your life..
I hope you all will enjoy this.. If you make one let me know I would love to see pix..
If you find any mistakes let me know.. Thanx

Happy thanksgiving..

I hope everyone is having a happy fun thanksgiving!!! Our Turkey is in the oven and my rolls are made.. Now I Just have to make some more yummy things..

So how many of you all are going out and shopping tomorrow? I know i am starting at 4 am... Can't wait for all the bargains..

Stay Tuned for 2 new tutorials. The first is a crayon roll with a note book holder.. The 2nd is a fun tissue holder to put in your purse...
I hope to have the crayon roll tutorial up tonight.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Momma moose and baby moose are makeing me mad ! Plus a teaser..

Ok momma moose I have had about enough of you and your baby hanging out on my front porch.. It's 6 :20 and I am driving up to my drive way when i see miss Momma moose and her baby licking the snow off Kadies truck. I Thought great how am I going to drive in my driveway and get in to the grange. So I just sat there for 15 minutes and thought Geez Momma are you going to move any time soon? I then thought I will just open the garage and it will scare them. It did scare the baby just a little bit but not Momma. I then closed the garage door so mama would not get any big ideas and go inside. Momma then started to walk up my front stairs I thought you gotta be kidding me. Nope.. There she was on the first 2 stairs liking the snow off the rails. This lasted about 10 minutes she got done and went to the edge of my yard. I thought here is my chance to quickly get in my garage. I am telling you I was scared to death. I was afraid I might spoke her and that she might charge my car. Nope she just stood there and watched me go inside. It was a 15 minutes to 7 at this point and Mylissa and Robbie where needing to start off for the bus stop. I told them they would have to go out the back if the moose are still in the yard. Yep they were still there. Then at 8:15 when baby M was dropped off They were still smack in the middle of my front yard. (Remember it's still totally dark out side.) Baby M's Dad did not even see the moose until I said are the moose still in the yard. He looked and said holly crap thats a momma and her calf and they are very close. I said yep.. It's been like this all morning. Then at 8:45 when Madie and Garrett go to school they were at the forest edge. So they were able to leave out the front door. Here it is at 9:15 and you guessed it they are still in my yard. Here it is barley dawn (I took this with the flash) and they are still hanging out in my yard..
Oh how I love Alaska...
A couple post ago I said I was going to make a fancy apron to give away. I still am so do you want a peek of the fabric?
Ok so not the best pic but you get the jest plus There are some sparkly stuff and the black sateen that I left out. So what do you think?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wahoo Winners in the house!!!!!

On the last day of Junkie Laurie gave to me. One custom design blog make over form "Simply Custom" Blog Design Can you believe it? How very exciting!! I was very shocked to see my name it took me a moment to realise I had won!!! That Jensue was me!!! I just sat there for a moment then I let out a loud yell I won I won! There's a winner in the house. Yes i am a dork but thats why you all love me.. LOL

Thanks Laurie at Tip junkie for hosting these giveaways and thanks to all the mom puneres for providing your talents.
So keep an eye out for my new design.. I can hardly wait. I love makeovers.. LOL


Ok so I am not the only winner in the house I just got off the phone with Garrett the first thing out of my mouth was what did you do this time? By the tone of his voice i new he was not in trouble with out skipping a beat he said well I won a Turkey

Yes being in Alaska this was the vision that was going true my head..
I then said not a real one right. You could here his friends laughing in the back ground as he repeated what i said . No mom I won one for thanksgiving dinner.
I was much relived to know that this was the kind of turkey he won

Now I wonder what else we are going to win? Hmmm We did Singh up to win a new car. That would be nice!!

It was a fun day yesterday!!

Yesterday was a super fun day in the Wilderness home. It was Garrett's 10th birthday. Last night we had a family party for him.. We kinda played a little trick on him. We hid all his gifts so he could find them (He loves it when we do that) After he found them all we let him open them, first he was a little bummed because he only had 5 gifts not the ten he thought he should have gotten (we normally get them a gift for every year ) I told him his gift were expensive this year so he was getting less gifts. He then started opening them, first some shirts then some underwear, jogging pants and a belt. Lets just say we thought the kid was going to cry. He kept trying to smile and be grateful for what he had gotten. We told him it was time for cake and Ice cream.
As he was sitting there Shelly brought out his surprise gift.. He was so super excited he was speechless..The kids jaw dropped right down to the table and his eyes almost popped out of his head. The boy was so suprised to see the snowboard that he wanted. I Was so happy that he liked it!! It might be worth the broken leg he might get. LOL
Ben was very excited for garret to because he new that would mean that Garret would be taking him snowboarding. Garret is such a good big brother. He always lets Ben tag along.. Ben and Garret spent the rest of the night pretending to snowboard in the house. I think it tuckered Ben out just a little bit.This is how I found him in my bed last night.
I received the best box of goodies yesterday as well I will have to share it later today after I get more pix..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a little rant...

Ok every one that knows me knows that I am apron addicted.. Not only am I apron addicted I am also Addicted to apron swapping.. IT always seams like all my aprons are due at about the same time.. I just made 4 aprons and have 2 more to go before I am done swapping for the year. Plus i have all the aprons I need to finish up for Christmas... Whew that being said Here is one of the aprons I made. Nothing fancy here.. Just a simple classic apron with a simple classic print. I did lace the pocket and used satin ribbon for the ties but its any thing but fancy.. Why am I whining you may ask? Well The apron swap theme was hostess apron with the emphases being a fancy apron made with fancy fabric. So I was so excited to join this was right up my ally. This is where i shine makeing fancy schmancy things.. I had the prefect fabric the perfect pattern all picked out and then I got my partner. Who is a very sweet person but she asked for something homey and not to cutesy because she lives in the country and dose not get out to have fancy parties. I almost cried.. I thought you got to be kidding me.. This has to be a joke the queen of glitter and glam has to make a plane Jane apron.. What a bummer.. So I really was not in the spirit of this whole apron swap and every time I looked at the blog I just drooled seeing all the fancy aprons that were being made I got a little sad when ever I looked at the non fancy apron I had made.Then I thought grow up Jennifer it's not the end of the world. You just made a fun apron that some one will love the way they wanted it not the way I wanted it. Then I remembered Duhh the other part of the apron swap is getting one in return.. When I was on the flirty apron swap blog today I think I saw the one I am getting just because of something she said.. So know I am all excited again.
I also decided that I am going to go ahead and make a fancy schmancy apron OK 2 fancy schmancy aprons one for me and one for a lucky blog reader. So stay tuned for another giveaway soon..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turning Ten!!

This is My sweet Gare bear my 5th child whom I love so very much!! He was such a super cute 3 year old.. He never fails to make me laugh.. Everyone who knows Garrett loves him because he is like a bright light you just cant help but be drawn to him. It's so hard to believe that tomorrow the kid is Turing 10 oh how time flies..
So here's wishing you a happy 10th birthday.. I love you baby boy!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lets talk about the movie

I am not going to say i hated it and I am definitely not going to say I loved it!! I thought it was a cheesy teen flick totally nothing like the book and I hated it the whole way they did Edwards character. Lets just say they totally goofed up Jasper's Character.. Put all that aside and it was just OK.. I knew it would be nothing like the book I just did not expect it to leave so much of it out..
The best part of the whole movie was sitting next to my hubby and knowing he loves me enough to come with me to a goofy chick flick..

So those of you who saw the movie What did you all think?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Blog readers

My dearest blog readers,
As a courtesy I thought I would let you know that I will probably be neglecting all my blog reading duties today as i prepare my self for the twilight movie. I will be taking a nap instead and painting my finger nails bright red and picking out the cutest outfit to wear..
So do forgive me for not being around today. I promise you this that I will be back tomorrow grinning from ear to ear with the delight of having seen the biggest movie of the year. So until tomorrow my blog readers I will be gone..
Love Jenn sue Wild..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The winner and a crayon roll

Drum roll please The winner of this lovely bracelet is Alicia Aka Yaya e-mail me your Addy and I will send this beauty off..

Did you all notice my blog back ground? only until midnight do we have to wait until the movie comes out.. I won't be at the midnight showing cuz I have baby M first thing but I will go tomorrow evening. I am so excited.. Anyone elce excited?

Yesterday I thought I would start on some Christmas gifts for my friends and family for the holidays. I am not going to share everything but I thought I would share this darn cute crayon roll .. It is super easy to make and dose not take much fabric at all.
I found 2 different tutorials and I liked them both..

The first tutorial is from Little birdie secrets This the one I used .. It was super easy..
The second tutorial I found on SkipToMYLOU
I really Like this one as well it is very much the same except you line the inside with iron on vinyl so the crayons don't mark up the fabric. tomorrow I hope to but some of that iron on vinyl.
I have a few more projects that could use the Vinyl as well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who wants to win a Jennsue Wild original?

Leave a comment and tell me what you are thankful for.. And i will choose a winner on Thursday and this bracelet could be yours.. Yep thats all you have to do No singing no dancing just tell me one thing you are grateful for..

Monday, November 17, 2008

This is why I love my Hubby so much.. And the 5th Tag

So while I was gone My hubby did lots of super nice things for me .. First he took the week off so that I could go. He then redecorated my Bedroom , cleaned the house , bought me flowers and candy and made the kids happy. What more could a gal ask for? Well he he had to show his total sweet side.. One of his projects was to put together a new dresser set that we bought for my bed room. When I was putting away all my new treasures I asked if there was anything in the highboy he said he only filled one draw I said ok and did not give it another thought. I started hanging things up and reorganizing my stuff. I went back to the dresser and opened the top drawer and to my surprise Dale had sweetly placed all Williams treasures tenderly in the drawer. I just cried.. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness.. My heart just swelled with my love for him.. What a man an amazeing man I am married to.

Ok I don't normally do Tags but I will do it for you Magritte The tag is you are suppose to take the 5th pic from your 5th file folder and post it easy enough . I thought hmm this could be fun. The 5th file folder was labeled Ben so I was a little suprised when I saw what picture it was. I thought no way am I sharing this, I just sat there and cried. It's a pic that brings me both joy and pain Joy because its William and much sorrow because it's the last pic I ever took while he was alive. In fact this was taken probably just 8 hours before he took his last breath. I hated for the longest time because the quality is so bad and he looks so sick in this pic. I some times get so mad at my self that I did not take more that day. I rember being so sure that we had tomorrow. But my gut new better and I chose not to listen. In fact i had a photo shoot scheduled the next day. I wish I would have made Valerie come that night.. Oh the little regrets..

Ok if anyone want's to play along you are welcome to..