Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weeked visit.

Last weekend we got in the car and drove the 3 hours to Grandma and Grandpas.
My kids love being abel to see there Aunt and grandparents.
It is so much fun to see them so happy to be with them.

I sometimes have to pinch myself that we live so close.
I look forward to many more weeked visits.
PS. can you belive it's the last day of June.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My new friend!

This is my new friend I am having a hard time coming up with a name for this little one.
Doesn't he/she have a sweet face.
So help me come up with a name for this sweet face.
I am so stumped.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A happy Family!

I love this painting of husbands family.
Every time I go to his parents house I take a moment and just stair at it.
Plus the little boy in the pictuer is the love of my life.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun!

My kids are haveing a ton of fun in the sun!
It's been years since we have had a slip and slide.
Every day my kids have been on it .
I think we will be getting an above ground pool soon.
As for now the slip and slide will have to do.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A little pink madness.

Yesterday I was invited to a baby show since my sewing machine is not set up I had to come up with a no sew project.

This sweet pink number is what I came up with.

I made the tutu by tying Tull around elastic.
Then made my Boutique Flowers to put on it and added a pink ribbon.
I then took and hand sewed a boutique flower to a little oneise.

I bought some ribbon elastic sewed it in to a circle by hand (You could hot glue it) then hand sewed a boutique flower to it.
I really love how put together it all looked The only thing that was missing was some shoes next time I guess.

The best way to spend a Sunday

He has a little Risky Business look going on.

My running buddy

Every day I go running this little guy starts running with me.
It's so funny he will go a quarter of a mile with me then he will head back home.
This has happen 4 times.
You would think I had nuts or seeds in my pockets the way he follows me.
We will see if it keeps happening.
Maybe I will just start running with nuts and seeds. LOL

Friday, June 24, 2011

Home sweet home!!.

So this is our little home we are renting.
Don't let the size fool you it has a big heart inside.
Can you believe i's a 5 bed room 2,800 square feet.
I was shocked to say the least.
It looked so small on when we first drove up I thought there was no way 7 of us are going to fit in this house.
I entered into the house and had goose bumps I new some how this would be our home for at least the next year.
After looking at the main level I went down into the basement and was shocked at how big it was.Oh yeah I forgot to mention I thought this house was just a 3 bedroom.
Down stairs is big with 2 bedrooms a big family room with space for a craft area and office.
I new then and there we were taking it the price was right too.
 Our neighborhood and our new Ward family at church  is so helpful and friendly.
I think I love it here plus I swear I have de-aged 10 years since moving here. 
I will share inside pix soon.
I am slowly decorating and getting every thing cute inside I love how it is turning out so far.
Now that we have moved and have a house all we need is a job! 
I pray Dale finds one as quickly as we found the house. 
So far every thing is going the way it should be and I am so great full for a loving Heavenly Father who has listen to my needs and is answering my prayers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The grill master!

For Fathers day The kids got the best dad in the world a grill.
We love to BBQ in the summer and Dale love to grill for us so it was the perfect gift.
For fathers day he made dinner for us.
Hamburgers and hot dogs .
Oh my were they good.
I think we will be BBQing a lot his summer.

Travel Log Alaska To Cheyenne!

11:pm the night before we left we descovered that we packed our pass ports in the moving truck.
I prayed that we would finde them quickly. It only took about 25 boxes to finde them.
For the longest time I thought I had packed them turned out it was my husband. So glad it was him and not me.
Day1 Late start but every thing went smoothly.

Day 2 We got 90 miles and the gas pedel spring broke we pulled over and were on our way when we relized Dan and Kadie were not fallowing us.
The feiat would not start, Dale tried starting it and when it wouldent he went to take the key out and it broke in the damisions.
Some how Dale got the key to work as we started to leave the macanic said let me check the batery life before you leave . The brand new batery was drained. We new then that there was an altanater problem.
So we were stuck in Toke for the night.

Day 2 still stuck in Tok we celebrate Kadies 21st birthday.
(no Pick I suck)
Day 3 we leave Tok at 3pm and make it almost to White Horse Canada.
Day 4 drove all night rested for 2 hours traveling for about an hours the tier on my trailer blew while going 50 miles an hour.

Changed the tier all is well until 5 hours down the road The exhaust on Dales truck stared to come apart (Mind you it was all brand new)
( Dales Truck pulling his love)
(waiting for the truck to be fixed)

got it fixed and contued to drive through the longest national park ever.

We saw amazing wild life some a little closer than we would have liked.
(my face it's so wild oh ya and there is a bear)

Day 5 12:30 am still driving from day 4 when a lovely deer decided to run in front of my truck I barely stopped in time the poor deer feel on it's bum and skirted across the high way close call fro us both but all was well.

4pm we were in Dawson creek so close to getting back on track we were all happy and ready to push on to Edmonton.

We get 20 mins out of Edmonton and the unthinkable happened the ball bearings on the fiat seezed and Dan and kadie were forced into on coming traffic by the grace of God they barely missed being hit by a semi.
There was no way to fix the car with out the proper parts wish would take for ever and a day to get to us.
We called a tow truck went to the nearest town of Grand Pierre stayed the night in a hotel it was the best night sleep of the whole trip.
Oh ya did I forget to tell you Dales exhaust was compleatly sheared off while driving to Grand Prerrie.

Day 6 we rented a u haul and trailer for the Fiat and got Dales Truck fixed by the nicest man ever I swear Steve was an angel he was so postie and made us laugh. He also charged us nearly nothing to fix the exhaust.

We had a good lunch and were on our way.
This was June 3rd and let me tell you it looked like December with all the snow that was coming down.

The snow was our down fall. The snow was not sticking and the road was super wet causing Dan and Kadie to hydroplane and almost tip the Uhaul . Unforgettably it dose not end there not only did the u- haul take air and almost tip over the trailer that was on the back of the Uhal caring Dales 1962 Galaxy detached. My poor son ilaw had to retrieve it and reattach it on his own.
Dale and I were up to far and did not know what was going on we had stopped and tried calling but had no cell service.
Dan and Kadie finally caught up we were so happy all was well.
We finally got to Edmonton at midnight  Stayed in the most amazing hotel sweet.

Laughed about our day and ate pizza at one am.
Day7 we decided to go to the famous Edmonton mall ( we had planed on staying a day and going to the in door water park but couldn't because we were so far behind.)
We had fun and then were on our way at 6 pm we planned to drive strait through the night to the Us boarder we were so excited and every thing was going great.
We stopped for a potty break and gas at 10 pm .

When were were ready to leave Dales truck the moving truck would not start.
Our hearts sunk we prayed that Dale could fix it.
3 ours later Dale was able to rebuild the starter with what ever he could find in his truck ( Did I ever tell you my husband is amazing.)
Day 8 we are now on our way and drive a few more hours.
We stop 90 Klomters from the Us boarder and take a rest.
Woke up refreshed and ready to be in the USA again.

We got to the US boarder at 9am and were so happy ( yes I cried)

We then continued on our way to Billings MT and met up with my Mom and Dad.

We went swimming then ate the best Olive Garden dinner ever.
Day 9 Kissed our big boys goodbye as the went with my parents.
Then were were on our way to Cheyenne or were we?
Yes more issues The starter on the truck was shot no way was it going to start.
We found a Car-part store and got a new starter in 15 mins Dale had that Baby in and we were on our way.
We were almost to Cheyenne when a giant storm hit.
(You know something had to happen right)
Well it did Dan some how hit the hood witch on the Uhaul and the hood started to fly up in the middle of the storm.
30 mins later we were in Cheyenne.
Yay we were all alive and so happy to be there.
I tell you the moral of this story is never take Dan and Kadie on a road trip with you.
For the longest time we thought Dale and his cars were the curse but now after writing this all down I believe it was Kadie and Dan all the stuff kept happening to them for the most part.
Hmm makes one wonder. LOL

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting setteled in!

We found a cute house to rent and are getting settled in.
Our neighborhood is great and we have allready met new friends and runited with old ones.
We are haveing so much fun and are enjoying the sunshine.
This week it is my goal to catch up on blogging and finish unpacking.
Hopefully somebody is still reading my blog.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We are in Colorado!

I would like to say it was fun and the perfect ride from Alaska to Colorado but I cant .
I can tell you I will never drive in Canada again. I loved Canada and I think Canada loved us so much she tried to keep us there. I will share the full story later I swear we could write a best seller with all the adventures we had.
In the mist of craziness I did take some great pix. But I left my camera in WY. at my in laws.
So stay tuned from my story's and remind me to tell you about Grand Prairie Steve one of the best men on earth. I swear he was an angel.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I tell ya.

My postive meeter is very low at this very moment Yes I am having a pitty party.
Here we are with car isues again big ones this time.
We have had something go wrong every day of this trip.
I have stayed postive this whole time not lost my timper once Drove strait through the night for 3 days with out a shower stayed in the same clothes and traveled with 8 stinky pepole for three days, peed on the side of the road, listened to endless chatter from a 10 year old bairly missed hitting a deer had the tailer tire blow out while driving 50 miles an hour.
I tell you I have just roaled with the punches.
Last night was the last straw we were so close just 4 hours away from being back on track we were all happy laughing and then in a matter of minuets every thing changed.
The feat ballbearings seezed and Dan and Kadie just barley missed being the hood ordament of another car.
The Feit is toat it we will have to wait days that we dont have for parts and to top it all off the brand new exaust on the moving truck was sheared off some how.
So we are stuck in Canada.
I told Dale to just give the dang Fait away.
I hinda just cried things out this morning.
I feel better I am just tyring to stay positive, it's just hard when every thing seems to be going wrong.

I have to end this post on a funny note.
When every thing was at it's worst last night we were all crammed in my car tring to stay out of the rain waiting for Dale to get a room Madeline said Dad was saying a lot of bad words in the truck, he was really mad. I said what kinda bad words was he saying. She whispers Damn and Hell. I said what other bad words she replied that's all Damn and Hell just a lot.
Kadie , Dan and I just snickered and Dan said if those are the existent of the bad words he was saying I must be pure evil because I was saying a lot worse bad words than that. Thank goodness Madeline did not ask what they were.

I do have to say I love my family and even those every thing seems to be going wrong they have stayed happy and sweet during this whole adventuure.
I really am blessed .
Hopefully today will be a good day.