Friday, September 28, 2012

Bats Bats and more Bats!!

So I saw this idea last year my friend posted it on her face book page so I decided to do it this year.
I looked on line and found this fun bat template from country living where I think my friend got the idea.
So I spent the a half hour cutting out bats while watching a TV show that I dvrd.

I love how it turned out.
(don't mind the curlers in my hair)

My kids were excited to see all the bats all over the house when they cam home from school.

I had a qustion about what the bats are made from and how to hang them.
The bats are made from black card stock I also made some different ones from black glittered card stock.
I used scotch tape to hang the bats.

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Donna said...

Did you use paper or felt? How did you attach them to the mirror?