Thursday, November 1, 2012

From High heels to in hero's boots.

You know to old saying you need to walk a mile in someones shoes to understand them.
This weekend I just steeped out of my high heels an into some fire fighters boots and gear I was amazed at what they go through.

Fire fighter Kipp asked if I would be willing to dress in Firer fighting gear to show the boys each piece and to show how heavy it is.
So I stepped out on my Heels and into their boots.

First I put on boots and pants then the firer proof face mask.

Firer man Kipp explained to the boys that it was important to cover up every part of their body to proteck from burning.

I next put on the firer mans jacket.

Firer man Kipp buttoned me up.

He then put the flash light on the jacket.

next he attached the radio the radio is important so that the fire fighters can get the information they need.
At this point I felt super heavy and hot.

Kipp added the belt air tanks.

He added an ax and some other things.
The boys wanted me to move around and tell them how heavy every thing was.
It was hard to move to say the least.

Now it was time to put the face mask on I am impressed that they can see anything out of this mask.

The firer fighter hat went on next.

Firer fighter Kipp asked if I wanted to breath in the air from the tanks I said yes wanting to have the full exsperance.
It took me by surprised when he closed off the outside air and turned on the air from the tanks.
I almost passed out.
When I talked to the boys I sounded like Darth Vader.
I stayed like this for about 2 mins I felt ancy and could not wait to take everything off.
Putting on all this gear took about 7 mins with help.
A firer fighter has to do it in 45 sec and have their air on in order to pass the academy. 

I was so happy when firer man Kipp started taking the gear off.

I am glad I had the opertunity to do this.
I know have a new appreciation for firer fighters.

I was also in awe know that the uniform I was wearing was worn during the Waldo canyon firer.
One of the firer man we were talking to told us he was at the heart of the fire for 5 days. He slept in on the road a pile of rocks or what ever free space he could find to get a few Z's.

I am so great-full for these heroes and all they do to keep our couminty safe.


Tulsi said...

My youngest daughter wanted to be a fire fighter. She had her CNA and began EMT but had to quit to finish High School. Her Major in the University is Criminal Justice. But, now she is doing an internship with Disney Corp in Florida, so I have no idea what she will want to do. I knew the gear was so heavy and wondered how my child would do with it. It's such a wonder you were able to stand!!

ter@waaoms said...

Must have been quite an experience.