Sunday, October 31, 2010


Did I scare you?
I scared Ben yesterday looking like this he said Momma Take a picture and post it on your blog.
I dare you!
Have a safe spooktacular Halloween.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our witches brew

Tonight we will be getting all dressed up to trunk Or treat at our church.
Last night I found all this loot for (Gasp) $8.00.
Wallmart had all there goody packs for .25 cents.
I think My witches brew will be a popular Brew tonight. (Cackle Cackle)

Friday, October 29, 2010

My snow angel

What do sixteen year old girls do on there day off from school right after the first snow fall?

Snow angels

Of course.
I love these pix of Mylissa I am so glad she still loves the sipel things in life.

Meeting the fairies

When meeting the fairies 1st rule is smile.

2nd rule shrink as small as them..

3rd rule pose silly with them..

I love it!

One Big brother  + one little brother Playing board games together.

= peace and quit.
Now that's priceless.

Merry Christmas I mean happy Halloween.

Halloween is just 2 days away yet it looks like Christmas time.

I am not complaining in fact I was a little worried that we hadn't had snow yet.

It was so breathtaking to wake up with a white blanket of snow.
My kids are supper excited too because they have no school today so they get to go sledding! 

Garrett was excited to because snow means money for the kid!

So Whats the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More proof that I am queen of the dorks..

When I was in California I went shopping at Ross and Tjmax.
I had limted time so I went as fast as I could.
I happend to shop 3 times in a total of 2 hours.
So the first Ross I went to I only had 30 mins so I quickly grabbed a ton of shirts and sweaters and tried them on.
I bought 6 shirts and 2 sweaters in that round.
This is one of the shirts I bought.
Cute right.
I thought it was fun and casual. I loved the was it loose but was still fitted.
Well I was putting it on and looked at the tag to see the brand and guess what?

It's a Maternity shirt.
She I growned out loud and then laughed my head off. Yes I am still going to wear it. Hee hee hee..

Princess Time.

Maddy and Bell

Maddy and Aerial

Maddy, Dale and the Tiana.
This picture is kinda funny, Ben was hiding behind my legs and princess Tiana tried to get him to come talk with her.
In her thick southern twain she said "Now handsome come on over and get Your picture with me"
Well the other handsome boy that was not hiding behind my legs was all to eager to please.
Tiana was such a good princess although I was not a big fan of her movie she was just an awesome princess.
She was the best at interacting with everyone.

Spooky Menu

For our Halloween dinner this year I have planed a spooky menu.
We are having creature fingers.
Spider web dip& chips
Ghost cheese sandwiches & Bloody merry soup.
Rotten apple punch.
And some fun surprises.
It's going to be so much fun!!
So are any of you planning any thing fun for Halloween diner?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home made Christmas!

My goal for this years Christmas is to make all my children's gifts but one.
I plan on making them 5 gifts each.
So that is a total of 40 homemade gifts.
Now here is the kicker my goal is to have them all made by December 1st.
I will start this madness November 1st.
So that will give me a month to get them all done.
I know mostly what I am going to make.
The soon to be 12 year old and the 13 year old are making me really get creative.
So if you know of any fun things to make teen aged boys let me know.
Yesterday I found this fun book at Joanie's and since all my kids love stuffy's I had to get it.
I think all my kids will love these fun cuddly monsters.
I also have a Jedi cloak planed for Ben, a fur stole and American girl doll clothes for Maddy, marshmallow guns and duct tape wallets for the boys.
The big girls will be getting some fun surprises too.
I have most of the stuff to make every thing. Now Ijust need to get started..
Wish me luck!

Wilderness family Toys..


Meeting Mickey!

The first think Ben said when we got to Disney is" Lets find Mickey I want to hug him".
We saw him many times but lines to see him were always so long.
On our 3rd day when we were in California adventures Ben finally had his chance.

He's normally shy and wont go up to the characters.
This time he ran up to Mickey and gave him the sweetest hug.
Dale and I had fun reuniting with Mickey too.
I think Mickey is the cutest mouse around.

PS. if you haven't seen the world of color you are missing out!
It is a must see.
When we were there in February they were just finishing up the pipe work.
I am so glad that we got too see it this time around.
I loved it!!

Trick or Treat

We paid the big bucks and went trick or treating in Disneyland.
Was it worth it ?
 I am not sure.
It probably would have been if we did not get stuck on a ride and missed the fire works.
It was also pouring rain.
As you can tell Ben is in a rain poncho.

The bonus part was we walked on every ride.
We were also surprised at how much candy we got.
The candy was good candy too.
No joke we got 20lbs worth of candy.
The decortication was great too.
All and all we had a great time..
Oh ya Dale was the hottest pirate there.
And Benny was pretty darn cute.
And look at Madeline's awesome Alice dress that my friend Kat made.
She also made my great Alice apron.
Thanks Kat!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh my Goodness!

It's stitch!
I love all of our expressions!

Maddy and Ben at Jedi training camp.

Jedi masters

young padawon Ben
young padawon Maddy

Madeline fighting Darthmall
Ben fighting Darthmall
All the young padawons at graduation!

I love that Disneyland has this Jedi training camp for the little ones.
It was truly magical for Ben.
He talks all the time about being a Jedi now!He is saying things like I am practicing having the fores.
I love that he still has child like wonder.
Even Madeline my skeptic got caught up in the magic.
For once she did not keep asking us if Darthvater was real or pretend. She really thought he was the real deal.If any of you are planing a trip to Disney this attraction is a must.
Even the adults got swept up in the magic.

On a side note am I the only one having blogger issues?I am having trouble with loading my pictures and my text is messed up.. Its driving me crazy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How could I leave this at the store!

I was doing a drive by real quick jump out of the car run into Tjmax before it closed in 20 minutes hopping to find a few cute things to add to my finds.
I get into the store walk around a bit when this lovely jacket started calling" Jennifer Oh Jennifer please take me home"
So I did even if Dale thinks it looks like an 80's jacket.
I Love it!!
I think It is super sexy!

Just a few things we did at Disney

We visited Walt and Mickey

We saw giant Mickey Pumpkins and played at the castle.

We pulled swords from the stone

We posed with a scare crows

We visited the haunted mansion.
This was all done in one morning.
Next I will tell you about becoming a Jedi and playing with the princes and visiting Mickey last but not least talking with the fairy's.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We are back from the happiest place on earth!

It was a great trip and we had tons of fun made many memories took tons of pictures and ate tons of naughty for you foods.
I will share all of it over the next few days..
For now I am going to finish unpacking all my treasurers..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello From Disneyland

We are having tons of fun!
It's been rainy and overcast but still warmer than Alaska.
Tonight we are taking Ben and Maddy to Mickeys Halloween party .
It should be fun!
Talk to you soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surprise from Japan!

Sunday morning I awoke to the phone ringing.
My friend Ande called and asked If she and the kids could spend the night.
The funny part is Ande lives in Japan.
She took a hop(military flight ) From Japan to Alaska.
She was trying to get to seattle
The first thing we did was go to Target.
If you haven't been to one in over a year you know just how exciting this is.
Then we came home and all her kids fell asleep
Jet lag or it jet leg any how it hit hard
It was a quick visit but I am glad she came.
We love you Ande and Kidos..
Next time bring Tom.