Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make an apron in 15 min (Tutorial)

Welcome to my 15 min maybe 25 min apron tutorial.

Step 1 gather supplies



sewing machine

matching thread

1yard of fabric( works best with non directional fabric)
3 yards double folded bias tape Quilt binding

Scrap fabric for the pocket

lace and other trims you might like.

Step 2

Fold fabric in half right sides together.

then start sewing one of the short sides.

Then the other short side.

You now should have a wide opening on the top

turn the fabric right side out.

Then press.

set aside for now.

Step 3 pocket

Take your scrap fabric and fold in half wrong sides showing.

then cut the a square any size you would like.

Next sew the squares together leaving a small opening on the bottom so that you can turn it right sides out.

Then you turn the fabric makeing sure you poke the corners of the square.

Next you press it and then add any lace or other trim you want.

Step 4 sewing the pocket to the skirt of the apron.

Now take the rectangle or the skirt of the apron and pin the pocket any were you want.

I never like the pockets strait so I always angel it.

Make sure you have the pocket opening facing the top of the apron.

The top of the apron is where you left the opening to turn the apron skirt

After you have pinned it sew the pocket as close to the edge as you can. Don't for get to back stitch at the top to reinforce the pocket.

Step 5 Pinning the bias tape on the apron

The bias tape will sever as your waist band and your ties for the apron.

Take the bias tape out of the package and the find the middle place a pin in the middle

Next take the Apron skirt and do the same .

After you have found the middle of both the Bias tape and the apron skirt look at bias tape to determine witch is the side is shorter .

Then you will open the bias tape and put the back part of the apron against the big part of the bias tape.

Make sure that you have matched the middles, take out the pins then re-close the bias tape making sure the small side is on the front

then put as many pins as you need to pin the bias tape to the top of the aprons skirt.

Step 6 sewing the bias tape on to the apron

Now that you have the bias tape pinned take the end that will allow you to sew on the front of the skirt and start at that end

start sewing the bias tape together holding your fabric away from the needle so you wont catch it.

Make sure you sew all the way until the other end of the bias tape. Then tie a knot at each end when you are done . I am not sure why other than that it looks good.

After you are done sewing the bias tape to the skirt you might want to top stitch around the sides and the bottom of the apron to make it look more finished.(It's not necessary it just looks good in my opinion.)

Step 7 adding Trim

at this point the apron is done so is you just want to be finished just press it and wear it or give it away.

But if you want to add trim you can just simply add what ever trim you want to the bottom sides or where ever you want.. Then you will need to iron your apron and you will be done.
(Tip you can also add trim when you are putting on the pocket..)

Fill free to ask me any questions or tell me about any mistakes I might have made.

I hope you all will try and make this and if you do I want to see pix..


Jen Martakis said...

What a great tutorial! I'm not a "sewer" but I think I could do this! :)

jewelstreet said...

I might just make one as my family has been forcing me to cook more. Now to find just the right "cool" fabric.

Rhonda said...

That is super cute!!! Too bad I'm not so great with a sewing machine. Actually it's the not the machine that scares me quite as much as the iron. Hate. ironing!

Shaina said...

Good job with the tutorial!!

WheresMyAngels said...

That turned out so cute!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! My one problem is you said 'sewing machine'. What is that? Lol!

Thank you for saying prayers for me and hubby as we hope and pray for children. It really means a lot to me!

Kathy - mom of many said...

Hi Jenn, Glad you made it back from shopping. Looks like you had fun. I'd love to make a Booty Bag, I'll have to check out that tutorial. Thanks for the gingham apron. I love it. It has become one of my favorites. I love that it has 4 pockets. Thanks so much!!

Yarni Gras! said...

Yey Jenn! Great tut! I know I have a couple aprons I'll need to angel for my swap so I will use YOUR pattern! Thanks so much!

mamaduck said...

It's about time you taught us how to make one! I'll have to set some time aside to make a few. Wish me luck!

crystal wolf said...

That looks like a good tutorial, makes me even feel like I could try. But you know how impaired I am with a sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial--if I had any idea how to work a sewing machine then I could probably do this! haha Cute apron though!

CathyJean said...

Hey, Jenn!
Thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm pretty thrilled to finally get one of Marcel's aprons:) ~ hey, you may be next?! but I need to remind you that I have one of your aprons and I LOVE it!! It makes me happy everytime I wear it:)
I thought I already was on your follower's list, what's up with that? anyway I am now.
I love your 15 min. apron tut!! That would be great to use if you are doing the National "Tie One On Day" for Nov. 26th. (Go to my blog for the link in the right side bar)
Anyway, if you don't mind I am going to add your tut to my "Handmade Christmas" list.
Have a great week!

Lucy said...

Well you know how to make a simple little apron look simply fabulous. It could be the apron or it could be the body (hee hee). Great tutorial by the way. I am so glad to see these out there.

Anonymous said...

I am so making one for my daughter!! We got her an easy bake oven & I got some vintage fabric.. what a cute little gift this will be!! Thanks:)

MarthaYvette said...

ok your tutorial was great!! I love this and am so going to make myself one ;).

Terri said...

I adapted your tutorial and made a couple of aprons - you can see them here: I made a couple of changes based on what I had on hand, and this made the whole process take about 40 minutes. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

WOW! This looks so much easier than the four packs of patterns I've bought recently for random aprons. I believe this is how I will be making the next three aprons I need to do! THANKS so much for posting this! I will be adding you to my favs! :)