Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's been a good ride.

I am going to make this post short and sweet.
I am sad to say I will no longer be writing in Diamonds Fur and Laundry.
It was a fun 5 year stint it suited my needs at the time and helped me grow and heal.
This was not an over night decion I put a lot of thought and tears into this, I really want to go into a new direction of blogging.
I started a new blog Life as a Wilderness I hope you all my faithful readers will fallow me to my new blog.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am Thankful for my Kids!

November 6 I am thankful for my KIDS they make laugh,cry get angry, fill out of touch with reality ,smile, grieve,dance, yell, do things I don't want to, love unconditionally, They amaze me with their spitual knowledge, They bring me great joy and give me beautiful Grand kids I love you all more than you will ever know. Thank you for being Awesome kids Kadie Wilderness Dahl Daniel Dahl, Rochelle Wilderness, Mylissa Wilderness, Robbie, Garrett, Madeline, Benjamin and my sweet William.

Crafting is my Natural High

As most of the nation knows recreational marijuana is aloud in Colorado.
On FB and in emails friends and family have made tons of jokes about moving here to get high or that I am lucky because I cam leagaley smoke my worry's away.
Yes its all kinda funny knowing that its angst my religion  and moral beliefs to do drugs.
So here is my funny back at them My natural high is crafting.
Today I finaly made a fall wreath. I love how it turned out it was pretty easy and cost under 10 dollars to make and about a half and hour to do.

I used this fun tutorial as my guideline.

I added some ribbon and flower picks and made a few rolled flowers.
I love how it looks and already have plans for a Christmas style wreath.

Tankful for my right to Vote!

As the sun set of Colorado Springs I went with my husband and 18 year old daughter to vote !
I have been taught all my life that each vote counts yes I Know about the electoral vote and the popular vote.
The reason I say each vote counts is because its our right and duty as Americans to vote our for fathers fought for this right for us and as women and me being a women take this right seriously. 
I also believe that we have a  moral right to vote, also if we don't vote we don't have a right to complain about politics and the way our political leaders are leading.

We were proud of our daughter Mylissa she watched the debates looked up the policy's that were on the ballot and registered to vote all on her own.
She asked questions and discussed her views with us and other class mates she even chose on her own witch party she wanted to be affiliated with.
She amazed me at how seriously she took her duty to vote.

I am thankful for my good health!

This picture was taken the 4th of July I felt pretty good this day despite the fact I had a kidney stone.
The next day I woke up super sick vomiting and shaking.
Dale took me to the Emergency room and 2 hours later I was having emergency surgery.
I took me a while to heal but I am back to my old healthy self.

Being sick was not fun and reminded me of how grateful I am for my health.
I thank my Heavenly Father every day for my good health 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am thankful for Ben

This boy always cracks me up he is so fun and sweet .
I was downloaded pictures the other day and found some pictures Ben took.

I Carly.

And his sister Shelly were wearing the same shirt so the warranted getting their Photos taken by Ben.

Ben's logic makes since to him.
Like I said many times I love this boy more than anything;}

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I am thankful for no harm.

Garrett had an all day wrestling tournament yesterday.
It was long and a hard day for me to watch .
I hate seeing the boys in some of the positions they get into, they are down right scary.

Yesterday there were many injury's one boy broke his arm another boy broke a nose. and the worse injury was a neck injury.
The boy with the neck injury was taken away by ambulance it was quite scary and something I worry about with Garrett all the time.
I am grateful Garrett did not get an injury.

I am Thankful for a Lazy day!

Friday was the first day in weeks that I did not wake up and hit the ground running all day.
I woke up early snuggled in my warm bed with the most handsomest man in the world.
I then took the kids to school.
Went to Target then came home and watched a movie.
It was fun and a much needed break from my every day life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Secret Santa swap answers;}

  1. What are your hobbies? Sewing, reading, crafting , cooking, hiking, running, jewelry making
  2. What are your favorite colors? red, aqua ,yellow, pink
  3. Do you collect anything? birds, fabric,paper dolls,beads, aprons, pot holders and kitchen bling.
  4. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? Cats
  5. Do you have any pets? NO
  6. Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate? Chocolate
  7. What do you like to read? Adolescent novels, Christmas stories, Dr. SUSE  Cook books, cooking Magazines fashion magazines
  8. Do you prefer Cookies or Candies as a sweet? candies
  9. What is your favorite holiday treat? Pecan bars, candy cane almond bark, 
  10. Describe your favorite holiday tradition. Advent calender, Christmas eve pajamas, Smorgas borg for Christmas eve dinner, A christmas story a night and on Christmas eve we read the Christmas story from the bible.
  11. Did you believe in Santa as a child? Yes and I still do
  12. When do you open presents? Christmas morning
  13. Do you put up a tree and when?  If not, how do you celebrate?  Yes two Dec 1st
  14. Does your tree have a theme? My formal living room Green tree with black and gold decorations Fairy and elfs Jews and crystal. My kids tree in the family room is white with bright colors glittery candys .
  15. What has been your favorite gift to give?  Homemade  to receive? Something thoughtful 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bear Bottom!

I did this a few years  ago and decided to do it again this year.
Every day of November I will will post something I am Thankful for.

Today I am Thankful for this little bear bottom he brings lots of joy to our family.
It is so much fun having a baby around again.

I think he will have very strong abs from all these push ups he dose.

Spooks and gouls.

It was a fun Halloween in the Wilderness home.

It was Carrolls first Halloween he was a cute dragon and Mylissa was Sarah Palin.

Maddie was a nerd and Benny Bobafet(SP)

Robbie was Hans Solo Dale was helping him get his boots on.

Loved this pic

Garrett and Grandpa Garrett was a dude from the 70's

My cute crew

I love how every is looking at Maddie poseing.

Grandpa the goul.

Benny and his friend Ryan

We had some friends over from our old neighborhood and some from our new neighborhood come over to Trick or Treat with us.

Love this shot!

We had only gotten a few house up the street when this witch kept waving at me she came up to me and said hello in her beautiful British ascent and I realized it was Bens teacher from last year Mrs. Cavalic.
We love and miss her and now we know where she lives and can say Hi more often we will have her over for diner soon.

Not a great pic but the Halloween moon was epic!

I wish I new my camera better so I can get better pics of the moon.

Our neighborhood houses had some amazeing decorations up loved this pirate ship.

This was a great haunted house I love how this picture turned out.

This made me laugh she is 18 still trick or treats and sorts her candy out just like when she was little.

Little dragon had enough for this Halloween 
With this I will end my post.

From High heels to in hero's boots.

You know to old saying you need to walk a mile in someones shoes to understand them.
This weekend I just steeped out of my high heels an into some fire fighters boots and gear I was amazed at what they go through.

Fire fighter Kipp asked if I would be willing to dress in Firer fighting gear to show the boys each piece and to show how heavy it is.
So I stepped out on my Heels and into their boots.

First I put on boots and pants then the firer proof face mask.

Firer man Kipp explained to the boys that it was important to cover up every part of their body to proteck from burning.

I next put on the firer mans jacket.

Firer man Kipp buttoned me up.

He then put the flash light on the jacket.

next he attached the radio the radio is important so that the fire fighters can get the information they need.
At this point I felt super heavy and hot.

Kipp added the belt air tanks.

He added an ax and some other things.
The boys wanted me to move around and tell them how heavy every thing was.
It was hard to move to say the least.

Now it was time to put the face mask on I am impressed that they can see anything out of this mask.

The firer fighter hat went on next.

Firer fighter Kipp asked if I wanted to breath in the air from the tanks I said yes wanting to have the full exsperance.
It took me by surprised when he closed off the outside air and turned on the air from the tanks.
I almost passed out.
When I talked to the boys I sounded like Darth Vader.
I stayed like this for about 2 mins I felt ancy and could not wait to take everything off.
Putting on all this gear took about 7 mins with help.
A firer fighter has to do it in 45 sec and have their air on in order to pass the academy. 

I was so happy when firer man Kipp started taking the gear off.

I am glad I had the opertunity to do this.
I know have a new appreciation for firer fighters.

I was also in awe know that the uniform I was wearing was worn during the Waldo canyon firer.
One of the firer man we were talking to told us he was at the heart of the fire for 5 days. He slept in on the road a pile of rocks or what ever free space he could find to get a few Z's.

I am so great-full for these heroes and all they do to keep our couminty safe.