Monday, February 28, 2011

365 Days {Day 56 }

{Abraham's Daughters}
I loved this series of book's by Beverly Lewis.
I i read them all in 3 days I could not get enough of the .
They are about Amish life sweet and refreshing.
For some reason one Janet Oke's book got stuck in the stack .
She has an awesome christian series too.
So what are your favorite books to read?

365 Days {Day 55 }

{Short and Sassy}
Madeline had 15 inches of her hair cut off.
She will be donating it to locks of love.
I think she looks darling with this short cut.

365 Days {Day 54 }

{Make a Wish}
Maddy's 10th birthday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sew along!

Every one who expressed interest or wants to sew with us please send me your email so I can invite you to participate in our new sew along blog.
We also need to come up with a name.
Let me know your ideas and we can put it to a vote.
Thank you for your encouragement in this new adventure.
I will have sewing blog up soon and invites out on march 1st.
Then we can discuss our first project.
My email addy is

10 thing about Madeline

1. Today is Madeline's 10th Birthday!
2. Madeline's nick name is cat.  My best friends husband sings to her his special rendition of Tom Jones pussy cat.
Every time he sees her he sings whats up Maddy cat. It is so sweet and melts my heart.
3. Madeline Irean was named after my Grandma Madeline and Her middle name is from Dales Grandmother.
My grandmother Madeline was very strong willed and full of life. Dales grandmother was quite and gentle and sweet but had some spunk to her.
Anyone that knows Madeline know she has all those traits but the quite one.
4. Madeline is a total fashion diva {I am not sure where she gets that from}
5. Madeline is the 4th girl and 6th child in our family.
6. Madeline has broke her collar bone twice once at birth (not only did she break her collar bone but she broke my pelvic bone) and once when she was 14 months , she tripped into a stair.
7. Madeline has the most beautiful head of hair, today she is being generous and donation 13 inches of to locks of love.
8. Madeline has the heart of a saint, she may be a diva but she loves to help and serve others. She is always worried about her friends who have less than her. She always ask to bring extra food to school in case some one for got there lunch.
When she out grows her nice clothes and shoes she asks if she can donate them to friends or a charity.
I really love this quality in her.
9. Madeline Loves her family, she hates that her older sisters have moved out and she always wants us to be together.
When she was a newborn in the hospital she cried non stop. I never had a baby cry this much and new I was in for it. Then her bothers and sisters came and she let out this loud sigh and started cooing. You could tell she was happy to see her siblings. Then they left and she cried and cried again.
When we got home from the hospital and walked into the house she did the same thing she sighed and stopped crying when she heard all her brothers and sisters.
She never really cried again she was a wonderful and happy baby.
She just wanted to be around her family.
10. Madeline is my princes girl and one day when she is older I know we will be best friends, when she was 3 days old I had a dream that we were in heaven. We were sitting back to back on a rock by a river we had our pinkies entwined and she made me promise to make sure she got to earth if her family forgot there promise.
 I told her I would and that we would always be best friends.
We have always had a super close relationship.
I love her dearly and she brings much joy and laughter to our home.

Happy birthday Maddy Cat!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hair woes!

I went to get my hair trimmed to day and ended up getting more cut off than I wanted too.
My hair for the last 3 years has been cut in a fun A line style where the back of my hair is shorter than my front.
I decided to grow it out a while a go and I have been doing really well.
Normally at this point I cut it all off.
I had it 3 inches past my chin in the front and was so happy i could actually put it in a small ponytail.
When I went in to day we discussed how I wanted it to look and decided that I had to cut the front as short as the back.
I wanted to cry and say no, but new I had to do this to get the look I eventually want.

It's cute and sassy and I can now see the wisdom of my hairdresser advise.
I keep reminding my self by summer it will be more than long enough to ponytail.
I just got to keep growing it and soon I will have long pretty hair again.

365 Days {Day 53 }

{Good morning Glory}
I love to be greeted with such wonderful sites as these first thing in the morning!
What more can I say it took my breath away!

365 Days {Day 52 }

{Bad to the bone}
Apparently there was a staff email sent out to the middle school stating that I Jennifer Wilderness was suspended for 2 days.
I apparently was rude to a substitute, was disruptive during an assembly and tried to start a food fight.
I guess I am just bad to the bone.
{ Obviously I did not do these things, but my son did for some there was a mess up and my name instead of his was put on the email a the suspended student but later corrected.}
When I posted this status's on face book all my Jr high friends got a kick out of it because they could totally have seen me doing all these thing.
We just wont tell my husband where Garrett gets his true badness from.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do discipline your child according to a 3 year old.

My wonderful son Garret got suspended to day for naughty behavior.
I was a little irritated when I was on my way to get him.
Little Miss M the 3 year old said" Mrs. Jenn why are we getting Garrett?"
I said because" Garrett was naughty?"
M: Mrs. Jenn you need to spank him when I am naughty I get spakens all the time"
Me: Ok M I think he needs talked too.
M: Tell him he was naughty but you still love him.
Me Ok M.
We got to the school I picked up Garrett.
We got into the car.
M: said Garrett don't you think you should tell Mrs. Jenn something?
Garrett: I don't know
M: Tell her that you love her and that your sorry.
Garrett: Sorry.
M. And you love her
Garrett: I love you.

There you go.

Monday, February 21, 2011

365 Days {Day 52 }

{Say cheese}
For some dorky reason Kadie and I both took pictures of each other at the say time.
I should have her send me a the picture she took of me.
I love it when she and her hubby come over.

365 Days {Day 51 }

{Time to wake up}
What more can I say!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 Days {Day 50 }

{Day dreaming}
I caught Maddy and Ben looking out the window tell each other things they dream of doing some day.
Ben said" some day I want to jump out of planes and ski down mountains.
Maddy said " Ben one day I am going to be a famous pop star"
I hope they never stop dreaming.

365 Days {Day 49 }

{Silly girls}
I love Madeline's face in this shot.
The pictuer is kinda blurry and way off center but I love it anyways..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Itching to redecorate!

I am dying to redecorate I love my red wall and my brown leather furniture but I have out grown it. So I have picked out a color palette and I basically know what I want to to I just need to know where I am going to be redecorating, whether it is here or Colorado.

My liveing room

Here is what My living room looks like now ok a few years a go the only difference is I have brown beadboard on the red wall and I don't have the oak entertainment center up right now but I am going to paint it and use it in my new decor.!
Oh ya I have wood flors know

This is the color palette I want to use

So my idea is Tiffany box blue walls with white bead board and chair rail.
Floral curtains with red and the tiffany box blue.
I plan on getting a red leather sofa  and that's as far as I have gotten.
I will have white and black accent furniture and lots of fun pillows.

So what do you think of my color palette

365 Days {Day 48 }

{Winter blahs}
I was feeling the winter blahs yesterday so I put on a pair of sandals and walked around the house all day in them.
I love them because they are a 4 inch chunky heel very comfy to stand or walk in all day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monthly sew along?

My friend Heather gave me an intriguing idea!
She joked or maybe she was serious about me having a virtual sewing school.
So thought hmm what about a monthly sew along?
I post a tutorial or pattern to make and then we as group on our own make it then  post what we made!
I would make create a new blog and invite who ever wanted to join as authors and then we post our monthly projects,  and any questions or helpful tutorials.
I of course would want your opinion as to what you wanted to make for the monthly project.
If this appeals to you we can start march 1st. I will pick a project by the end of February post it .
Let me know if your interested .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Easy Chenille hot pads


I was asked by a reader if I had an easy hot pad pattern?
I emailed her back and said yes I do and she asked if I would make tutorial for it.
So here it is.

Here is what you need.
Heat resistant padding
a cotton fabric
sewing machine
cutting mat
something to cut with


Next cut the cotton fabric, chenille, and the heat resistant padding in to the size you want it.
These ones I made 10x10 I also like to make them 8x8

Once cut place the chenille an gotten fabric right sides together, then place the padding on top.

Pin all the way around if you like leaving 2 inches space for turning.
Then sew a 1/2 seam all the way around again leaving a 2 in opening for turning.
Once you are done sewing turn.

Once turned iron the 2 inch opening down pin then sew a 1/4 seam all the way around making sure you catch the opening.
Then sew a line from corner to corner diagonally making an X.
Walla you are done, it took 20 mins to make all 3 including cutting out and winding bobbin thread.

Email me if you have any questions or if you make these I would love to see your creations..

365 Days {Day 47 }

{What are you looking at}
This morning as Ben and Maddy were getting ready to catch the bus they noticed moose in the yard.
Ben wondered if he should go out side or not I said he would be fine that they were far away that the moose wont bother them.
After the kids went to the bus I went down stairs to take some pictures of the moose.
I opened the window so I could get clear shots.
The moose kept staring at me and moving slowly closer to me.
He kept eating his meal of tree bark but had his eye on me the whole time.
He kept looking at me as to say what the heck are you looking at lady.
Then someone's dog started after the moose and they slowly went away.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

365 Days {Day 46 }

What else can I say but Yum!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

365 Days {Day 45 }

Flowers, Hand made truffles, Godiva Gems {from my 12, and 14 year old boys}, Pedicure and manicure, Store bought funny cards and sweet homemade cards, Hugs and Kisses.
Could I ask for anything more?
I feel totally Loved!

365 Days {Day 44 }

{Goof up}
Doo not let Missy make rolls!
I repeat do not let Missy make rolls.
Every one still ate them and they werent too bad but man were they squished..

21 reasons why I love my Valentine!

1. He spoils me!
2. After 21 years of marriage his smile still melts my heart!
3. I love the way he loves our children.
4. He gives the best hug!
5. He know what makes me happy!
6. I feel safe in his arms.
7. He works hard so he can spoil our family.
8. He loves me for who I am
9. He goes on Chocolate run when I am craving it at midnight and always brings the expensive chocolate I like.
10. He loves to give me flowers.
11. He always smells good.
12.He encourages me to have girls nights out.
13. He still thinks I am the most stunning women in the world.
14 He likes to get pedicures and manicures with me.
15. He is not afraid to cry.
16. He looks amazing with a baby in his arms especially our own , and I have no doubt he will look amazing holding our grand-babies when they come..
17. He indulged my shoe fetish.
18. He still stares at me like he did when we were in high school.
19. even tho he hates it he will watch chic flicks with me because he know I like cuddling with him.
20. He always holds me until I fall asleep.
21. He married me on Valentine's day The most romantical day of the year!

Happy Valentines Anniversary Dale!1

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful day in the neighborhood!


Yesterday was such a beautiful day in our little tow.
The sun was shining and it was surprisingly warm.
I opened all my blinds and curtains to let in the beautiful light.

This is the view from my front window!
I love this mountain and will miss this view when we move.

This is the view from the kids window.
We are lucky to have a mountain view out of every window.
I especially love the mountains at dusk they are purple and just magical.
We are totally going to miss this.
Some days I wake up and I don't want to leave my Valley home.
We still waiting for someone to buy our home if that dose not happen we might have to reconsider staying.
We have been giving this alot of thought and prayer lately should we move or should we stay.
My heart is torn at this point.
If we stayed it would mean that Maddy and Ben would get to graduate with the kids they went to kindergarten with the thought of that makes me happy.
If we left we would be by tons of friends and family.
We would be close to Williams grave I would get to visit him on his birthday.
That makes me happy!
Hate not knowing what is going to happen in the next 5 months.
I do have peace that it will all work out and we will all be happy in the end.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 Days {Day 43 }

Madeline has been very creative lately she has been spending her evenings making art.
This is something she made me last night and left it on my bed so I could see it when I got home.
She is such a sweet little girl , I can't believe she will be ten in 12 days.
I remember giving birth to her like it was yesterday!

365 Days {Day 42 }

Benny had his first grade concert yesterday They were just too cute for words!

365 Days {Day 41 }

{I heart this}
I made this cute heart bib apron for a swap.
I have the same heart shaped bid apron in red and black that someone made me a few years a go.
I think I want one in pink now!
I think I am on a pink kick right now!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

365 Days {Day 40 }

{Pretty package}
My dearest and best friend sent me a package yesterday.
I have not seen her in 2 years.
She is more like my sister and has been there for me during some of my hardest parts of life.
I cried so hard when I got the package that I couldn't open it for two hours dorky I know.
I really hope to see her in April when I go to the lower 48's.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

365 Days {Day 39 }

{Building Blocks}
My kids love to build things with Lego blocks.
They will spend hours making towers and space ships and what ever they can think of.
Little miss M my little play mate that has been coming over since she was 6 months loves blocks too.
When she comes over she always says miss Jenn can I please go to Benny's room and play blocks.
I love her sweet voice and I love her as much as I do my own children.
Miss M healed my heart when and helped my love holding babies again.
Her parents always tell me how grateful they are for me and how I take care of M.
I don't think they realise how much M takes care of me.
She really has captured my heart and my family's heart.

365 Days {Day 38 }

I love this word!
I also love my candy jars and so do my kids especially when I fill them up with candy goodness.
I think they are timeless and one day I hope to see the wonder in my grand kids eyes as they come over and see all the pretty candies in the dishes.
I can't wait to hear them say Nana Jen can I have some candy please.
Makes my heart sing every time I think of having grandbabies.

365 Days {Day 37 }

{Pretty in pink}
I love the color pink baby girl pink to be exact.
It is my happy color!
I will tell you a secret it's the color I am decorating my Sanity space in.

365 Days {Day 36 }

{MY sanity space}
I am in the process of turning Shellys old room into my crafty haven.
It will double as our guest room.
I have tons of plans for this space and can't wait to decorate it.
I was going to wait because we hope to be moving but I can't stand living in limbo.
Dale told me last night that I should start decorating it with pieces that I will want to keep.
So I will, it will make me happy and believe me living in the limbo that we are right now I need some stability and peace.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365 Days {Day 35 }

Benny boy lost his two front teeth last week on on tuesday and the other on thursday.
He was so cute the first thing he said was great now I am going to say the TH sound funny.
Yes he sounded funny saying the TH sound.

365 Days {Day 34 }

I came across this pictures last Thursdays and decided it would be my 365 of the day.
This was the first time we visited Williams grave as a family after he passed away.
It was hard for me but comforting to see his head stone, proof that he was here.
I know that sounds weird but sometimes it felt like everybody moved on and almost like William had not even been born.
It had only been 5 month since he died.
I hate the way I look in this picture it is not who I am but who I was after he died a shadow of myself, it was definitely a dark time for me.
As much as I hate the way I look I love this picture because it reminds me just how far I have come.
This was also the last time I visited Williams grave almost 5 years a go.
I can't wait to visit it again in April looking at his tomb stone and seeing where his sweet body lays some how gives me comfort.
I Love you William.

365 Days {Day 33 }

{Lacy bliss}
I love these lacy camis, they are my favorite thing to wear under shirts.
I have about 20 of these bad boys.
I can't help my self I am always buying new ones.
The nice part is there is lace on the bottom and they are long.

365 Days {Day 32 }

When I look out my window on mornings like this I am left breathless.
It was a warm snowy morning last tuesday.

365 Days {Day 31 }

{Come on and shake that Thing}
What can I say other than the kid make me laugh.

365 Days {Day 30 }

{The game of Life}
My kids love playing board games.

Monday, February 7, 2011

YaY My computer is working..

Here is a little catch ?
We have been struggling with the decision to move.
I made a new apron and tablecloths.
I now have a craft room/ guest room.
I totally am dying to redecorate but can't until I move.
I found a totally sweet comforter for our guest room.
I made some awesome homemade marinara sauce Thanks to my Italian friend Tom.
Today we had a showing lets hope they want to buy.

Tomorrow I will play catch up with 365, anyone miss it.

OK I better go and make banana bread..
Oh ya I got some really cute new shoes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My computer is down

Ian having computer issues
Hopefully it will be fixed by the end of the week.
Iam writing this on my I touch.
Do you miss me?