Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Shelly my 16 year old think we as people are wasters. So we are always getting the recycling talk from her. The girl loves going to thrift stores and buying clothes and remaking them to fit her style. I am very proud of her talent and desire to do what she dose. A few months ago I saw an apron swap that the theme was Recycled. I joined knowing that I need to make an apron out of old clothing. I kept looking in the thrift stores trying to find the right thing then I remembered that I had bought a skirt for Shelly at a yard sale a few months ago that was too big for her. Well I took it out of her closet and new it would be the perfect apron..
I cut the sides at the seams sewed them up and mad i. it was simple and cute.Here is the back view of the apron. Yes a dumb pic also. but you can see how simple it was to just add the ties. The other part of the challenge was to send a shopping bag to use at the grocery store instead of using paper or plastic. So I decided to make the Bag out of one of my old tank tops. It was easy all I did was sew up the bottom and wala You have a cute shopping bag.

In yesterday's post I told you about an apron I got on Friday. I saved it for this post because it was made out of Recycled products. It's very cute and fun and flirty. Don't you think.. Now I keep looking at clothes and think Hmm that would make a cute apron.

Question of the day do you Recycle? If the answer is yes what do you Recycle?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun treats in the mail..

Friday was a super fun mail day. Miss Madie came running home from the mail box saying momma the mail . Guess what you have two apron packages. I eagerly ripped the first one open while she riped the second one.So I opened the first one wondering wish Swap it could have come from I saw a children's book and thought how sweet. I then looked at the apron and thought how cute is this.I then read the note and found out this was a first time swapper. In being a first time swapper she did not say witch swap she was from.. So I did some investigating and saw she was on the flirty apron summer vacation swap... So I am guessing that this is the apron from this swap. Anyways.. I read the sweet note and then looked at the book. It was called the little stream a parable. I thought how sweet. I have heard the book read in primary many times and some how did not know it was a book. I thought it was just a story from a manual or something. I grew up with the song the book was based on Give said the little stream.. so I thought how thoughtful of her to send this book. I then read who the Author was. It was Kristi Sherwood Crum.The maker of my new apron and the sender of the package. I was totally impressed with her modesty in never once saying in her letter by the way here is a book I wrote. She even inscribed the book and singed it.It is a very sweet insception. She also said how much she liked Sarah Palin. The whole experience was very neat.. I will show off the apron later..

The second package was not an apron but a Target reusable Shopping bag and a J monogrammed note card. I looked at it confused for a moment thinking what swap is this from. I then opened the note that came with it. It was from my beautiful Low matance older sister Crystal. She thoughtfully sent me the target bag so that I would have a target bag for the opening day of target coming up on the 12th of October. I can hardly wait. Thank you my big sissy for being so thoughtful. I love it and can't wait to fill it up with all the yummy target goodies..I am so lucky to have such a good older sister who knows how hard it is to be with out a Target. Poor girl was in Germany for 4 years with out one..

I hope every one is having a great Monday. I will probably post later today about Making recycled aprons and shopping bags.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rockin the ball!!

Whoo the Ball was a lot of fun!! Dale looked smokin hot I looked well I looked like one hot momma. I know the burning question on every body's mind is what color where her shoes.. Well let me show ya..
Yep I went with Red shoes and fish nets to spice it up even more.. I went with silver sparkly accessory's because red would have been too much ..I still had to be a little tame and not all out and Wilde. So here is me in the dress the complete whole picture..

Showing a little leg and of course I have the best dorky face I could muster..This is for you Magritte.. I thought I was doing the rock on Singh but realised Iwas just saying I love you.. LOL Sorry I am not is cool as Sie-man..Here I am with my sweater on .. Shelly was our paparazzi for the night.. This is her having me work it!!

Here is me with my spoken Hot date!! He is so handsome..

Of course I had to slip a big ole smooch in there.. Who could I not give this big hunk of a man a kiss all dressed in his Mess dress.. After all I love a man with a bow tie..This last pic is of our place cards.. Note we have a new last name .. We are now the Wildness-family. LOL

I do have to say my shoes were a hit I got complement after complement on them.. And of course I was asked how the heck can you walk in those things.. LOL I smiled and said these things they are my little heels you should see my every day heels.LOL

I hope everyone is having a Fabulous weekend..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tonight is the ball

I am so excited for tonight.. It is The Air force ball. I can hardly wait to get all dressed up and look smashing... I tried every thing on last night and I think the shoes may be just a little to bright. I am just a little nervous but we will see I still not tell ling what color I chose . I might still change the shoe choice it's still up in the air.

Here is a pic of us from last year. As I look at it I have to giggle because my look is going To be so different this year. I think last year I went safe and elegant . This year not so safe.. I thought to my self last night that if this was the 1950's my outfit would be considered scandals. And in the South as my friend Katie would say only that kinda girl wears that color of shoes you know the color that i am going be wearing .. LOL

I will post pix tomorrow of my big night out.. So what are you all doing tonight?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apron GiveAway

In celebration of Voting and Choice, EllynAnne Geisel is giving away this vintage apron
She is the autour of the apron book Tie One on So go check out her super cool blog Apron memories and enter to win this lovley apron.. And don't forget to vote.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The reversible crayon apron!!

Yes Madeline is the most beautiful 7 year old in the world. She is the perfect apron model for this cute little apron. As I said in my previous post I was an apron tester for cbeerybaby The the owner of cberrybaby created this lovely apron pattern. It is perfect for little girls ... You should check out her shop she has the yummiest creations!! I felt very honored to be able to do this!!
And Yes I will be makeing them for My niece and nephews this year For Christmas.. I wont add the ruffle for the boys.. What little Kiddo wouldn't like this cute apron..

Trying new things...

Monday I did something I have never done before in my crafting world I made an apron with out a pattern just flowing the measurements that The pattern writer wrote down. (now I have made up patterns on my own in fact I do it all the time but I never measure) So this was completely out of my comfort zone but I liked it a lot. It kinda gave me a buzz to be able to fallow a few measurements and come up with the most cutest apron ever. The apron that I made was a test apron for an amazing talented apron maker. She wrote an e pattern book and asked a few of us if we could test it for her and i was lucky enough to do just that. I will show you all the apron tomorrow I have to get some crayons and hopefully the sun will be good today.

I have been drooling over these purses that LOLA again makes wanting to make them but scared to try because of all the measuring that was involved. Now that I know I can do it I will definitely be makeing a purse this weekend.. She has the greatest patterns on her blog. The tutorials are great!! I think I am going to start with her Angel purse it is super cute and has been calling my name for a while.. This is a picture that I stole from her site..

She also has the Keisha bag that really want to make for my trip to the real world. Hence Utah to shop with my should be sister Bernie Jo.. I thought it would be fun to make each of us one..

So tell me about the things you are scared to try or something you have done that was completely out of your comfort zone. I would love to hear..

Monday, September 22, 2008

A is for apron!!

I finally broke down and got this book I have been wanting it for a while but I decided not to get it when I found out that it cost 8 dollars to enlarge each of the patterns. Yet I kept hearing talk about the book. They never had it anyany of my book stores so I asked my local Walden's to order it for me. When I saw the book I feel in love with it!! It is so fun and has great tips and fun fun patterns...So if you want a good apron book this is the one I would get.

An apron from Spain. I got this from a The cowboy apron swap that I was in over the summer. I was wondering if I was ever going to get it. but at last it arrived in the mail on Saturday. I think it is super cute!!

I will leave you with this no frills apron I made for a Gal in MT. She is a No Frills kinda gal that loves earth tone.. So I decided to go with this plane # I made it from Oilcloth so that it would be durable for when she gardens and dose her heavy duty cooking. I hope she likes it!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creepy Man in the shoe department.

Yesterday I was at Burlington Coat factory Shopping for Shoes .. Of course My heart kept skipping beats every time I saw a new pair. I felt like a kid in the candy store with so many choices and colors. Why haven't I been there before now?? I think Dale and I forgot there was one in Anchorage I felt like I was in heaven with all the great brand names all under one roof with low prices.. Anny way on to my creepy man story. So I kept trying on Stiletto after stiletto and I realize there is this old man watching me he then smiled and said why don't you try these on at first I just thought he was being nice then I soon realized. He got his jollies from watching women try on stiletto hills. He kept saying creepy things and I kept thinking where is my husband come save me. I Finley got a little curt with him when he said well try both the shoes on and walk around for me honey. I said I don't have time for this and just ignored him. Crazy..

I ended up getting 3 pairs of stilettos I was good because at first i was going to get 6 pairs. They were all so fun!! I also got the cutest jacket I will have to model it later but it is so stinken cute!! I almost forgot what a trill it can be to get cute things at good prices.. Needless to say I am on a happy shoe high and it feels good.. just imagine how it's going to be when I go shopping in the real world in a little over a month.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

They are all mine!!!

And I could not be more proud of Them.. I have written about this before it is impossible to get a picture where all our family members are just smiling. No they all have to be goofs. It use to just make me so mad.. Now I just deal with it and tell myself I will love it when they are all grown..

OK now on to a more serious topic. Shelly the other night said something that hurt my feelings. she told me I was fake. She said that the real world dose not get to see the real me. I thought what . I am so not fake I am as real as they come. It really bothered me and hurt my feelings.. She then came to apologize and said I am sorry that I hurt your feelings but I am not going to change what I said. I then asked her to explain why I am fake. She then said you always have to do your hair and make up and smile fake in pictures. I then smiled and said Shelly thats vain not fake.. To me fake is pretending to be somebody you are not. Someone who has no real believes or convection's. Someone who only wants the glory, someone who looks down on others, someone who has no clue who they are. She said OK then I can see how you may have been offended by what I said she kissed me and that was that.
I will be the first to admit that I am very vain but I would never rip up a picture I did not look Terrific in Heck I have even exposed my ugly side here my blog a few time. I think often of the pictures of me right after I gave birth to William my hair was awful I had cried off all my make up but in those pictures I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world my inner beauty way outshines my outer beauty that's what I see and love.. Anny ways It still makes me sad that she would think of me like that.. It makes me feel like I am not doing a good job at teaching my children it's OK to be who they are. But believe me I let them. Just look what they are wearing in there pix. things they like and love not what I would have them wear. Believe me I would have them all preppy and Cheerleader looking in designer clothes. My girls are any thing but they are there own unique persons. and I love it.. So Shelly belly let me be who I am.. LOL
Ok done venting..

So what is your opinion of Fake?

I love the fall!!!

I am so loveing the beautiful colors of fall. I love the crisp cool air and the wonderful smells of Fall. This week end we are going to go to a fall festival. I can't wait it should be a lot of fun! Hopefully I can pick up some fun fall decorations. I can't wait to get All my decorating done.
I have been creeping down to the crawl space all morning slowly taking out all My fall decorations. Holly cow I have a lot, yet I keep seeing more things I want. Yikes.. Hopefully I will be all decorated by the weekend So I will be able to show pix on Sunday.. We will see. I still have some projects fall related that I would like to get done as well. I am always doing something..

since i am talking about fall I thought I would show you this amazing Halloween apron I recived in The mail From my friend Missy It is supper cute!!
She also made this uber adorable pot holder and treat bag.. I love them all. Like I said she is super talented and I am one lucky girl.
So have you all started your fall decorating yet?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So what do you all think?

Red accessories or Black accessories?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thought this was cute!! Reminds me of me and shopping last saturday.

Saturday I went to the mall and a dress shop was going out of business so of course I had to take a peek. I was a very good girl and came out with only one dress. It is super cute and I can't wait to wear it to The Air force Ball next week end. Now I just need new shoes and accessories.
So do you all want a sneak peek?? If you say yes I will show you all tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ben destroyed an apron today..

This morning I hear Ben say Momma please don't be mad. I said what did you do?
Ben said: I cut a big hole right threw your apron Please don't be mad.

Momma: OK lets see the damage.

Ben: I SO sorry here it is

Momma: Bawling

Ben :Bawling

Momma: Benny thats not my apron I needed to send it out today!

Ben I promise it will be OK!! I will help you make a new one !! You are a super fast good apron maker mommy.

Mommy: OK we will do our best...
One hour later it was done...

I don't have the heart to show the first one it was just so dang cute. The theme was dream vacation. the gal I had wanted to go to Hawaii with her 6 young Kids. So I made her an apron out of this Hawaiian Fabric . I also mad a very fun shell necklace and bracelet but forgot to take pix and 6 candy leis for her sweet children. I hope she likes it all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Give the boy some gape fruit.

We were shopping all day most of the time it was for food 2.5 hours in Costco with 5 kids No fun...

Ben my sweet mellow child kept having melt downs every time we would go by a sample of course he wanted some of what ever it was. I normally said yes. But when we went by the guy giving out grepfruit I said no Ben you cant have any. Ben then started kicking the cart saying please let me have some grape fruit . I kept saying Ben NO you wont like it. I could just feel my head getting ready to explode, when I hear chanting from a distance give the boy some grape fruit give the boy some grape fruit give the boy some grape fruit. I turned to see the grape fruit man chanting this. It was quite the sight he had a hair net on both his head and face and he was pounding on the table chanting the taunting tune give the boy some grape fruit. I looked at the man and just started giggling and said Ben do you really want to try the grape fruit. He said ya momma I love grape fruit. I turned around to the applause of the grape fruit man and got a sample of grape fruit for Ben . As soon as I gave it to Ben he puts it in his mouth and said Momma you are right I no like Grape fruit.. I guess The momma is always right Grape fruit man.

Friday, September 12, 2008

PFD Friday!!

Today is the one day a year Alaskans look forward to more than Christmas. It's The Day Alaskans get there PFD Permanent dividend fund.. This is the first year most of our family members get it except Dale. I am so glad that we get it this year because it is an record amount and I would be hating life to day if we missed out this time around.. So need less to say it's a happy day to be an Alaskan.. The PFD almost makes up for bad shopping and the cold. LOL

I promise I am not going to spend all our PFD on Fabric or Scrapbook supplies... Here are 2 aprons I made that are now at there new homes....

I wish i would have taken the time to have modeled these 2 cute aprons they are so much cuter on . This one I made for my friend Miss Missy we were in a swap together.. I like the pocket a lot on this one..This 2nd one I made for my sweet friend in KS Auntie M I think it is the cutest apron I have made so far I just love the color combo and the fabric. What you cant see is that it is all sparkly and just sew fun!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Singing in the rain!!

And I thought Ben with out shoes was bad... Hmm 3o 0 out and hes playing in the rain in his swimming suit. He did not argue when I said come in He said ok MOm I think it's to cold let me get my boots and a coat.

The joy of being a mom...

Ben said momma why do I need to put my shoes on ? I said because you will get sick and it's my job as the momma to keep you from getting sick. Ben then said I guess it's my job as the kid to scream and say I don't want to come in.

I Said you can scream if you want to or you can be a big boy and come in and Ben interupted then if I listen to you because you are a good mom will take me for ice cream

I guess I am a good mom. And yep he has my number. I just love this little boy tears and all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Office.. Yea right!!

Shelly found this in a magazine and thought I would like it!!

I wish This was "Me" Jennifer's office looked like this. If it did I would never leave it.

One day one day I always say one day .. When my kids grow up but I think when that happens I will be having too much fun being a Grandma to stay in an office to create. I will want to be creating with them. So I think My office will pretty much look the same as it dose now!! Messy and full of love..

Being a mom is the best job ever..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fresh chicken Eggs

Yesterday my good friend Jodie came over with some yummy Eggs fresh from her hen house. Believe it or not I have never had a fresh chicken egg. The only eggs I have ever have are bought from the store. I have to tell you all the story behind why Jodie brought me chicken eggs. We were talking in the halls at church when Granny Obereg passed by and Jodie said June we butchered a few chickens last night do you want one. I was like you did what? It was like they were talking French or something . Granny Oberg Said well you know Jen you have to kill the bird before you eat it.. Even you could do it in your high heels on. Jodie then said I did not know they made high heel hip waters. I then asked why would you need hip waters. Jodie just snickered and said so you don't get blood al over you when you chop off there head.. Yuck...I about heared enough and asked if she just had chickens that laid eggs she said yes. Would you like some fresh eggs? Of course I said.. Right after we had just had this conversation The country girl telling the city girl how to kill a chicken Our sweet friend Linda came up and said OK girls I have been watching you to talk and I was noticeing something . You both look great in your Sunday best but I could not help but notice how different you to are Jennifer is dressed Jodie pipes in Classy and beautiful and I am dressed comfortable and country. Linda said well yes she then said she love how that despite or obvious difference you could see the light of our friend ship shine threw

Thats how I feel about you all my bloggy friends we are all so different some of us old some of us young some of us from different countries and some of us in different stages in life. Yet every time I read your blogs or you all leave me a comment I fell the light of your friend ships most of you who I have never met..

I want to thank all of you for making my day a little brighter.

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 New Scrappy Layouts..

So as I said in my last post I was creative over the week end here are 2 of the LO I did the first being a sketch from the marvelous Becky Fleck at Page Maps.. It's a 6x12. I love doing her sketches They are always just so inspirational. you all should go check her out.The second LO i did was with the prompt word Choose from another challenge site I like to go to it was am old prompt but I liked it!! It was one of those times that the word just spoke to me . When saw the word Choice it immediately struck a cord with me. I choose to do a LO on the chose I made to to keep William. For those of you that don't know when I was told William had Trisomy 18 I was also told I had the option of abortion. I was stuck by those words. I went to all the "Best specialist "and they even went so far to say that it was not like I was really giving birth to a real baby. If I wanted to at 23 weeks I could just give birth and get it over with. (I am going to trow a disclaimer in there if the specialist would have said this is the only chance to see him alive and that I had continued the pregnancy he would be in pain yes I would have done it I know people who have and I admire them for thre courage.) But thats not what I was being told they made it sound like I was carrying a cancerous tumor and I needed to get rid of it. With that being said here is my lay out.
I love this pic I had just given birth and Molly my wonderful Nurse was placing him in my arms for the first time. He was so beautiful and his spirit over took the room it was just so strong. Everyone who met him fell in love with him. Now tell me dose he look like a thing or a Cancerous tumor something that I would want to rid my body from. No I think not!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aprons , tote bags and Lippy stick..

Busey week end I did a lot of sewing and creating .. It felt so good. I made 3 aprons cut out 2 more and made 4 tote bags and managed to get 3 LO done. plus all the fun things I get to do as a Mom and even tried my hand at a Karate class. It was fun but I think I will stick to Yoga. I don't like the hitting part. I haven't taken pix of all my creations yet I was having too much fun so I will post them later but I will leave you with a fun pic of Benny boy looking all pretty. "Even boys like to try on the lippy stick it shouldn't be just for girls when it smells like candy" a quote from Ben..

Ohh and I have a Target update. The carts are all out front waiting to be loaded with fun yummy treasures and This is what the store looked like last week end..

It was empty with no merchandise but when I peeked in there last night There was candy in the check out aisle. That was a little trilling to me. It is so hard driving by there when it looks so ready to enter yet not be able to enter the doors.

So what did you all do this fine September week end?