Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ben's Birthday cake!

Ben loves chocolate cake kit kats , junior mints and strawberries.
For his birthday this year I tried to use all his favorites for decorating his cake and came up with this Naughty Yumminess.
You should have seen his eyes when he first saw it, I wish I would have taken a picture..

This cake was so easy and took little time at all to make.
If was thinking I would have taken pictures along the way so I guess I will have to make a new one to show you all how I did it.

So what do you think of Bens Super yummy cake?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Benny Boy

Today is Ben's 6th Birthday!
Really can he be so old all ready.
He is such a joy and brings so happiness to our family.
Boo I don't have any of his newborn pix because of a computer crash.}
I was telling Ben this morning about his birth story.
He was in a hurry to get here.
My water broke 5 weeks early I was scared and eager to meet Ben at the same time.
He spent 15 days in the nic unit until we could bring him home.
He was so tiny weighing 5lbs 4 0z.
Yet when we brought him home he was only 4lbs 4 oz.
Yes he lost a whole pound in 2 weeks.
They weren't going to let me bring him home until he gained the pound back but I begged them to let me get home.
The  Dr agreed only if I took him back each day to be weighed.
It took him forever to gain weight.
It wasn't until he was 6 months old before he started packing on the pounds.
Then he turned into a  yummy chunky monkey.
In a week the kid grew from NB sizes to 6 to 9mo sizes.
He literally grew out of clothes when he was sleeping.
If i did not see it with my own eye I would not have believed it.

It was so nice to see him with fat on finally.

Now 6 years later he is just a fun happy boy who surprises us every day.

Happy birthday sweet boy!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He can ride!

Our Benny can ride a bike on his own!
No big deal right because most 6 years old can ride a bike with out training wheels right!
Well what if I tell you this was his first time riding a bike ever.
No Ben is not deprived by any means.
The kid has a scooter, skate board, a toy tractor a rip stick but has never asked for a bike.
Dale and I decided to get him a bike for his birthday Friday.
Maddy knows this and was concerned that he wouldn't be able to ride it because it had no training wheels.
So she decided to teach him tonight.
I did not know this until they both came running in telling me I had to come out side.
I eagerly went to see what they were doing.
I was surprised to see Ben get on Maddy's bike.

I was even more surprised when she let go.

I was even more shocked when I saw him riding down the road by him self.
I cant believe Madeline taught him in mere minutes to ride a bike.
She was so proud of Ben and I was so proud of her for loving him enough to want to help him.
Maddie is an amazing big sister and a wonderful daughter.
She makes me proud to be her mom!
Days like these are the best.
I love to see my kids getting a long and helping each other.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

{Singing for hair}

Today in primary we played a fun game during singing time.
If the kids sang loud and together they got 3 pieces of hair to put on Bother Wilderness (Dale).

Dale had no clue what I had gotten him into and was a good sport about it.
It was fun watching the children's reaction to the game.
They absolutely loved it.
Our chorister for primary is very creative and makes sing time a joy.

We surprised another Bother in our ward with the joy of getting hair too.
We were so blessed to have two great bald men be such good sports.
All we did was asked if they would volunteer during singing time.
They had no clue what was going to be done to them.
I think they might think twice before helping us again..

So what do you all think of Dales new hair do?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun Night with friends..

Last night our Ward(Church) Had a picnic in honer of pioneer day.

We ate tons of yummy food.

Chatted with friends.
 played games

And were a little goofy.
It was so much fun!!
I love our ward and I love being with my ward family.
I really will miss them when we leave.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Checking things off on my to do list.

I am slowly checking things off my to do list, that seems to grow minute by minute.
Yesterday I marked off quite a few things.
I was very happy.
I got the brides maids dresses cut out and they are now ready to be sewed, Hopefully by the end of the week.
I maneged to organise my bed room closet .(No small task I assure you)
scrub the floors.
Deep cleaned the bathrooms
Oh and I worked out just extra just so I could eat 2 pieces of red velvet cake. LOL
(It was so worth it..)
I also did all my regular chores which included cooking diner.
Last nights diner was Chicken pot pie.
It was so yummy and I did it all from scratch.
Yes I touched a whole chicken put it in a pot and boiled it.(Yuck)
I am not a fan of touching raw meat or meat that is on a bone.
It was well worth getting over my self and my prissy ways because homemade from scratch chicken pot pies are the best..
That was a bucket list check off.

So what's on your to do list?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dang I am busy!!!

I swear there just is not enough time in my day.
I go go from morning(8am) until Morning (1am)and swear I get nothing done.
I keep having anxiety over this wedding.
We already messed up on the invite we have the wrong time for the reception.
I cant believe none of us caught it until after the invitations were out.
So the wedding plans make me busy enough add on teaching a class for women's conference for church and getting ready to sell this house I am almost certifiably going nuts..
BTW guess kinda class I am teaching?

On a happy note Dale wrote a children's book it is being published and today we got see the rough draft.
It looks amazing . We cant wait to get it back from the publishers.
I am so proud of Dale for following his dream.

So any thing fun going on in your lives.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My crazy life..

I have felt slightly over whelmed lately and here are some of the reasons.
Kadies wedding is in 4 weeks! I cant believe it.
Yesterday Kadie and her siblings put all her invitations together.
I was touched that everyone was so willing to help.
She didn't even ask she just came into the house and started working on them and then on by one her siblings asked if they could help.
I was such a sweet sight to see.
Another part of my crazy life is this.

Not the map the state.
Dale and I have decided that we are moving.
We prayed and fasted and it just seems right.
I never in a million years wanted to move there but I never thought I would move to Alaska so enough said on that one.
I am excited about moving to Colorado but it's going to be a lot of work to get there.
The # one thing is we have to sale this house.
Houses just aren't selling right now but I have faith ours will.
Prayers would help too.
I know Colorado is where we are to go.
I will be sad to leave our Alaska friends and our Vally town but I am excite to be close to family and William.
I think that is the # one factor that appeals to me in a year I could visit his grave for holidays and his birthday.
  Last night I dreamed that me and 2 of my dearest friends were standing at his grave talking to him on his 6th birthday.
Now we just have to figure out where in Colorado we are moving to and get a job of course.

So my qustion of the day!
Whats going on in your crazy lives?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The junk business

When we lived in California we had a side business.
Dale would buy storage units that people had defaulted on. 
It was fun to clean out the units to see what treasurer we could find in side.
It was also very profitable we made a lot of money off of eBay and selling consignment.
Dale was so well known with the owners from the storage lockers that they started paying him to clean lockers out the cool part was he could keep the stuff that was in the lockers.
We really thought we could retire and easily do the junk business and make a good living off it. 
It was something he loved and it was very profitable.
We were making as much as he did at his real job right before we left Ca.
It was really hard when we left CA. to give up the business.
A month ago Dale started the junk business up again here in Alaska
And its going really well
(just look at my garage)

We have already tripled our investment.
Which is very exciting making a big profit is going quicker this time, probably because we know what we are doing.
Sometimes I get annoyed that there is so much junk in my Garage and that Dale spends his Saturdays cleaning out lockers but I do have to say it has it's perks.
In the last locker unit he bought there was tons of fun kitchen gadgets that I kept that were all brand new and high quality.

Plus there was this dishes set I had been eying at Target it was a $49.99 a set of 16.
I was so happy that there was 2 sets.
So it was like getting getting a hundred $ worth of dishes free.
I cant wait to see what treasurer he gets this weekend..
He will be treasure hunting and I will be having a yard sell this weekend something I loath.
It will cost him tho my mind is just turning as to what I want as payment..
I am think a new pair of shoes or maybe anew hand bag..
We will see.
So my question to you do do you guys love yard sales or hate them?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Privacy note tutorial!!

 I thought it was time to write a new tutorial.
I have been having this same problem  for 20 years no privacy when I try to go to the bath room or take a shower or bath.
After walking out of my bathroom stark naked from my private bathroom that's in my bed room to a child sitting in my bed I had had it!!
I looked at her and not so nicely said get out of my room now!!
I put some clothes on went to my desk and made a Fancy note for my door.
I spelled allowed like my 9 year old spelled it in her note so she would have no problem reading it.
I do know allowed it not spelled aloud.

The girls have a note that says NO BOY  boys aloud or death will occur if  you enter.
I decided to be a little nicer and write please and thank you on mine.
All you need is a pen and paper to make this fancy note for your door.
It takes about 5mins to make and then you just use tape to hang easy peasy right!
After I placed the note on my door.
My kids eagerly read it and they all moaned and said what you cant do that?
I said I am the mom I can do anything that's legal and this my children is legal.
So far no one has entered my room.
So tell me do you all have the same issue of kids walking in on you in all states of dress or duress? Or is it just me?
And as always if you have any qustions about this tutorial or see any mistakes Please let me know!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding decorations!

The Bug and I went and looked at wedding decorations today.
I think we have every thing pegged down as what we are doing.
Her colors are brown and lipstick pink.
All the dishes will be clear or crystal and the sliver ware will be well sliver both real and plastic.
I am excited to make the centerpieces for the tables.

Here is a sneak peak at part of the centerpieces.
Now I just have to do so spray painting and sparkling then arrange them in there vase's.
We were lucky that Dans mom has a friend that was more than willing to share some decorations with us and linens.
I feel more confident after today that every thing is going to work out OK.

Kadies engagement Photo shoot.

Here are some of my favorite pic's from Kadies & Dans engagement Photo shoot.
Never trust a blond LOL
Total dorks but I love them any ways..

A lot of bum grabbing going on.
Hopefully he doesn't spend to many nights there..
The End..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going to the movies..

On Monday since Dale had the day off we decided to take the kiddos and go to the movies..

We saw Toy story 3, I really think it was the best of the 3.
I loved the story line ,But I was a little sad that Boe peep wasn't in this one.
My kids loved it and Yes before any one asks I cried.
On our ride home the wind we had the windows down and the wind was blowing.
The wind blew Mylissas hair on to Ben and it looked like he was a bald man with a bad comb over.
A storm was brewing as we started into town.
It was Wicked bad looking as Ben said.
It did not bother Dale and I tho we were happy just to get home.
Taking 7 kids to lunch Dinner and the movies was exhausting, but in a in a good way..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hanging out !!

Yesterday for the 4th of July Dale and I took food to the State troopers, then we all went to church sang some patriotic songs celebrated living in a land of freedom.
We then went home and just hung out..

We played around.
Watched the discovery Chanel while we waited for the BBQ to heat up.
Maddy entertained us by acting goofy.

And I just sat and watched it all.
I love my family and I love just hanging out with them..

So did you all do any thing fun for the 4th?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apron recreated..

Iam in an apron swap yet again the theme was Cup cakes , Cherries and Marry Engelbreit.
I have had this amazing cupcake fabric for about 2 years so I new I would use it.
The trick for me was finding a pattern that I loved.
I wasn't having much luck. Then I was putting on my favorite apron that I got from my friend Shawnee the host of the flirty apron swaps, I was inspired to recreate it.

So I went about drafting the pattern out of the original.
It was easier than I thought it would be.
I really love how it turned out I mean really love it.. I am having a hard time sending it off.
I guess I will just have to make me one now.