Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another scarf tutorial

Here is my version of the scrunch scarf that Jennifer made at Hope studio

Here is what you need!

3 yards Jersey knit  :You could  buy 1 and a half yards and sew pieces together to make it 3 yards ..


Elastic Thread (found in the elastic aisle)


Sewing Machine

Cut your 3 yards of fabric into  2 10 inch wide or wider if you would like and 3 yards long
 Now if you want you can cut the ends like this

Or keep them straight

Now hand wind the elastic thread onto your bobbin, loosely or it will pull too tight and break but not too loose ether (use ordinary thread on top), turn off automatic tension control, and sew with a basting stitch from the center of one tail all the way to the end.

 Then again from the center of the other tail all the way to the other end. So, you have two long seams about 3 inches apart, down the center. Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and the end, basting stitches will pull out easily if you don't and then you will just have a flat scarf and boo that would be no fun. It really is cool once you start stitching to see the fabric bunch and get all ruffly. After you are done sewing the fist scarf piece repeat and do it on the 2nd piece of fabric.

Now you need to take and pin the two ruffled scarf pieces  right sides together.
After you are done pinning them together ( make your you switch out your bobbin to regular thread) Sew all around the scarf leaving a 2 inch opening so you can turn it.

After you are done turning it  make your you sew the opening shut, you can do this by machine or whip sew it shut.
Then walla you are done.

I also mad the scarf a different way.

I cut it the same and I sewd it same I just only used one pice of fabric

I then folded it in half sewed it closed all the way around leaving and opening to turn it
once turned I sewed it shut .
It turned out to be just as cute.

I made yet another version.
I did every thing the same as the above scarf except I to the elastic and pulled it tight and the tied the upper thread to the elastic so it would not pull through.
It just made it more scrunchy and funky!

I really like how it looks.
So here you have it ..
Oh you should go on over to my friend Shaina's blog and see the one I originally fell in love with.
She had the same issue as me with the elastic showing and did the same thing I did by putting 2 together.
I just think it's sweet that we thought of the same thing with out even knowing it.
Had I pestered her into giving me the pattern I would have never found out this likeness we had , she would have just told me what to do. LOL
Thanks Shaina for inspiring me..
And Thanks Jennifer at hope studio for the idea.



ter@waaoms said...

love it!
so when are you coming here to teach me to sew? LOL
(I wish!)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Great job! I love all the different variations!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I am in a total scarf phase this winter! I love this!

Valerie said...

I LOVE these scarves!! I just need to find the right fabric and thread and sew away! Oh wait, that's right, I live in Germany where there isn't a fabric store in existance!! BOOO. good thing my mom is coming and can bring some for me! YAY!!!